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Work experience

May 1994Jan 2015

Owner and Operator

Creed's Tree Care
  • Job, bidding, estimating (cost and time),
  • Looking over and reading job work order, making sure job is read and finished as it was written and approved by both customer and salesman,
  • Manage employees and completing tasks in order to see that job is done safely and also so customers are satisfied and happy with work finished, 
  • Climbing trees, using all the tools necessary to complete a job well done, ropes + saddle, chainsaws (sharpened + ready), rope rigging ( let down techniques), pole saws and etc,
  • Clean up, dragging brush, raking, blowing off roofs, gutters, and patios for a good appearance and a job well done approval, 
  • Schedule time to show work done to customer and also collect check from customer if necessary,


Skills I have and use;
Doing a good job in the trees ( I love doing what I do), fearless and determined, good with people ( customers and employees alike),I don't make promises I cannot keep and I work hard to do the things I say I can, I am good with tools (repairs and maintenance), good at thinking on the fly and problem solving quickly, 


The trees I have done work on and in;


The trees i have done work on and in;


Carl McElroy

Great business man and a fantastic guy to do business with. Carl hired me threw Lake Land company's inc to do 143 ash bore removals in Chicago IL and property they manage named Plymouth Farms. All the work was completed in 3 weeks and 3 days. He gave me confidence to do a job well done and on time.  Phone#(312)386-0244

Tim Todd

Family friend and employer; As I grew into climbing trees, so did the people I became to know. Tim Todd has a long family lineage in tree work and landscaping ( Todd's Tree Service). A good eye for work and a great eye for people. I trust Tim Todd with money and family. He hires me for easy and hard work with the expectation that I get his work done on time and a check collectible.  Phone #(612)741-1941

Donny Scanlon

Family friend and mentor; One of my very first experiences as a young man doing tree work on my summers off was with this man. He was a friend of my Uncle's who showed me the hows and whys on the job, still does in many ways. A good man and an even better friend.  Phone #(612)743-1688