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Cristina Corujo


Aug 2007May 2013

Hip-Hop Class

Academia Maria Reina - High School

Every day I had dance class as part of my curriculum in my 7 years of middle school and high school. During this period we made 8-10 showcases. 

Jun 2007Jul 2007

Intense Dancing Program

School for the Performing Arts

Every day for a month we had dancing classes of tap, hip-hop, ballet, jazz, flamenco and modern dance. At the end we had a show case of all of the dance routines we made in that month.


Aug 2013Present


Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

Every semester I have approximately two theater classes, were the student learns different technique for acting in theater and acting in front of a camera.

Aug 2014Present

Theater Classes

Estudio Y Formación Actoral

Intense one to one theater class were I learn corporal movement and have a one to one acting coach who trains me for auditions.  

Jan 2014Dec 2016

Acting Classes

Drama @ Daniela Droz

Two years full of acting techniques given by the Puerto Rican actors Ángel Manuel García and Daniela Droz. 

Work Experience


December 2013  -          Actress in the TV commercial of  Supermercados Econo: Fiesta de Reyes 

December 2013  -          Talent in the Press Conference of  A Runner’s Love race 

April 2014  -                       Actress in the short film "Coma" 

April 2014  -                       Talent in the Puerto Rican movie “Angélica” 

July 2014  -                        Actress in the theater production "De Psiquitaría" held in Celebrate                                                               Puerto Rico

March 2015  -                    Actress in the theater production "ThePerfect Dream" held in the                                                                    Universidad Interamericana Theater.

July 2015  -                         Actress in the theater production "Un Viaje Inolvidable" held in Celébrate                                                  Puerto Rico

October 2015  -                 Actress in the theater production "El Sueño Perfecto" held in one of                                                               Puerto Rico's Official Theater, Teatro Tapia.  

November 2015  -            Main Actress in the theater production "Time Out" held in one of Puerto                                                       Rico's Official Theater, Teatro Tapia.   

December 2015  -             Actress  in the theater production "El que dirán" held in Café Teatro Punto                                                Fijo-Centro de Bellas Artes de Guaynabo.

January 2016  -                 Talent in the TV Series for Telemundo Internacional - "Escándalos" 

February 2016  -                 Main Actress in the short film "Legacy"

March 2016 (Present)  -    Actress in the short film "Primer Paso"