Craig Schwinger

Lead Technical Engineer at Verizon

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2014 - Present

Lead Technical Engineer

I support eight enterprise level customers for Verizon Services. Each of these customers has over 1000 network devices. My primary responsibility is to provide support to our first level engineers. Most cases involve customer escalations due to the complexity of the outage. One of our primary customer is a multinational retail grocery chain with both WiFi and wired devices. This customer has over 13,000 network devices including Cisco and Aruba Access Points, Cisco Routers and HP Switches. One of my primary responsibilities is to manage the Aruba Management Platform. This wireless management tool enables my team to monitor and troubleshoot wireless problems as they are reported by the customer. They have multiple VLANS as well as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) network. At many of their locations, they have wireless bridges that connect between the main location and a gas station. I am part of a team that is responsible for resolving connection problems between these two sites in a timely manner to reduce the loss of business. I am also responsible for writing process documents for our Tier 1 troubleshooting group. I have written over a dozen processes, runbooks and quickbooks. I have provided brown bag sessions to train our Tier 1 and management teams in the processes that have been written. I am considered a Subject Matter Expert in the wireless domain for our team and I am often the person management refers to for assistance in troubleshooting wireless network incidents. I am also responsible for demonstrating our wireless management platform to our current and future customers.
Apr 2013 - Sep 2014

Problem Management Specialist

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

As a Network Specialist for Verizon Business’ Global Managed Customer Networks and Services Group, I am responsible for assessing chronic network problems for the customer’s network.  I am responsible for monitoring the network performance and security to ensure that network operations meets Service Level Agreement for performance, security and availability.  Support, maintenance, development and troubleshooting of the operational network infrastructure and related components.

  • Review incident tickets in order to identify trends and drive resolutions prior to impact to the customer.
  • Analyze network reports in order to identify high impact failures in order to prevent extended customer impact.
  • Provide effective specialist contribution to the analysis and resolution of problems and known errors.
  • Develop workarounds (authorized procedures or work practices), preventative actions, and requests for change for known errors.
  • Update Known Error Database in order to assist first level engineers with quick resolutions to the customer’s network incidents.
Jul 2011 - Apr 2013

Network Specialist

Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • Design, implement and maintain the private global MPLS network for the customer.  Network uses Cisco CRS running IOS-XR code.  
  • Manage over 21000 network devices including Cisco routers and switches, Application Accelerators, and Load Balancers.
  • Monitor and test T1 and T3 circuits from Service Provider to customer premise.  Test 3-5 circuits per shift while also monitoring other network equipments and managing 40 tickets at a time.
  • Basic troubleshooting of routers and switches.
  • Basic troubleshooting of BGP, OSPF, and MPLS 
  • Communicate with customer daily to give updates on outages and progress for troubleshooting network circuits and equipment.  
  • Provide updates via email or phone during extended outages to management and customer.
Sep 2009 - Jul 2011

Implementation Engineer

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Responsible for the release, control and validation of high risk maintenance on a global network with over 2000 network devices.   Assisted with the design, implementation and maintenance of a Cisco infrastructure for the Service Provider Customer Edge and Service Provider Core networks.  Monitored the network performance after change requests were completed to ensure that network operations meets the business requirements at or above Service Level Agreements for performance, security and availability.  Support, maintenance, development and troubleshooting of the operational infrastructure and related components.


Engineering Sourced Change   

  • Responsible for implementation and testing of logical configuration and validation of new Routers/Trunks/NNIs for Private Data Networks
  • Responsible for implementation, testing and validation  of capacity augments (new line cards, etc)  to support Private Network Growth
  • Responsible for network  grooms to increase bandwidth or provide traffic optimization
  • Responsible for First Office Application (FOA) of New network technologies in the Private Data network suite
  • 100 G First in Industry Trials in EMEA for Matrix
  • Activation of VTS infrastructure to replace MWAN transaction network

Planning Sourced Change

  • Responsible for First Office Application (FOA) and roll out of new code across Private Data Network suite
  • Juniper M320, T640/T1600 anfd MX960 Technology
  • Cisco ESR, GSR Technology
  • Tellabs  8860 Technology 
  • VTS Nortel 22xx Technology 

Associated Processes

  • Updated SNM Backbone Database for all topology changes to ensure accuracy for Tier-1 Alarm Management
  • Scheduled, updated and Tacked all network maintenance Via MASTARS and according to VZ Safetime Guidelines.
  • NO Power of One incidents due to human error  - flawless execution. 
Jul 2005 - Sep 2009

Implementation Engineer

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

As an Implementation Engineer for the Global Data Network Operations group, my responsibilities included the acceptance testing and quality assurance f all new core routers on a multi-vendor global MPLS network.  Was also responsible for testing new OC12, OC48 and 10 Gig circuits for the MPLS network.  

  • Implemented the project to migrate over 300 OC48 sonet trunks to 10 Gig trunks on the MPLS network.  Scheduled field engineers and support team in order to complete project on time and under budget.  
  • Configured and tested over 500 new Cisco routers and 100 Juniper routers for the Verizon Business MPLS network.  
  • Worked with circuit groups to test optical circuit so that new trunks were 100% error-free prior to acceptance into the network.  
  • Coordinated field technicians to help install hardware and connect circuits in order to provide service for new network equipment.
  • Worked with customer account teams to install hardware and circuits with little notice to provide connections for high profile customers.
  • Good communicative skills, proven flexibility to adjust priorities and assignments and adaptability to a changing work environment



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Strayer University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Glassboro State College