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  • Sports
  • Fitness and Dietetics
  • Finance & Investments
  • Fine Dining
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology
  • Networking
  • Movies & Reading


To secure a position within a well established, stable organization that will allow me to showcase and steer my high spirited personality, intelligence, and organizational skills to success.


I am a near graduate college student who is looking to capitalize on all of her attained skills, and find an organization in which I can bring success. I am an intelligent, ethical, personable, athletic individual physically and mentally, who is educated in many fields with a hunger to express all of these attributes. I want to be able to maximize and exercise each of my most proud qualities.

Work experience

May 2005Present


JP Marketing Agency
  • Helped to construct many online and offline campaigns
  • Generate profit and banking calculations
  • Oversee and handle client relations
  • Contributed useful marketing suggestions for expansion, and assisted in business expansion through email, social networking sites, and on forums
  • Wrote articulate reviews, emails, and newsletters pertaining to site updates, new products, etc
  • Perform odd-jobs such as packaging and shipping products, running errands, and all else that tends to the needs of my superior
May 2009Jul 2010

Secretary of Sales, Billing & Accounts Receivable, and Customer Service

Dolphin Fitness Club
  • Liaison between clients, staff, and corporate affairs
  • Manage and pursue Accounts Receivable 
  • Accurately calculate member dues and trusted to bill accordingly every month
  • Order new merchandise and refilling stock in a timely manner
  • In the forefront of all front desk, sales, and operational happenings
  • Reliable keyholder with a hunger to work often opening at 5am
  • Extremely well educated on every facet of the business
  • Interact with members on a professional, yet personal basis
  • Build long lasting relationships and networking which expands and/or assists my company
  • Upselling significantly
  • Always neat, concise, and presentable
  • Skilled at determining the unique needs of every individual which navigates me to specific focal selling points
  • The Go-To for questions, concerns and feedback
  • Develop and execute new promotions and advertising techniques
  • Signed over 500 new membership contracts within my first year
  • Generate an impressive influx of sales on a daily basis through merchandise and membership contracts
  • Excellent attention to detail with basic clerical duties such as filing, mail sorting, computer data entry, taking messages, etc.
  • Respect and promote my place of business on and off the clock
Apr 2006Mar 2009

Sales Representative

Max & Ginos
  • Motivated, responsible, ethical employee yearning for success through my on and off duty enthusiasm
  • Ability to maintain a trusting, reliable relationship with my clientele which led to repeat fluid business along with an ever-growing stream of contacts due to recommendations provided by satisfied clients
  • Complete weekly banking deposits and cash out/closing calculations daily
  • Oversee and report on the health and welfare of the business and the employees within it
  • Ordering and receiving shipments as well as executing fast methodical means of stocking the premise
  • Interpreting and delivering merchandise transfers
  • Perfecting and maintaining an inventory system which ensures a stock of necessary items and enabling me to always provide an accurate review on the trends of the clientele
  • Ability to perform physical labor such as assembling and dissembling many aspects of the construction in 4 store locations, as well as building displays and other visual marketing apparatuses
  • Generating and executing mailing lists and promotions to over 5000 clients
  • Compiling marketing and sales strategies on premises
  • Trusted key-holder performing opening and closing procedures regularly
  • Bright personality always representing, supporting and marketing my place of work on in a manner which is respectful and appealing on and off the clock
  • Using myself as a marketing tool in and out of work however possible. For example; appearing as a model in promotions, wearing merchandise, distributing business cards and flyers wherever allowed, and referring to the business in a light which exposes its success and "must see" attributes to new and returning clients
  • Always dedicated and on time, often staying late and coming in earlier than neccesary to tend to the needs of my employer
  • Driven, hardworking, and always looking to network
Sep 2008Feb 2009


Nightlife Metro Group LTD
  • Capable of working in a high volume, busy environment
  • Vast knowledge of wine, champagne, mixed drinks, and many exquisite dishes
  • Always high spirited and satisfying the needs of the customer
  • Willing to take the initiative to get things done
  • Aggressive and personable
  • Trusted employee needed for precise profit and inventory calculations
  • Kept attention to detail, going the extra mile to have a presentable, neat, and cleanly environment
  • Design promotions and event flyers distributed physically as well as through social networking mediums
Sep 2006Dec 2008

Equipment Room Assistant Manager

Nassau Community College Equipment Room
  • Spirited, educated, hardworking and always helpful
  • Assisted Mens Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Track and Basketball team players, as well as Womens Volleyball, Lacrosse and Basketball team players
  • In charge of filing and organizing player cards and information
  • Answering calls, taking messages and carrying out the needs of the Athletic Director
  • Distributing and fitting equipment on players and supplying them with gear and information on safety
  • Executing and being in charge of many successful fundraising events
  • Worked at many of the sporting events in which I was trusted to make certain calls and keep statistics


Jan 2009Present


Hofstra University
  • Full time student excited to graduate with a bachelors degree in the study of Finance
  • Created a 10 week stock portfolio and analysis documented weekly with the utilization of spreadsheets. Wrote intensive literature on my means of research in order to simulate a $100,000 investment in particular stocks
  • Began investing personally through the purchase of stocks
  • Enrolled in various Information Technology courses electively to expand my computer skill
Sep 2006Dec 2008


Nassau Community College
  • Starting player on Womens Volleyball, Lacrosse, and Bowling teams
  • Achieved 1st Team All-Region award in Womens Volleyball
  • Selected for the exclusive honor "Who's Who Among Students" award each year
  • Participant in the "Haraya Charity Fashion Show"
  • Worked at NCC sporting events, equipment room, and other various fundraising events
Sep 2002Jun 2006

High School Diploma

Oceanside High School
  • Participant in "Student Round Table" where students met with the Principal to make suggestions that would better the school and the success of its students
  • Member of "Natural Helpers," an exclusive group of students which were voted upon to be the most trusted and reliable in the High School. We went on many retreats which educated us in human relations, communication skills, world issues, and met weekly to train ourselves and exercise important human interaction and relationship skills
  • Starting team member in Womens Volleyball, Lacrosse, and Track & Field
  • Member of the AIDS Awareness club, and SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) where we organized informational assemblies and flyers


Since a young age, I have been involved in sports recreationally, and at Middle School, High School, and College levels. The following is a list of athletic activities that I know most intimately from playing experience:   Volleyball (Grades 7-12, College - 2 yrs, Recreational - 8+ yrs)  Lacrosse (Grades 7-10, College - 2 yrs) Bowling (College - 2 yrs, Recreational - 8+ yrs) Golfing (Recreational -  3+ yrs) Snowboarding (Recreational - 8+ yrs) Personal Training (Recreational 2+ yrs)
I received my bartending license at All Star Bartending school at the Medford, NY location in 2008. I became educated specifically in   Drink Glassware Mixing Cocktails Beer, Wine & Champagne Bar setup Speed and efficiency Safety Attention to detail
Baking and Cooking
I have always enjoyed baking and cooking as a hobby and for the pleasure of friends and family. After I began getting offered paid jobs to cook and bake for events and parties, thats when I decided to start "The Cupcake Engineer," which is my at home cooking and baking service. I particularly specialize in (but I am not limited to) personalized cupcakes for holidays and special events, such as weddings, engagement parties, charities, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, and many more. A sampling of the many different types of cupcakes which I design are:   Themed Flavored Ice cream filled "Cup-cheesecakes" or Mini cheesecakes  Cupcake tiers, trees, and towers in place of the traditional cake Bite sized cupcakes Giant cupcakes (serves approximately 15)
I was elected to be a Natural Helper by an anonymous survey by my classmates. The Natural Helpers program is an organization that was created on the premise that students will go to certain friends for help and advice. Once I became identified as a "Natural Helper," I was then sent on a retreat where I was well trained and practiced exercises to better myself and address the following critical skills:   Listening and communication  Work well with others in a team  Know when someone needs help  How to address an upset person  Calm a hostile situation Speaking in a clear specific way Asking questions when something in unclear Gathering information that is needed before decision making Persuasion techniques  
Computer and Typing
I have taken several IT courses at Hofstra University to educate myself with the very useful computer skills needed to excel in our technologically advancing world.     Acquainted with many of Apple and Microsoft's operating systems  Comfortable with using programs such as; Adobe Photoshop, Open Office, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint I have built appropriate computer networks for Hofstra University, at home, and can construct a network appropriate for any given business or home location Approximate average typing speed of 70 words per minute after errors