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Work experience

Director of Business Development

My role was to find severe, crippling dysfunction that existed in large corporate IT departments and convince those who were accountable that my company's consultants could guide them to achieve a sustainable state of managed risk and predictable IT project performance.

Chief Evangelist

Planet Metrics

I was the Swiss Army Knife that helped the co-founders figure out what product to build, what problem it would solve in the real world, and who would be most likely to buy it. In my role, I did whatever job was the most important at the time, i.e. find our incubator and agile development partner, create our sales/investor pitches, collaborate with our external partners, establish the company's value system, find the inital strategic customers, speak at trade events, design our website, and more.

Areas of Expertise

New Ventures & Start Ups

Sustainability Consulting


Web 2.0 Technologies

Life Cycle Assessment

Organizational Change



Market Research and Analysis

Strategy Development and Planning

Effective Presentation

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About Me

I am one of the founding partners of Boykin-Ramini Design LLP, and am currently launching a new business in Marin County, California. Most of my twenty years in business has been spent evangelizing new technologies or new business processes to corporations in the Fortune 500. I have a BA from the University of Vermont.


Minimalist architecture, design for environment, cooking, reading, international travel, ASPCA, and baseball.

Volunteer Work


San Francisco, CA

Urban Redevelopment 

I researched the social, political and environmental impacts of the firm's urban redevelopment project proposals and advised the management team. Of major interest to all stakeholders were how much they helped solve the city's housing, water, waste, energy, carbon emissions, and unemployment problems.


Tom Looy

"Craig brings a commitment to excellence into whatever ventures he engages in.  He is consistently focused on generating greater value within the organizations he is associated with, whether it is his customers or his colleagues."

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