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Brooklyn/Staten Island Athletic League


A graduate of Brooklyn College, Craig Raucher earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1975. Since then, he has led a successful career in the transportation industry. Starting out at DHL Airways (currently known as DHL Worldwide Express), Mr. Raucher has served three additional prominent corporations in the shipping and transport industry. After earning his degree, Mr. Raucher was recognized and immediately hired by Larry Hillblom, the “H” of DHL, and he worked with the corporation from its earliest years. Accomplishing a great deal in a short amount of time, Craig Raucher garnered the position of Director of Sales New York as well as that of Global Sales Director. With over a decade of employment at DHL, Craig Raucher established sales practices and generated a significant level of revenue that has allowed the corporation to become the leading global transportation service it is today. In the five years directly after his experience with DHL Worldwide Express, Craig Raucher became Vice President and General Manager at Skynet Worldwide Express, another start-up company. After growing the young corporation into a nearly $50 million enterprise, Craig Raucher accepted a position at Corporate Express Delivery Systems Inc. There, his wealth of experience allowed him to restore a struggling region’s revenue. The production region, spanning from the Commonwealth of Virginia to Ottawa, Canada, was transformed in just three years of Craig Raucher’s guidance. Mr. Raucher’s most recent position within the shipping industry has been as Senior Vice President and General Manager at TFS Global (Total Freight Solutions). Since taking over as Senior Vice President, Craig Raucher enabled a brand-new business to become a $51 million conglomerate over the course of 11 years. Craig Raucher dedicates the rest of his time to serving as commissioner of the Brooklyn/Staten Island Athletic League in New York City. Each year, Mr. Raucher runs this friendly competitive league, meeting with a group of friends to play basketball on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Mr. Raucher has been a part of the league for over 25 years.

Work experience

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Total Freight Solutions (TFS) Global




Brooklyn College