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Work experience

Research Fellow

University of Toronto
Research fellow in postdoctoral studies in International Comparative Education and Education Policy, OISE-, Canada; Referee Prof. Ruth Hayhoe. Research focuses on the internationalization process of Chinese higher education with a special focus on EU and China academic relations. Use of quantitative and qualitative methods for the analysis of data and information.


International Comparative Education and International Relations.
Lecturer: teaching seminars, mentoring and examining undergraduate and postgraduate students on History and Institutions of East Asian countries at the master program on Governance and Global Systems, and History and Institutions of China, at the undergraduateprogram on Political Science. Collaboration on the settle down of a Confucius Institute: drafting project; strengthening connections with Chinese universities. In charge of organizing the National Congress of the Italian Association of Chinese Studies-hosted by the University of Cagliari
Apr 2014Present


— Policy consultant Policy consultant for the Global and Regional Cooperation Team. Produce independent policy research and contribute to the development of UNDP's research networks on global development issues with particular reference to the Post-2015 development agenda and global governance. Specifically, data collection and quantitative and qualitative analysis of China's development progress and initiatives; draft research think-pieces on key issues in the area of global development studies with particular reference to the Post-2015 Agenda and the role of China in development cooperation; identification of key research institutes, strengthen partnerships and prepare substantive briefs on possible areas of cooperation; draft speeches UNDP Senior Management and prepare PPT presentation under this portfolio. 1 Technical and administrative support to the specific initiatives and activities and team's daily housekeeping issues, such as collecting the background information; drafting background papers; contributing the programme of the initiatives; taking notes of the events and generating the summary reports; reviewing and proofreading the drafts of the research and scoping papers drafted to support main events; contributing to the work plan and periodically reports of the team.
Jan 2011Present

Research Fellow and Lecturer

Faculty of Political Science
— Cagliari, Italy Research fellow and Lecturer Research focuses on the analysis of on internationalization, regionalization and globalization processes, with a multidisciplinary approach across the areas of
Jul 2015Present

DSA Development Studies Association

DSA Development Studies Association
Nov 2011Present

AAS Association of Asian Studies

AAS Association of Asian Studies
Nov 2010Feb 2014

Research Fellow

Department of Social Sciences and
— Institutions, University of Cagliari, Italy Research fellow Conduct researches on the project“ Neoliberal policies and Asia: state, society and the" new" globalorder” led by Prof Baldussi Annamaria, carried on by the
Jul 2012Feb 2013

UNESCO-Bangkok Department of Social Sciences and

UNESCO-Bangkok Department of Social Sciences and
— Co-investigator with Dr Li Jun from the, in the UNESCO research project on“ Lifelong learning(LLL) and employment prospects”. The project aimed at investigating on the relations among education policies and employment, drafting an official report on policy strategies related to the case study of Hong Kong. Data collection and quantitative and qualitative analysis of key issues related the development, structure and implementation of the LLL system in Hong Kong. In particular, bibliographic review of LLL policies, strategies and programmes and focus group interview Prepare a country report on the major finding of the case study and draft recommendations for the implementation of LLL policies, strategies and programmes.
Jun 2010Jul 2012

Research Fellow

GSE/Peking University and Delegation of
— the European Union to China Research fellow
Sep 2006Dec 2009

Research Fellow

Civil Society and Global
Research fellow within the project“ China's Move to Mass Higher Education: Implications Cultural Dialogue”, funded by SSHRC, led by Prof. Hayhoe Ruth. The project explored the move to mass higher education and its implications in the Chinese society, through a case study analysis of 12 Chinese universities. In May 2007 and May 2008, I was involved in collecting specific surveys on Peking University students in Beijing with Dr Li Jun. See R. Hayhoe, Jun Li, Jing Lin, Qiang Zha,(2011) Portraits of 21st Century Chinese Universities: in the Move to Mass Higher Education, Hong Kong: Springer, CERC.
Sep 2006Sep 2009

Research Fellow

University of Toronto, Canada
in. Administrative duties. OISE/ — June 2008 Research fellow
May 2006Jun 2006


Consorzio 21 Polaris, Science and March 2006
— Cagliari, Italy Tutor Tutor(50 students) presenting a higher university course entitled“ International Security and Human Rights”. Report on " International Security and Health Emergency". — Technological Park, Pula(CA), Italy



PHD Doctorate

Faculty of Political Science University of Cagliari

PHD Doctorate

Institute of Education Planning Institut National

INALCO University of Bucarest Faculty of Political Science

University of Bucarest Faculty of Political Science


Faculty of Political Science University of Cagliari