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Competitive Sports:

  Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Tennis, Golf


  Reading Books from Subject-Matter Experts, Attending Workshops & Webinars


  Community Charities, Professional Assocations, Volunteering

Active member of NAIFA, NAIFA-Ohio and GAMA.


Ethical and productive sales professional with ten years of financial services experience, six years of operational and sales management experience, and a history of exceeding pre-defined team and individual goals.

Builds positive and enduring relationships with diverse personalities and in a variety of different roles.

A results-oriented individual with strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to manage and develop large teams of diverse individuals.

Speaker and author of the book, "Hope Is Not A Strategy: How to Build the Ultimate Financial Plan", due out in 2010. 

Ability to be analytical, thorough and detail-oriented, yet communicates these complex concepts in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Driven to develop self, aspires to complete MBA and obtain ChFC, CLU, and CFA designations.

Work experience

Field Trainer

Bankers Life & Casualty

NASD Series 7 Licensed, Ohio Life Health & Annuity License

Bankers Life & Casualty is a captive firm focused on the needs of seniors.  As an Agency Field Trainer, responsible for training and developing new agents, mostly inexperienced in the insurance industry.  Trained on sales techniques and insurance products, including health products such as Medicare Supplement insurance, Long-Term Care insurance, and Critical Illness insurance.

As the only financial adviser internally, was responsible for reviewing and discussing investment options via joint-work with agents.  Sold more than $1 Million annually in indexed-annuity sales.

Aug 2007Present

Associate General Agent/Director of Recruiting & Development

PM Financial Group, Inc.

FINRA Series 7 Licensed, Ohio Life Health & Annuity License

As Associate General Agent, second in charge of an insurance agency with multiple offices generating greater than one million dollars of annual insurance production.  Responsible for coordinating with underwriting, product development, and participating in firm-level relationship building with outside vendors.

Additional responsibilies include:

Director of Recruiting & Development - Developed and implemented sophisticated recruiting process from scratch.  Designed comprehensive training platform for both new and experienced insurance agents and financial advisers.  Built and installed an exclusive Referral-based introduction process that improved referral gathering firm-wide.

Personal Producer - Performed all aspects of a comprehensive personal practice, including direct sales of individual and group retirement products, permanent and term life insurance, individual stock and ETF portfolios, and a variety of business insurance products and strategies.

Studying for FINRA Series 66 License; Have begun studying for ChFC Certification.

Jul 2007Aug 2008

Financial Representative

Columbus Financial Group, Inc.

NASD Series 7 Licensed, Ohio Life Health & Annuity License

Financial Adviser responsible for all aspects of building a comprehensive investment and insurance practice, including sales, prospecting, target marketing, product research, investment analysis, and prompt, courteous service.  Worked one-on-one with business owners and affluent families by providing financial strategies, estate planning, business planning, and wealth management.

Sep 1999Jul 2004

Service Team Unit Manager

NASD Series 6, 26 Licensed

Successfully managed three different teams with a variety of responsibilities throughout career at Nationwide.

As Manager of the Quality Control team, was responsible for a team with more than fifteen individuals that reviewed all fixed and variable annuity applications for completeness.  This requires extensive knowledge of "Good Order" requirements on both company and federal/state regulation levels.  Understanding of product, forms, systems, hiring/staffing, and employee development was required.  Improved and maintained quality levels exceeding 99%.

As Manager of the ANBAS Support team, was responsible for a team of twelve individuals that provided high-quality internal support to sales, call center, and operations.  Created team, recruited and developed personnel, developed systems and processes, and achieved high service levels.

As Manager of the NRS Support team, was responsible for high-level and thorough servicing of large deferred compensation plans at the participant level.  Registered Principal required to review all correspondence and materials.  Inspired team to significant increases in productivity and quality.


Aaron Murphy

Having worked with Aaron on several occasions, we've developed a close relationship over the twelve years that we've known each other.

Larry Sullivan

Larry and I worked together at Columbus Financial Group, and developed a solid relationship that continues, even though technically we are in direct competition with each other.


Became first from family to make it to college, studying for Computer Engineering.  Personal research indicated that PC hardware would become an opportunistic career choice.  Worked part-time to pay for school.

Due to the death of parent, was required to leave school to take care of aging grandmother.  In order to provide the necessary services she needed, began working full-time in retail sales to fulfill these financial/medical obligations.

Realized working in sales and directly with people, and ultimately supervising, was more of a passion than the technical aspects of computer engineering.  Switched focus to studies on business.  Never quit learning, absorbing books and a variety of studies in the areas of business, finance, and leadership.

May 2009Present

Joint BA/Masters of Business Administration

Western Governors University

Desiring to achieve MBA, enrolled with a leading and accredited online university to begin and ultimately complete a lifelong dream of having a Master's degree.



During my time in customer service and direct sales, I've increasingly become more and more relationship oriented.  No matter what type of relationship exists (manager-direct report, service rep-customer, adviser-client), building a positive, enduring, effective relationship with others is of utmost importance.  The cornerstone of relationship building is Active Listening, another skill I continue to develop.
What builds powerful momentum for me has always been my ability to envision a future state of any project, team, document, or business.  A powerful and detailed vision is the cornerstone to ultimately making that vision a reality.  Without vision, how can you have a purpose?  I believe the two go hand in hand.
Learns Quickly
In every position I've accepted, I've been forced to learn vast amounts of new information about a company, products, systems, processes, organization, etc.  in a short amount of time.  This continues to be a strength and I work very hard at it.  Because of this skill, it never frightens me to challenge myself to reach greater heights.
Verbal/Written Communication Skills
My entire career has been spent dealing with complex insurance and investment products that can only be communicated to others on their level.  I've shown an ability to adjust my communication skill to the current audience and communicate on their level.  In addition, excellent communication skills are required in order to motivate others to achieve greater levels of performance, and to diffuse possibly hostile situations.
Throughout my career I have always risen to positions that supervised individuals directly or indirectly.  Since these individuals have performed exceptionally, some credit to their manager has to be deserved.
Direct Sales
For the last six years have been selling financial services products to individual and group clients.


Certified Long-Term Care Consultant (CLTC)

Corporation for Long-Term Care
Mar 2009Present

Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)

The American College