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With over 20 years of accomplished experience in high-dollar, high-profile Executive Leadership, my unique advantage is my wide range of experience, from Business Development, Finance, Marketing and Operations, along with my ability to effectively recruit, retain and manage all levels of talent from warehouse workers to a top executive team.

My success is also tied closely with my ability to  create compelling methods of cost savings and multi-million dollar revenue generation through strong negotiations and strategic relations. My initiatives have been wildly successful, turning short and long term strategies into action steps that work. But my intense focus on the customers’ experience has been the cornerstone of my Leadership strategy and the key to my success.

Specialties: Business Development • Strategic Marketing • Contract Negotiations • Revenue Generation • Team Development & Training • Project Management • Operational Leadership • Client Relations • Sales Process Improvement • Risk Management • Margin Expansion • Process Improvement • Brand Management • Market Analysis.

Work History


Chief Operating Officer/Project Director

The Deister Company, Inc.
  • Prepared an audit on the insurance and safety insurance (PICS requirements) required for specific clients.
  • Updated the technology and data analysis systems for a company that was created in 1966, which increased daily operation efficiency and productivity by over 45%.
  • Managed system for interchanging tool assets/machine assets into rotation for the crews in the field which reduced purchasing costs by 27%.
  • Implemented redistribution program to scrap excess and throw-off materials to increase company revenue and staff development by putting proceeds back into employees paychecks.
  • Directed a consolidation campaign of shop spaces that saved the company 22% annually reduced costs for tools and machines by 35%.
  • Developed new vendor relationship that accounts for over 15% of companies revenue and opened up space for 5 new positions (3 of which are Marine Veterans).
  • New hire program led to improved workforce efforts to hire Military Veterans which now account for over 15% of employee population and rising.

Chief Executive Officer

Fitness Resource Group

  • Turned around under-performing warehouse operations within 2 weeks and accounting operations within 30 days.
  • Negotiated with accounting vendor to update ERP software systems for accounting, sales and inventory.
  • Settled 3 pending lawsuits within the first 30 days of employment.
  • Installed first ever project costing software to reduce sales time process, inventory tracking, and eliminated 100% of shrinkage at $400K per year.
  • Due to accurate evaluation tools and analysis, the owner was able to make an informed, smart and strategic business plan that lead to the selling of the company.
  • Took a small mismanaged failing company and facilitated a rapid sale of the business, which awarded the owner a 40% higher valuation.

Co-Founder/VP of Business Development

BlueBike Architects
  • Responsible for up to $12M annually in sales, with contracts as large as $20M.
  • Grew another project from $10K to $2.6M, and shot a 3rd project up 37 times the original amount.
  • Easily landed an $8M international contract through personalized attention and distinction from the competition.
  • Coupled with subject matter expertise, active listening and a strong record of success, this builds trust and immense client loyalty, plus a 50% referral rate.
  • Persistent in selling an initial $25K project, which ultimately resulted in $63.5M in total revenue.
  • Built a communication process to cut response time to customer issues by 50%.
  • Catapulted business to $3.9M annually by industry-specific market direction planning and execution, with annual revenue growth up to 69%. Additionally directed their P&L responsibility.

Director of Sales Operations

Quintiles & Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLP
  • Fulfilled in 1 week a 90-day Business Development contract to establish 15 senior level key contacts, resulting in $14.5M in sales.
  • Signed two of the top Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical companies in the Q system in the first 6 months of my employment.
  • Set up substantial overseas operations experience in Central America and Europe.
  • Opened 10 offices in 3 countries and maintained them for a year, while creating revenue of upwards of $250K for our US based companies.
  • Cut company spending by 90% and expanded offices from 1,500 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft.

Small Business Development Experience

Unicom Trade, Co-Founder/ Partner

Unicom Communications, Co-Founder/ Partner

Unicom Mediation, Founder/ President

  • Turned a startup into a national player through keen competitive analysis, and then offering breakthrough solutions to create a new market. Additionally authored major business plans for billion-dollar market leaders.
  • Led up to 42 employees while stewarding 4 successful startups.
  • Recruited top execs in Fortune 100 companies as internal champions in Sales, and built relationships with senior leaders within most of the top 25 companies in a Trillion dollar industry.
  • Recruited by one Fortune 500 client and brought in $1M in employer revenue within first 30 days by saving customer $5M from a $10M vendor contract through skilled negotiation.
  • Developed a proprietary matrix tool – repeatable/scalable to a variety of industries – that is not only a phenomenal sales guide, but an extremely effective cost control instrument as well, saving past clients a total of $13.4M.
  • Designed process to reduce key technology costs by 90%.



Professional Reference

John Greenlee, A.I.A

I had the opportunity to work with Craig at HOK Sport and also at BlueBike Architecture as partners in an Architectural and Interior Design Firm. Craig was Principal in Charge of Business Development and was instrumental in growing the firm from two people to a staff of fourteen in seven years with gross sales of $1.4 million per year. He is very organized, understands the importance of assembling a team of the best qualified people and very good on following a project from beginning to end.

Craig is very much Client focused and understands the importance every client has in establishing a strong business platform. He is very likeable, knowledgeable and has always gone the extra mile to meet the goals and objectives of the firm . Craig is someone I would want on my team and would always recommend him for whatever Principal position he is seeking.


Dave Gillogly

I have know Craig for over 10 years and worked with him directly for a couple of years.  Craig consistently demonstrates excellence in delivering sustained results for his organization.  He has a drive for excelling in meeting customer needs and uses innovative ideas to generate customers.  His leadership style is one that quickly builds rapport with stakeholders and adapts well to changes.  He uses sound methodologies in solving problems and he has complete honesty and integrity in his interactions and builds trust with customers and team members.


Dawn Meyers

Craig is a well-versed professional who always provides the highest level of expertise and talent to every project he manages. With his key market knowledge and drive to maximize profit and efficiency, Craig will make a valuable asset to any company. His ability to evaluate the bottom line and develop cost saving methods to increase net gain adds to his ability to work within any Executive role. Craig’s focus on personal and professional growth will continue to allow him to be a long term dedicated employee. Confident and results-driven, Craig brings a wealth of knowledge to any position.