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flexing the work muscles

Oct 2012Jun 2015

Public Relations and Communications Manager

The Yellow Rome

As Public Relations Manager, I was in charge of all Events for the Yellow and all its associated brands - from conceptualization, organization and execution.  For the Hotel/Hostel side, this meant planning in-house activities and tours that guests will enjoy. This role took on a more interactive and fun veneer for it meant planning parties and nightly events which included band acts, live performances and dj sets.
As Communications Manager, however, I was tasked to handle all interior and exterior communications from email to weekly meetings. This also involved preparing for the company media and print materials for the public, video and social media content for different platforms and dealing with the various OTAs and agencies that the hotel dealt with. It also meant I had to be in charge of the Concierge Department, ensuring that all tourist information be pertinent and updated, and that all guest relations are handled in a manner befitting the company's goals and visions. Under my direction as Events Manager, we were able to cement the reputation of the Yellow Rome as one of Europe's top party hostels; t was awarded the 2012 Best Hostel Party by HostelBookers.

Apr 2010Oct 2012

Bar Supervisor

The Yellow Bar

I started working for the Yellow Bar (the Yellow Rome itself) as a bartender/bar back. I did two shifts, which alternated from bar back (bussing dishes and cleaning tables) to afternoon bartender (bartending and stock preparation).  After a couple of months, due to  my experience and skill in graphics and communication, I was promoted to bar supervisor and became in charge of the daily specials, menu management and started dealing with the bar events.  One of my greatest accomplishments for the Yellow Bar was establishing a rapport between the tourist and the local.  Apart from this, I have guided the bar and the sister restaurant, Mamma Angela's Tratttoria,  in two successful menu changes for food and beverages.

Aug 2007Feb 2009


Kabayan Times International Newspaper

I came into the Kabayan Times hoping for a job as a writer and graphic designer but instead got the job as Editor-in-Chief. In Italy, the immigrant community was just starting to want to have its voice heard and our English newspaper became that bridge, that boom box, the way for everyone to speak their minds about all things politically and socially relevant in our lives. Working for the Kabayan Times, I was privy to the lives of many immigrants who had started to create better futures for themselves and was given access to high levels of foreign diplomatic channels and Italian lawmakers.

Jan 2004May 2007



AlternatIba was borne out of four creative minds, four individuals who wanted to create our own niche in the ( Italian market ).The objective was to help other artists, from whatever immigrant nation, make their mark and expose their art to the Italian public.  The 2010 project, 100 LIVES took us all over Italy documenting different stories of immigrants.

Feb 2003Aug 2003

Customer Service Representative


Successfully completed the 5 weeks training in US Market, Accent Neutralization and Enhanced Directory Assistance System (EDAS) Training.  Was ranked 37th among the hundreds of customer service representatives in the first 3 months of operations. 

the learning curve

Sep 2008May 2010

Graphic Design for Print Media

Istituto Europeo Di Disegno, Milano

A two-year course on the Changing Trends in Print Media, its Application in the New Design Market and Evolving Principles of Design.

Aug 2004May 2005

Lingua Italiana

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

Italian Language Class finishing up to the B1 Level.

Dec 1998Jan 2000

Hotel and Restaurant Management

International Correspondences School, Scranton Pennsylvania, U.S.A

completed the online course with a B grading.

Jul 1998Dec 1999

Undergraduate Studies, Political Science

Ateneo De Manila University 

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science College Level 1

my "other" creds

Jun 2015Jun 2015

Certificate of Participation

Social Media Week Rome

Social Media Week Rome is a week long conference that provides the ideas, trends, insights and inspiration to help people and businesses understand how to achieve more in a hyper-connected world. The event features a central stage for keynotes and panels, multiple rooms for workshops, masterclasses and presentations, and an area dedicated to co-working, networking and interactive installations.

Oct 2012May 2015

Tourism and Marketing

NeaXenia Lab

A yearly program which offers courses and workshops on Hotel Management and Tourism in Europe.   The last certifications I got were for Branding, Hotel Management, Social Media Management and Visual Marketing.

curiosities and eccentricities

Born 15 April 1981. An innovative cook.  A polyglot.  A music and cinematography enthusiast.  Enjoys woodworking, tennis, crafting, social work, and the arts. Is a liberal but swings right on certain issues like the guns ownership and swings far left on issues such as same-sex marriage. Is undecided on inter-species breeding.   Addictions include rellenong bangus, Jameson whisky, French rosé and iced coffee.  Believes in reverse psychology, karma, and the saying "a bottle (was it glass?) a day...."