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Creative professional with extensive project experience from concept to development. Talents include custom machine design from customer needs, concepts, and production.Experienced managerial skills with excellent client and project management abilities. Action-oriented with strong ability to communicate effectively with technology, executive, and business audiences. Manufacturing, scheduling, as well as facility layout from small components to large assemblies and fully operational machinery are just a few of my capabilities.

Work experience

Oct 2012Present

Technical Production Manager

Mid-States Supply Company Inc.

Full time design engineer in the oil and natural gas valve modification industry along with managerial duties and overseeing a manufacturing facility housing approximately 50 skilled welders, machinists, and hydro-static testers. Full time drafting of weld maps, assemblies, modification blueprints, and machine prints for valve modification requiring machining, removal of flanges, changes of end connection, internal bore welding processes, semi robotic welding, ND&T inspection, weld call outs and more. From a management perspective I was involved in the design, qualification and implementation of our ISO 9001 certification program, paperwork and form design, design layout forms, flow of shop, and safety certifications. Initially began with layout of the shop, work flow design, welding certification direction, and machine selection. Redesigned and reworked existing new hydro static testing equipment and implemented my own DAQ software and standards to the industry standard API6D. In this position I have co-managed a manufacturing shop from the ground up, providing direction and lean manufacturing techniques and advice anywhere possible, from purchasing of shop supplies, thorough multiple construction and redesign phases in the facility. This has been an amazing and rewarding position that I planned to never leave and eventually retire from, unfortunate financial changes in the company have cut back hours, staff, and salaries, my main concern lays in the lack of stability. I am based in Kansas City with the hope and plan of staying here, in a secure and stable position.

Feb 2005Sep 2012

Engineering Manager

Barbee Engineered Testing Systems

Designed the structural layout of products using drafting tools or computer-assisted design (CAD) or drafting equipment and software. Every unit was custom, which has accumulated a large portfolio, available on request. Conducted research that tests and analyzes the feasibility, design, operation and performance of equipment, components and systems for the hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing industry. Developed, coordinated, and monitored all aspects of production, including selection of manufacturing methods, fabrication, and operation of product designs. Ensured designs met manufacturability, testability and reliability criteria. Planned, scheduled and coordinated detailed phases of a major project or in a total project system of moderate scope. Provided direct support of sales and development by sharing information in the form of major/complex proposals and design reviews. Read and interpreted blueprints, technical drawings, schematics, and computer-generated reports. Researched, designed, evaluated, installed, operated, and maintained mechanical products, equipment, systems and processes to meet requirements, applying knowledge of engineering principles.

Nov 1999Jan 2003


Avail Medical

Internship in the medical engineering field. Held this position over 3 summers during high school and college as well. In this job I learned a little bit about everything in the engineering world from project management through machine design and tooling design. The majority of my time with this company working on Radio Frequency Welding and the required process. I also was introduced to quality assurance at this time and the process and testing used in that field. I began my career with AutoCAD and SolidWorks at this time as well. In this position I was introduced to the medical engineering industry, and the production industry as well working not only with the engineering facility on the design of actual parts and packaging, but also with quality assurance and on test protocols and procedure. I was given the responsibility of calculating the amount of medical grade silicone used in the insert production of the mini-med insulin pump while it was still a new product line being acquired by Avail.


Sep 1999May 2004

Mechanical Engineering B.S. Not achieved.

San Diego State University

I was unable to remain in school due to a family illness that required my attention.



Machine Repair 

Specialized in large machinery repair and adjustment raining from electrical issues to gearbox and mechanical failure. Problem solving and innovative machine substitution to maintain a manufacturing schedule for oil production. 

Production Layout

Co-designed and adjusted a large manufacturing facility including but not limited to : Internal Bore Welding, Semi Automated Welding, Sub-Arc Welding, full machine shop fabrication including VTL's machine placement and purchasing, machine rebuilding and programming. Optimization of shop flow and direction to maximize efficiency and productivity in a manufacturing environment.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

Designed the schematics and piping for for the pressurized pneumatic and hydraulic systems involved in the control stands for our test equipment. All of the systems at Barbee are run with pneumatic pumps and hydraulic clamping or motion systems. Involved in the design, layout and production of these systems daily. These systems included the selection and use of a wide variety of valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic drive motors, pressure indicating gauges both analog and digital, as well as mechanical systems for clamping, locking and positioning of valves and parts to be production tested. The systems ranged in test pressure capability between 25 psi to well over 6 million psi or 2000 tons of internal forces. All of the test stands are designed to overcome the internal forces or pressure exuded when taking any chamber, valve, hose, or tube to its working pressure and beyond for safety and quality control purposes.

Team Leadership

Leading a team to accomplish a common goal or project. Great morale booster in a group environment.  Finding the positive in all situations and leading the team to find the best possible solution.

Technical Problem Solving

Capable of thinking out of the box and solving most complex situations and problems in a unique and efficient way. If there is a solution, I will find it, and if I can improve the solution it becomes my goal.


Machine design, machine drawings, full product development in 3D proficient and familiar with all versions including Solid Works Professional 2015 and 2016 Beta.