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Work experience


IBM USA, East Fishkill, NY, USA - (contractor)Jan. 2011 – Aug. 2011

Performance & Capacity Planning -Global Technology Services in GDF - Supporting more than twenty IBM customers

·Monitoring performance and bottlenecks of large mainframes,

·Escalating performance problems, checking key performance index (KPI),

·Updating SAS reports,

·Evaluating capacity requirements

·Evaluating tools for automating performance and capacity reports.

·Using MXG, MICS, RMF, Omegamon, Mainview(MVS, CICS,IMS)

Equifax Canada, Montreal, Canada – Data Management and Reporting

IT Capacity Planner2009-2010

·Forecasted CPU, DASD, VTS, TAPE utilization.

·Worked with the outsourcer for performance and capacity of Mainframe and distributed systems.

·Created monthly reports of systems utilization and cost variations.

Merrill Lynch / Bank of America, Jacksonville, USA - Banking, Investing, Asset Management

IT Capacity Planner (Assistant Vice President)2008 – 2009

·Developed many ad-hoc reports on Performance index and application CPU utilization in a 45,000 MIPS parallel sysplex environment.

·Responsible for monthly updates of many key business indexes and charts, such as memory utilization, response time, business volume, CPU capacity and I/O analysis.

·Used SAS, MICS, MXG, SMF, RMF, EXCEL, and POWER POINT: Hardware IBM z9 2094 and z10 2097.

Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) / A Xerox Company, Dallas, USA - IT Service provider

IT Capacity Planner / Director of Global expansion2003 – 2007

·Built better communication between offshore and onshore IT management.

·Resolved management issues between offshore and onshore.

·Developed Capacity Planning Overview for all WellPoint Mainframes.

·Provided technical assistance for CPU upgrades, LPAR consolidations and workload management.

·Developed mainframe activity reports.

·Evaluated new software solutions and new technology.

·Reviewed performance problems and proposed solutions.

·Identified and resolved resource bottlenecks.

·Provided consulting services to other IT personnel for the WellPoint account.

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Hartford, USA – Insurance and Investment

IT Specialist / Capacity Planner - The Hartford Financial Services Group2001 – 2003

·Developed projections of mainframe capacity and recommended new capacity planning tools.Devised timely hardware upgrade plans.

·Studied utilization of I/O hardware, recommending 50% reductions in channels.

·Developed a system of CPU usage reports, which allowed divisions to plan IT expenditures at the business level.

·Commended by management for developing more than twenty ad-hoc reports using SAS, MXG, and SMF/RMF.

·Evaluated, tested, recommended and used BMC Mainview, Predict and Visualizer.


Charles PadamadanPage Three

GE Capital, Stamford, USA – Financial and Credit Card Services

IT Consultant to GE Capital 1999 - 2001

·Created technical and management reports illustrating outsourcer’s performance weakness. Pinpointed Service Level Agreement (SLA) conflicts and recommended improvement plans. Evaluated and recommended mainframe products and implemented improvement process for NT client/sever applications.

·Led TAPE reduction project which saved more than one million dollars annually.

·Participated in high-level strategic team “Operational Excellence” to devise improvements to mainframe service quality.


Peratech Global Traders Inc., Montreal, Canada

Representing North American and European High-tech Companies in India

General Manager / IT Consultant -1996 – 1999

·Established and managed successful technology Export Company.

·Presented the company to senior management members and discussed the benefits of business partnering.

Canadian National Railways (CN), Montreal, Canada – Transportation / Railway

Project Leader Capacity Planning -1979 – 1996

·Created and maintained short and long-term capacity plans.

·Prepared authorization for expenditure and requests for quotations. Evaluated proposals from vendors. Recommended cost effective hardware upgrade plans and selection of service providers for disaster recovery site.

·Estimated hardware requirements for new IT projects.

·Produced management and user reports.

·Established capacity planning methodologies for UNIX systems. Conducted user surveys and interviews.

·Established service level agreements with users.

·Provided advanced technical support to on-line control centers, computer operations and systems developments. Initiated and established a charge-back and reporting system.


Prior to 1979:

Canadian Postal Department - Software Consultant

Reader’s Digest of Canada - Analyst/Programmer

Canadian Aviation Electronics, Ltd. - Analyst Programmer


M.Sc. in Computer Science

University of Louisiana

M.Sc. in Mathematics

University of Kerala (India)

B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics

University of Kerala (India)

Successfully completed numerous continuing education programs

Jan 2011Aug 2011

IT Consultant




Univ. of Louisiana, USA


M.Sc. in Computer Science

University of Louisiana

M.Sc. in Mathematics

University of Kerala (India)

B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics

University of Kerala (India)

Successfully completed numerous continuing education programs


Capacity Managemnet
SENIOR IT PERFORMANCE AND CAPACITY PLANNING SPECIALIST Results-driven IT professional with significant achievements in evaluating software and hardware configurations and requirements in mainframe, UNIX and NT environments.  Extensive experience in monitoring performance and Service Level Agreements.  Skilled in evaluating business requirements and determining cost- effective software and hardware solutions.  Expertise includes: ·        Feasibility studies ·        Vendor management ·        Requests for proposal (RFP) preparation ·        Resolve offshore management issues ·        Cross-functional Project Management ·        Negotiations ·        Evaluate quotations from software vendors ·        Evaluate proposals ·        Support account team SBU manager ·        Economic analysis of software projects REPRESENTATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS   Initiated and Maintained periodical and ad-hoc reports on system capacity, utilization and performance at Merrill Lynch, Affiliated Computer Services, The Hartford Insurance, GE Capital and Canadian National Railways.   Maintained monthly key volume and business indicators as well as enhanced the computer systems by identifying additional business drivers at Merrill Lynch / Bank of America. Managed a team of five capacity planning professionals at the Canadian National Railways and ten onshore and offshore employees for Peratech Global Traders Inc. Resolved communication issues between offshore and onshore management at ACS. Helped to move more work to offshore. Result: created better understanding of both cultures and increased offshore work.  Forecasted IT capacity requirements and produced short and long term Capacity plans. Recommended ways to reduce VTS and DASD cost at Equifax Canada and GE Capital  Led a major revision to The Hartford’s capacity plan and reporting methodology.  Result: developed enhanced upgrade plans and greater understanding of system usage and bottlenecks. Initiated and maintained a user service level agreement for internal customers at the Canadian National Railways (CN).  Result: created a better relationship between IT service provider and users. Evaluated and recommended software for the Mainframe and Network operations Result: Increased the efficiency of the IT operations. Evaluated the actual computer resources needed at CN computer disaster site, and initiated recommendation to change the vendor. Result: gained CPU capacity while saving 30% in cost. Initiated and completed an analysis of the CN computer communication network capacity and future requirements, and made recommendations. Result: upgraded network in time to provide required network capacity for CN IT service. Created an innovative software diagram to identify modules that failed during the testing of the Canadian Postal Department’s Major Area Postal Plant System.  Result:  efficient monitoring of a vendor’s software development project and early identification and correction of potential problems.                                                                                                                 Continu