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Aug 2010Present


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Learning Communication means that I now have immediate knowledge of leadership, advanced communication functions, networking, and most importantly presentation skills.

Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Active Member

American Advertising Federation
Networking due to talking with various people in internships etc. Extensive group experience Organization from managing many different projects at once Actual Campaign knowledge from working on real but different campaigns
May 2014Aug 2014


University of Illinois Foundation

Cold calling various sources such as alumni and friends of organizations in order to persuade them for donations. 

Aug 2013May 2014

Social Impact

Phi Kappa Theta

Social Impact is a lot like Philanthropy but instead of making money through an event, the goal is to provide community service hours.  This position requires time management, effective communication, and a want to give back to the community.  

May 2011Aug 2012

Life Gaurd

Pools Plus


Campaign Work

Various works that have made me gather experience working on campaigns. Some are real campaigns given by real companies while others are made up for class work.


Can't have a creative mind without some writing here and there.

Organization Examples

A comprehensive list of examples that show my organizational skills.  Alas, they don't allow websites as an addition so below is my schedule for when I managed intern volunteers for Ebertfest 2015.

Artsy Photos

Instagram to print ads and everything in between.


Throughout college I have had many opportunities to learn about myself and ultimately become an effective leader. All the organizations I have been with either provide leadership experience or allowed me to step up for a leadership opportunity in the form of a position.
Holding authority positions managing a plethora of diverse backgrounds and strong personalities gives birth to a set of communication skills such as presentations, conflict solving, and persuasion.  All were refined by my studies and education.

My organization skill, whether time management or documentation, has been refined through balancing school, multiple student organizations, leadership positions, and work.  On top of that I have also managed a whole group of volunteers for Ebertfest 2015 doing busy work and scheduling them.  There is even time leftover for a social life.