Christophe Pennetier

Christophe Pennetier

Strengths & Objectives

5 "signature" strengths...:

  • Creativity, Ingenuity & Originality
  • Love of Learning
  • Humor
  • Industry, Diligence & Perseverence
  • Perspective (Wisdom) attain 5 objectives:

  • Innovate
  • Solve problems
  • Change status quo
  • Shape the world
  • Be authentic


I...Obtained 3 major degreesWorked in 4 different countriesWorked with 192 different nationalitiesDesigned 5 projects for NASA's Jet Propulsion LaboratoryOrganized 10 big events for the World Health OrganizationWorked for 2 banks and 1 consulting firm

Set up 2 consultancies in management consulting and design

Taught in 3 grad schoolsChanged the life of more than 100 peopleCreated 3 newspapersWrote 2 booksRan 400 meters...And am 1 of a kind to be creative, have an impact, change lives, change organizations and change the world.

Work History

Work History
Jul 2009 - Present

Founder & Management Consultant

Pennetier & Partners

Pennetier & Partners is the Management Consulting branch of my activity.

Sometimes clients are under pressure and overwhelmed by the huge amount of information and inputs they need to process. They have an important strategic issue, they need to take serious decisions, or they want to see the big picture of their situation. That is when they call me to help them transform their problems into opportunities.

My work as a management consultant is driven by 3 pillars:

  • Adding value
  • Ethics
  • Trust & Confidentiality

"Change lives. Change organizations, Change the world. "

Jul 2009 - Present

Founder & Business Designer

Pennetier Design

Being a designer means being a "whole brain" mixing analysis and creativity.

It means also being able to not only predict the future, but also to have a hand in shaping it as well.

Pennetier Design focuses on growth and on making the lives of users easier and more enjoyable. The firm has:

  • Designed products, services and consumer experiences
  • Optimized processes
  • Shaped branding strategies
  • Built simple and winning strategies for complex problems
  • Engaged end users through ethnologies

"Fail early and often, to succeed sooner and better"

Sep 2010 - Present

Consulting Associate Professor & Industry Coach

CPI (Centrale Paris, ESSEC, Strate College)

Created by a Stanford GSB alumnus and inspired by the Stanford, the CPI program ("Création d'un Produit Innovant", meaning Creating an Innovative Product) gathers three of the best French graduate schools:

  • Centrale Paris for engineering
  • ESSEC for business
  • Strate College for design

Students get their hands dirty on real and ambitious projects given by leading multinational firms and apply processes like Open Innovation and Design Thinking.

As a Consulting Associate Professor and Industry Coach, I lead 4 groups through the secrets and mysteries of innovation and design. I also learn them how to work in teams and to manage a project. Last but not least, not only I try to stimulate their creativity but also I teach them the political aspect of projects and firms.

Jun 2008 - Sep 2008

Business Development Intern and Assistant to the CEO

Left Bank
  • Developed the business plan of a new Left Bank brasserie in Walnut Creek: $1.5m of equity, $5m projected sales
    • Conducted market research
    • Evaluated competition
    • Analyzed demographic information 
    • Built financial models and 5-year projections of operations
  • Prepared lease negotiation
  • Reviewed operations by interacting with management, authorities, designers and architects to support the chain strategic development
Jun 2005 - Apr 2007


KPDP consulting
  • Won and sold 5 projects to Crédit Agricole’s financial and risk departments, revenue: $801,000
  • Designed, developed and presented Risk Management solutions and Basel II reporting tool for leading French banks
  • Hired 5 junior consultants
  • Designed and implemented training program for 20 consultants covering structured finance, regulatory issues (Basel II), consolidation
  •  Led KPDP’s communication strategy: founded and edited firm's monthly newsletter
Jul 2004 - Mar 2005

Junior Banking Analyst

Natexis Banques Populaires
  • Designed financial analysis tools: DCF, swap, multi-seniority loans, specific tax issues, syndication, risk management (country, corporate, asset)
  • Set up two commercial deals: two cargos for Lan Chile ($65m), two A319 for Easyjet ($50m)
  • Negotiated contracts with software editor ($52k)
  • Prepared (in direct collaboration with the president and the four VPs) the separation of the Aircraft Finance department into an autonomous subsidiary to be presented to the Board
Oct 2002 - Jun 2003

Assistant to the Director of Governance
  • Led teams of 20 trained support staff to follow protocol, and organized major diplomatic events:
    • in charge of planning (credentials, speakers list),
    • in charge of logistics (formal award ceremonies, protocol issues, and guests reception)
  • Facilitated public relations with diplomats and ministers during international negotiation (Avian flu, governmental)
Jun 2001 - Sep 2002

Systems engineer

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)
  • Analyzed financial feasibility of new technologies on missions to collect rock samples on Mars ($2.5b), The Moon ($400m), Venus and Mercury (Manager of cost modeling)
  • Directed and designed the Technology Mass Sensitivity (T-MaS) project
  • Developed model to estimate effects of technology improvements on spacecraft total mass


2007 - 2009


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Global Management Program Certificate Relevant coursework:

  • Marketing & Design: General marketing / Building innovative brands / Consumer behavior 
  • Entrepreneurship: Managing growing enterprises / Formation of new ventures / Global value chain strategies / Social entrepreneurship / Strategic decision making