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Software Engineer

A results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Senior Software Engineer who can think “out of the box”. Strong in design and integration problem-solving skills. Advanced  in Android, Java and SQL with database analysis and design. 

Interested in a challenging technical track career in an application development environment.

Work experience

Apr 2017Present

Senior Software Engineer at WindRiver

WindRiver Systems

I have communicated directly with the client in order to clarify and negotiate requirements.

Aug 2014Apr 2017

Software Engineer - Android Developer

WindRiver Systems

I have developed android applications from scratch. I have integrated 3rd party software in the Android framework. I have designed low-level design architecture for the developed applications. I have made changes in  the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) according to the customer requirements.

As a team member I code-reviewed my teammates  changes. I have transitioned from team to team in order to provide support and help.

All my work and progress was reported through JIRA.

Feb 2013Aug 2014

Programmer Helper

Memshare Development SRL

I have developed applications in Java and learned technologies like: Hibernate, GSON. I also developed applications in Android. All of the applications used databases.

I have designed database structure. I have design new modules or applications from scratch in Java Language. I have designed the architecture of modules on also how the modules communicate. I have optimized algorithms in order to reduce memory consumption and execution time.

I have designed algorithms that resolve complex problems like database synchronizations.I did research and analysis for better solutions.

I have managed a small team (4 members) in order to implement software modules or even entire applications.

I have traine new team members in technologies that were needed through that project.


Oct 2014Jul 2016


Univeristy "Dunărea de Jos" from Galați

My domain here was Computer Science. I have learned about design patterns, I have improved my Databases knowledge. Also started working with Android. At the end of this phase I have earned my "Software Master Engineer Diploma"

Sep 2010Jul 2014


University „Dunărea de Jos” from Galați

My domain here was Automatics. I have started learning about Object Oriented Programming, I improved my skills in C++ and also learned a new OOP language, Java. I have also learned to work with Databases. During this phase I have won "3rd Prize - International Student Scientific Symposium - Galati, LaserPen - Java" at and the end of this phase I have earned my "Software Engineer Diploma". 

Sep 2006Jul 2010

High School Graduate

Theoretical High-school "Mircea Eliade", Lupeni

My domain here was Mathematics-Informatics. I have started to learn about C++ and C#. I participated to C++ competitions. During High-School I have won "2nd Prize - Informatics Symposium, Deva - Golden Apple (C#)". 


Software Master Engineer Diploma

University "Dunarea de Jos" Galati, Romania

June 2016

Voice Recognition in controlling an Arduino Robot

The user was able to control the Arduino Robot using his voice.  The user had to speak to a mobile application which was sending commands by Bluetooth to the Arduino Robot.

The application also won 3rd Prize at the International Student Scientific Symposium Galati

Software Engineer Diploma

University "Dunarea de Jos" Galati, Romania

June 2014

The algorithm was controlling a robot to detect and follow the traffic sign. The Algorithm was developed in java and it was using Aria library to communicate with the robot. For sign recognition I trained a neural network for each sign, using OpenCV features. The robot`s behavior was:

- Stop Sign : It will stop and try to detect motion near front, if no notion detected, it will continue
- Parking : It will perform a reverse side parking calculating the track that need to follow in order to avoid collisions
- Zebra crossing: Detects motion and stop if needed
- Give way: Detects motion and stop if needed.

Video can be seen at the following link :

The application also won 1st Prize at the International Student Scientific Symposium Galati

3rd Prize - International Student Scientific Symposium - Galati, LaserPen - Java

University "Dunarea de Jos", Galati

June 2012

The application allowed the user to draw lines in an application using a laser light. The user could also control the mouse using the light.

2nd Prize - Informatics Symposium, Deva - Golden Apple (C#)

National College "Decebal", Deva

May 2007

The application was evaluating how beautiful is a human face, by measuring and processing some distances according to some painting rules. The application was developed in C#


SmartShopper (Android - 2 persons)

September  2014 - August 2015

The SmartShopper application allowed the user to create shopping lists, to record prices together with location and product information. The prices were centralized on a server and shared with the other users. This way you were able to see the prices of your needed products at the nearest shops, and choose from were to shop.

In this project I have managed tasks and track project progress using BitBucket. I have created tasks and bugs and also code-reviewed the changes of my team-mate.

I also designed the low-detail architecture for things like: client-server communication, synchronization process, android application flow, java application flow.



- Develop Android Applications from scratch.

- Understand AOSP and make changes.

- Integrate 3rd party software in AOSP or Android Apps

- Understand Activity, Service, Fragments life-cycle

- Network communication

- Database development and usage

- Use ORMLite to manage databases

Android Studio

- I can develop and debug apps

- Monitor performance, memory usage and threads with Android Device Monitor

- Debug UI using Layout Inspector


- Applications development

- Java native interface

- UI design using MigLayout library

- Develop and manage databases

- Hibernate

- Multi-threaded programming

IntelliJ IDEA

- Develop and Debug Java applications


- Develop and Debug Java applications


- Understanding and manipulating XML files


- Keep track of modifications using GIT


- Code-reviewing


- Track progress using JIRA

- JIRA Filtering


Send/receive information using the JSON Protocol