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I'm graduated in Fashion Design in Caxias do Sul - Rio grande do Sul, in the southern part of Brazil. During my University years, I had a wide experience in two fields:

- Comercial: I had a retail store store for 2 years, which gave a greater knowledge in consumer's needs, dealing with buyers and seller, administration, marketing and events ( I used to organize events and create all marketing and propaganda projects).

- Knitwear creation and development: I worked for 2 years in a company that sells Shima Seiki knitwear machines. I was the designer's assistant, helping designing, choosing the complements (zipers, buttons..), designing silkscreens and establishing measurements of each product. Also, I was inbetween the pattern making responsible and the programmers, talking and explaining the kinds of stictches and patterns to be used. I also used to program and simulate knitwear using Shima's software (SDS One).

After I graduated, I moved to Sao Paulo and started in a company that makes yarns for hand knitting. I'm responsible for color charts, products and patterns using the yarns, designing for their annual magazines (women, accessories, children and homewear) and helping on the development of new yarns for the brazilian and american market. Also, they have a shop that sells haberdashery, so I research for trends on zipers, buttons, laces, ... to help them selling and buying the right products for each season.

Work experience

LookBook designer

Cecilia Prado

- Designing the LookBook for her Summer 2009 collection, being responsible for the graphic part, naking it like a specification sheet. Working as a free lancer.

Jun 2008Present


Pacific Com. Importacao e Exportacao LTDA

- Working as a designer for backpacks and handbags for lincensed brands.

- Responsible for comunication between the company and the suppliers in China.

Nov 2007Jun 2008

Fashion Designer


- Responsible for Trend Researching in Haberdashery and knitwear;

- Responsible for designing products using the companies yarns to annual magazines (women winter and summer, accessories, children and homewear) and also to the pattern library that is available on the website;

- Responsible for color charts for brazilian and american yarns;

- Helping on the development of yarns, testing them and sugesting new fibers, thickness, gauge, colors, way of spinning, texture...

- Responsible keeping the news updated on the website;

- Responsible for organizing a workshop on Hairpin Lace;

- Helping on buying haberdashery, focusing on trends;

- Responsible for the information of yarns and fibers. 

Sep 2006Nov 2007

Designer assistant


-Trend research focused on knitwear;

- Support on design for companies that had (or were buying) Shima Seiki Knitwear machines, focusing the design on their technologie, trying to show the best features of each machine.

- Visiting companies, supporting them on trends and technological question, helping them designing according to the machine they had, and also helping them deciding what new machine to buy;

- Inbetween of design and production. Responsible for taking each design and explaining it to the pattern making and to programming, telling the measurements, patterns and yarns to be used;

- Desinging for the company's fashion shows and events;

- Designing silkscreens and choosing complements (zipers, buttons, ...)

- Color charts;

- Developing collections for different segments (tailoring, women, men), not only knitwear;

- Using the companie's software, SDS one, for some basic programming and simulating the knitwear product before it was even knitted through SDS One Paint.

-`Presentinf the software on events.

Nov 2003Feb 2006


Fractal - Comércio do Vestuário Bertoluci LTDA

- Responsible for chosing brands for selling at the store, as well as chosing the collections products for selling;

- Responsible for trainning sellers;

- Responsible for displays and promotional events for each season;

- Responsible for Administration;

- Repsonsible for Marketing and Propaganda.

Aug 2001Dec 2002

English teacher

The Kids Club

English teacher for kids.




Lectra Pattern Making
- Basic knowledge on CAD/CAM pattern making.
Shima Seiki SDS One
- Simulation, design and basic programming on knitwear, using the software SDS One. The softwares let's the designer chose a pattern, jacquard size, yarns, simulating all the processes of knitting.
Illustrator and Photoshop
Advanced skills in using Illustrator and Photoshop for designing, creating logos, folders, silk screens and banners.