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Cost-Per-Click Versus Pay-Per-Click Advertising

An innovator in the cost-per-click space, CPC Broker uses advanced technology to deliver high-quality traffic from home-based entrepreneurs. CPC Broker employs email marketing and targets advertiser content directly to individuals looking to build a business at home. In addition, CPC Broker employs professional writers to craft compelling ads to generate quality leads for their clients’ web pages.For businesses looking to boost their online presence, one proven method is investing in cost-per-click (CPC). CPC is a model in which an advertiser pays each time a web user clicks a sponsored ad. In traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, traffic is generated through search engine promotions or website banner ads. As a result, ad placement and keyword selection are crucial to ensuring that high-potential prospects view the ads. By contrast, CPC takes advantage of a prospect clicking a link and leverages that action to convert traffic into sales. To do so, CPC advertising employs high-quality capture pages with compelling graphics and messages. By investing in ad and capture page presentation, home business owners can maximize their return on advertising investment.

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