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Craig Knowlton

Marketing Strategist & Media Producer

Social Media Optimization

Branded Wesberies

Online Webseries

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

Writer/Executive Producer/Lead Actor

20/20 Pictures: Ryan and Collin Webseries
  • Wrote video promotions, a first season, and designed promotional materials for a new comedic web-series,, with its first season release scheduled for this spring.
  • Managed guerilla and online marketing for 20/20 Pictures while building a fan network of several thousand and a NYC launch party with over 650 attendees.
  • Developed a marketing, distribution, and business plan made specifically for internet-based series.
Oct 2011Present

Assistant Producer / Editor

MRM Worldwide

  • Promoted within 10 months of joining MRM Worldwide.
  • Assist in the production of national TV spots, online videos, pitch presentations, and internal promotion.
  • Work closely with creative team to deliver client approved videos on schedule.
  • Oversee all aspects of production including strategy, creativity, casting, shooting, editing, graphics and final delivery.
  • Create and track schedules with time spans ranging from a few days to month after month.
  • Responsible for finding freelance creatives and accommodations on a fixed budget.
Jan 2011Oct 2011

Digital Strategist

MRM Worldwide
  • Keep up to date with all digital trends including consumer analysis, paid media, and social media.
  • Make recomendations to multi-million dollar clients (ETS, Applebee's, Bristol Meyers Squib, Johnson and Johnson, and more)  to capitalize on the rapidly growing digital landscape.
  • Analyze and report on client's success and weakness online several online purchased and free tools.
  • Build pitches for new clients based on research into customer needs and brand requirements.
  • Work with high-level personnel to guide their understanding of more modern forms of social interaction.
  • Optimize social media platforms and campaigns depending on clients distinct interest. 
Jun 2008Dec 2010

Founding Member

20/20 Pictures
  • Created the company to address demand for a range of high quality video now possible with new technology and emerging talent. See
  • Along with the other company founders, created a network of over 30 industry professionals (writers, directors, editors, crew) to streamline all aspects of production.
  • Full-charge responsibility for writing treatments, preparing proposals, creating advertisements and marketing strategies, and implementing call sheets, shot lists, storyboards, and screenplays. Recently taken charge of graphics and editing department.
  • Directed, edited and wrote numerous music videos, speculative and broadcast commercials, short narrative films, and business proposals for dozens of 20/20 Pictures’ clients, including Pentucket Medical Assoc. who signed a 3 commercial deal based on the style and look I co-developed.
  • Brought on as creative director on numerous series including a Men’s Health Magazine  adventure series documentary as well as an intimate profile of up-and-coming hip-hop artist, Donny Goines, set to air on and MTV On-Demand.
Jul 2009Dec 2010

Summer & Fall Intern

Ovie Entertainment
  • Became an integral part of the founding members team responsible for managing the company’s multi-million dollar film endeavors.
  • Consultant on numerous financing, distribution, marketing and creative challenges.
  • Wrote coverage as well as dealing directly with company heads about new talent and script acquirements.
Jun 2009Aug 2010

Summer Intern

Mandate Pictures
  • Worked directly with major producers including Nathan Kahane (Juno) and Nicole Brown (Harold & Kumar)
  • Wrote in-depth coverage of submitted screenplays in order to make recommendations to top producers weekly.
Sep 2009Jan 2010

Writer/Director/Creative Developer

Western Pest Services
  • Worked closely with creative team of Princeton Partners Inc. to develop a webisodic marketing plan for WesternPest Services, a regional based pest control service with $3.2 million in annual advertising spending. See
  • Directed 7 of the 15 commercials. Lead editor on all 15 spots while assisting the post-production process. 6 of the shorts went aired on broadcast television.


Sep 2002Jun 2006

High School Diploma

Princeton Day School

Honors List, 2002-2006

Award for Artistic Excellence in New Media, 2006

20/20 Pictures Co-Founder

Music Videos

Broadcast Commercial

Broadcast Commercial

Marketing Design/Strategy

MRM Worldwide


Google Analytics: Reporting
Use Google Analytics to track and monitor web site activity as well as export customized report based on clients needs.
Facebook Insights
Expert with both the new and old old insights as well as exporting statistics to inform reports and presentations.
After Effects
Experience with text, animation, as well as numerous filters to add style and prestige expected from the current media market.
Final Cut Pro Editor
Experience directing and editing broadcast television commercials, brand promotional videos, short films, political advertisements and viral videos.