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Enthusiast software developer with experience in web & mobile development, also experience as an entrepreneur building a Saas for education. Skilled working remotely. Experienced working with Agile Methodology using modern tools, open-minded with great focus in detail and clients' necessities.

Experience working as a freelancer fulfillment clients' requirements and providing great feedback based on my own experience as an entrepreneur focusing on the user's needs. Self-disciplined developer with an open mind and have no problem with taking feedback from others and with a willingness to learn from others.

Key Achievements

  • Leaded a team of developers implementing and Open Source ERP for a Hospital to 100% digitalize the Hospital's entire operations.
  • Experience giving support for new developers into the Fuel & Environment project at Volvo Trucks for Sweden and India team explaining the functionality of Volvo Connect Reports sections and giving support in the frontend side of the project both in the codebase with React and general functionality. 
  • Selected in the top 3 entrepreneurs projects of the Institute for The Global Entrepreneur from UCSD (University Of California San Diego) by creating a Saas for education having students from more than 10 countries around the world.


A list of tools I have been using for a long time now working in teams with Agile Methodology using SCRUM, working with Designers, Testers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Stakeholders, DevOps. All these people together creating high-quality software from scratch. Also collaborating with already existing projects. Fixing bugs. Adding features. Depending on the client's needs.

Frontend Tools:
HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, React (Classes & Hooks), Redux, Redux-Sagas, Styled components, SASS, Enzyme, Jest, CSS Frameworks, AngularJS, React Native, GraphQL, Webpack, VueJs, React Testing Library.

Quality: TDD, Unit tests, Integration tests.

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, ORM like Sequelize, Firebase.

Fullstack: NodeJs (Flow, HapiJs, Express, Mongoose, JWT, REST APIS). Ruby on Rails. Wordpress. Python with Django.

Cloud: AWS, Digital Ocean.

CI/CD: Git, Github, Netlify, BitBucket, GitLab, Docker.

Agile: Trello, Jira, SCRUM

Work experience

April, 2019April, 2020

Frontend Developer Consultant

Sigma IT | Gothenburg, Sweden
  • I worked as a Frontend Developer for the Fuel & Environment team, using React, Redux, Redux Sagas, GraphQL, Style Components, Git, Jira & Confluence using an Agile approach to software development.

    Great team in general, this is one of the most used services from Volvo Connect for Volvo Trucks clients. Basically, we created Standard & Custom Reports, users were able to create reports based on a couple of available parameters, also subscribe via email in order to receive reports in their accounts frequently.

    Users were also able to export those reports to PDF/Excel. I participated in all the functionalities of the project creating Standard/Custom reports including all of their features.

    We worked using Functional Programming Principles with Javascript and also writing unit tests for each component, sometimes a couple of automated testing when was necessary.

    In the end, I also helped new developers into the team and developers from the India team giving them support through the codebase.

  • Before Volvo Trucks, I worked on internal projects from Wordpress/React to Prototyping Mobile Apps for Sigma clients. Help them to increase the performance of their Wordpress site and make it more secure. It was a temporary project but helped me to take out the Wordpress experience that I gained in the past.
  • Moved from Honduras, Central America to Sweden in January 2019 with my wife & son with a work permit from Sigma IT. A friend from Sigma recommend me to the company and they started the process.

Fullstack JavaScript Developer - Remote

Acklen Avenue | Remote
  • Acklen Avenue gives me the opportunity to work on a professional level as a Fullstack Developer using Javascript in both Backends with NodeJs and Frontend with React, Redux, Redux Sagas, TDD with an Agile Management Team. 

    I only have great memories of my time working around great and talented software developers, designers, and human beans. I had the opportunity to work for a Property Management Company from the United States, we created the software from scratch using only moderns tools and frameworks like React, AWS, Docker, and more.

    Also, it gives me the opportunity to learn to work remotely using Git, GitHub and Agile approach (really Agile), I learned to be disciplined because the job was 100% remotely and based in objectives and deliverables.

    I used a couple of several tools working at Acklen like React Native for an internal project, open-source ERP's related to Clinical Records for a private hospital from Honduras. Also, I had the opportunity to lead a small team of developers while we were working on implementing an ERP for Clinic Records.


Founder & Freelance

  • While I was working as a lecturer I also helped to create a couple of startups projects, maybe I had more free time on that time, but mainly I think its because I always wanted to work with Startups were basically the sky is the limit and be able to put in practice new tools.
  • Taking responsibility for the entire project built using Ruby on Rails. Kodfocus was a Saas for education with students from more than 10 countries. Won third place from the Institute for The Global Entrepreneur from UCSD (University Of California San Diego) amount 15 projects.
  • Used Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL as a Database and deployed the project to Digital Ocean using a Linux droplet and also set up the webserver sith Nginx, mail server, and the SSL for secure navigation.
  • Content creator for online courses like Javascript, AngularJs, Ionic & Ruby on Rails.
  • I also worked Fullstack with Python & Django building a social site for music videos it was an internal project for a New Yor City company.


Unitec | Honduras

Worked as a lecturer in subjects related to Computer Science and Project Management in General.
Teach about the concepts of e-commerce, React, Redux, Flow, Testing.

Working as a lecturer was one of the most loved jobs I had, I'm really passionate about teaching others,  have no issues on craving a marker and start teaching what I know to others with confidence and of course with passion.

Area of Expertise

Web and software development
Agile, SCRUM
Leadership & management
Project management



Master in Project Management

Unitec Laureate International Universities, Honduras

Bachelors in Computers Science

UTH, Honduras

It took me seven years to finish my career because I had to work during the day and study at nights and weekends to pay for my apartment and my studies.


  • Linus Vidberg (+46 070 811 31 01)
    Frontend & UX Business Unit Manager for Sigma IT/ [email protected]
  • George Mudrak (+46 72 234 89 32)
    Frontend Unit Manager for Sigma IT/ [email protected]