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As a dedicated healthcare professional with extensive experience providing visionary leadership in the healthcare field I am interested in pursuing an opportunity with a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company as a medical liaison or sales executive. I believe that my proven expertise and forward-thinking management style would provide any company with a distinct and invaluable resource.


Pharmaceutical Scientific Leader, Pharmacist and Medical Liaison

A dedicated healthcare professional with extensive experience providing visionary leadership in the pharmaceutical industry.Proven expertise and forward-thinking management style provides a distinct and invaluable resource as a solution provider.Firm understanding of the pharmaceutical market place allows accurate predictions on industry trends and transcends the ability to develop and implement unique market opportunities within the medical field. Ability to provide clinical and economic value information to clinicians. Expertise in development and implementation of medical processes, understanding of the pharmaceutical commercialization process and regulatory guidelines affecting promotion of prescription products.

Market Knowledge

Mastery in market knowledge, sales and profitability as a proven pharmacist, sales executive and medical liaison developing crucial business planning, marketing and decision-making capabilities.A commitment to excellence in communication with physicians, colleagues and superiors has resulted in the establishment of a strong rapport with a wide network of individuals in the pharmaceutical sector. With a Pharm.D. and extensive clinical pharmacy drug information proficiency I also bring a second side that not many pharmacists have knowledge in, business and sales.Proven leader in market and product development from inception to fruition has granted me a community pharmacist of the year award as well as different awards in pharmaceutical sales. Forward thinking out of the box ideas can help a company stay a world leader in industry.


Communication skills as a thought leader allow the dissemination of complex, cutting edge, scientific information and research concepts to healthcare providers and organizations. A solution provider with the ability to advance the scientific platform, corporate goals and research concepts in one on one discussions or in front of a larger delegation.Excels at communicating accurate, relevant and meticulously understood scientific information to all levels of medical experts, company executives, sales teams and patients. Leader at building cohesive and efficient teams across varied pharmaceutical sectors.Expertise in development and implementation of medical processes, understanding of the pharmaceutical commercialization process and regulatory guidelines affecting promotion of prescription products.


Loribeth Dalton

“Craig is a highly competent visionary professional who exemplifies all the values and characteristics that we all hope medical and pharmaceutical professionals will have. He has integrity, creativity, exceptional communication skills and a passion for the health and wellness of the community he serves. He has a unique blend of humor, warmth and strength that creates high credibility and trust. I strongly recommend Craig for any role in the medical and pharmaceutical arena in which his talents can be applied to building strong partnerships.”

Judith Sikora

“I have had the good fortune to know Craig recently, through common business colleagues. Craig is one of the brightest and most highly credentialed individual (working within the pharma industry) that I have had the pleasure of working with. I have chosen to recommend him, because of his high level of integrity, rapid responsiveness, loyalty and sincerity, in all that he does. I would highly recommend Craig for any medical/pharma related opportunity. Judith Sikora” February 6, 2009

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Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Executive Sales Rep

Lilly USA

Lilly USA, Las Vegas, NV2008-Present

Executive Sales Representative

Challenge – To demonstrate ability to sell cardiovascular products and integrate my pharmacist background into this skill set on a seasoned specialty team in a territory that covers three states and includes all services within 8 hospitals, but specific responsibilities in the cardiac cath labs.

Leadership Results

  • Peer MVP Award 2011
  • Effient product champion -2011, 2012, 2013
  • Scientific product champion – 2010, 2011
  • Top third or better in sales – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Chosen to become American College of Cardiology certified Representative (5 day course)
  • Chosen to complete Certified Cardiovascular Industry Rep. (6 month course)
  • Won multiple meeting MVP and quarterly MVP awards
  • Chosen to represent Eli Lilly at three different conventions (The American Heart Association in Chicago and Los Angeles, American Pharmaceutical midyear convention in Orlando)
  • Consistent year end reviews of High Successful or Exemplary
  • Mentored, trained and assisted multiple new reps with scientific and disease state knowledge in the west area
  • Helped team earn district sales trips in 2011 and 2012
  • Presently being mentored to become a medical science liaison
Jul 2007Dec 2008

Pharmacy Director

CVS/Longs Drugs

Began with company as Pharmacy Manager and with my forward thinking abilities I have migrated over to Longs mail order during the CVS/LONGS merger

Challenge – Smooth transition from Longs systems to CVS company policies, operations and core business models during sale of Longs to CVS

Organizational Leadership - Furnished policy and operational-based support to a call center with over 50 employees and 12 pharmacists often involving the implementation of companywide initiatives and programs.Lead the team bringing forward specific performance measures and systems reliable enough to produce executive level reports to aid with the transitional processes. Ensured that projects were performed with precision and expertise of CVS goals. Highlight the initiatives to grow the organization through alliances, innovation and an understanding of all facets of operations, financial management, sales, staffing and business development.

Communication Skills- Carefully articulated policy and procedure guidelines to staff while developing new written guidelines for employees while running training programs on new computer programs.Discussing employee relationship issues between companies and raising the confidence of individuals all while keeping a professional management style.


Clinical Pharmacist and Business Owner

Parkview Pharmacy and Home Health Care, Inc.

PARKVIEW PHARMACY AND HEALTH CARE – Rancho Cucamonga, CA 1990- 2007

Full service pharmacy and medical provider (sold pharmacy 2007)

Pharmacist and Owner

Challenges – To grow a new company into a leading pharmaceutical company

Product Development - Spearheaded vision, strategy and operations for this pharmacy and online medical supply company. Researched and developed profitable revenue opportunities driving revenues up 15% annually to $2.8M

Market Leadership - Recognized as an online leader in the healthcare marketplace, sustaining a 6% conversion rate.Successfully established company as a JCAHO certified home healthcare organization. Positioned company as a recognized medical solution provider, receiving references from major manufacturers. Worked closely with various Fortune 500 companies to develop new market expertise and niches for the entire industry.The company was looked at as a litmus test for many programs utilized in Good Neighbor pharmacies across the nation.

Business Management -Oversaw all product management, human resource and business development efforts. Ensured product quality through effective team leadership in sales, marketing and technical departments. Developed marketing strategy for sales force team.


Medical Liaison and Director of Marketing and Sales

Enhanced Information Services

The EIS platform was designed to transition independent pharmacies from traditional bricks and mortar to the “clicks and mortar” of e-commerce while supporting the independence and community integrity of the individual retailer and developing new market niche and profit margin.The company was a solution provider in developing crucial business planning and market development.

Challenge: To develop a nationwide program that would improve market share and develop revenue streams to pharmacists and Good Neighbor Pharmacies

Product Development - Developed an idea that would allow pharmacists to capture a market that was a perfect match for pharmacies struggling as profit margins shrank on drugs.The market was medical supplies and I developed a mechanism that educated the pharmacist, allowed a product base to be sold without increasing inventory all while capturing marketing finance from fortune 500 companies

Technology Solutions – E commerce business to consumer and business to business kiosk for an organization that was a subsidiary of Bergen Brunswig Drug Company to gain financial backing to increase band width to allow over 5000 product displays with information capturing of third party claims without the patient ever needing to call the pharmacy.Instant access to manufacturing companies and an increase in monetary streams for the program that increased first year revenue to over 5 million dollars.

Organizational Leadership – Chosen by a fortune 100 company to lead a new subsidiary of the company as the medical Liaison and face of the company all while traveling across the country and organizing key medical professionals and leaders in industry into groups to discuss the potential of the program.Was also point man at manufacturers of the products to develop market penetration.


Medical Liaison/Pharmaceutical Consultant

Bergen Brunswig was a comprehensive pharmaceutical services provider with services including

Pharmaceutical distribution to retail pharmacies, hospitals and other institutions, Specialty pharmaceutical distribution and related services to physicians, Logistics, commercialization, and packaging services for drug manufacturers and pharmacies, and consulting services.

Challenge - Focus on new market strategies within the Good Neighbor Pharmacy chain of independent pharmacies across the country and grow a new market and revenue stream for the pharmaceutical industry.

Product Development – set up marketing strategies and programs which included an out of the box business model of kiosk based medical supply business and Joint Commission of Health Care Organization (JCAHO) programs that would make the 1200 GNP stores work independently, but together in procedural flow of an organization.

Technical Knowledge –The kiosk platform provided health care practitioners an automated interactive voice response system (IVR) for ordering home medical equipment from pharmacies and other retail outlets. The platform offered information services, inventory control and medical sales.Placement of the platform created immediate revenue from each pharmacy from a combination of monthly dues, commission on all HME sales, charges for the IVR service and a share of the processing fees for each transaction. The program provided a complete and fully integrated service to the end users.


Staff Pharmacist/Pharmacy Intern

St Jude Hospital and Medical Center

Reviewed and dispensed medicines prescribed by authorized medical personnel. Respond to customer inquiries concerning prescription contents, dosages and regimen. Maintained and monitored patient therapies to avoid harmful drug interactions. Monitored inventory levels and ordered medications. Trained new Staff Pharmacists and Technicians.Promoted to Head Pharmacist Intern position within first year of internship


1984May 1988


University of Southern California

I attended the University of Southern California and graduated in 1988 as the youngest student in the history of the pharmacy program to receive my Doctorate Degree.