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Work experience


Heartland Swim Association

Summer League Swim Coach for Heartland Association 

Interests and Community Service


A philanthropic organization of mothers and daughters dedicated to volunteering their time and resources to San Diego County charities. We volunteer for over 26 local base San Diego charities and give over 100 hours of our time each year. SPRITES has had a huge impact on my life as a whole because I've been able to see first hand that some people are less fortunate than I am, yet they still make the best of life and are one of the happiest people I've ever met. SPRITES has shown me that even though you may not have a lot, that doesn't mean you can't be happy and make the best out of life. SPRITES has changed my whole perspective on life and has forever changed me into the person I am today. 

Camp Reach for the Sky: 

Over the summer I volunteered over 70 hours during a week long camp as a counselor. Camp Reach for the Sky is run by the The Seany Foundation that gives a chance for cancers kids and their siblings to feel normal. Camp is a magical place where kids dealing with the stress of cancer can go to hang out and connect with other kids who truly understand what they are going through. I could never put into words how impacting this camp was to me. I was fortunate enough to devote so much of my time to kids who truly deserve and need it. I was able to develop relationships with cancer patients and although I may not know what it is like to have cancer, at least I could help them forget for a little bit what it's like to have this ongoing disease. I've never been through such a life changing experience and Camp Reach for the Sky showed me how blessed I am to be a healthy human being. 

Saint Luke's Church

I volunteer my time at church retreats in making a difference for my community and church. I also volunteer my time over summer for a couple weeks to help with bible camp for younger children. I love volunteering with my church because not only does it get me closer to God but I'm able to give my time back to something I love and cherish and share it with others.


Assembly is a dance that happens 3 times a year. I was chosen along with 20 other people to represent my school district. At the dance, we mingle around with people from other school districts and it is a good chance to meet and interact with new people.  


I love adventuring and exploring new places. I always make sure to bring my camera so I can capture the perfect moments in life. I love to travel with my camera and I never miss an opportunity to snap a picture.


I love to travel to all places. I love seeing the different cultures and lifestyles around the world. Some of my favorite places that I travel too are the U.S Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Hawaii, my cabin in Mt. Whitney, and Alaska.

Junior Lifeguard:

Over the summer over a course of a month and a half, I train to be a lifeguard at my local beach. I love junior lifeguard because it has taught me the essence of beach safety and brought up my confidence all around.

Extra-Curricular Activities



Water Polo



2011- Most Improved 




2012- Varsity All-League, Grossmont Hills All-League First Team CIF participation, holds the 200 medley relay record for Valhalla

2013-Varsity All-League, Grossmont Hills All-League First Team, CIF participation, Most Improved Athlete

2014- Varsity All-League, Grossmont Hills All-League First Team, CIF participation

2015- Varsity All-League, Grossmont Hills All-League First Team, CIF participation, Varsity Team Captain

Student Body Government

2013-14 Members at Large (Festivities)

2014-15- Senior Class Secretary 

School Clubs:

Founder and President of Valhalla Girls Give Back. Valhalla Girls Give back is a club where girls from Valhalla devote their time to women who have been abused or are in need of help. 

Treasurer of Adventure Club.  Adventure Club is a club where we seek hidden spots of San Diego and hike in new territories around our community. 

Certificate of Recognition

I received a certificate from the Senator of California, Joel Anderson, in honor of my outstanding dedication of time and resources to San Diego charities through the Sprites of East County.


Valhalla High School

12 Grade: 

AP Literature, AP Government/Economics, AP Statistics, Physics, Student Government 

11th Grade:

AP Language, AP U.S History, Honors 5/6 Spanish, Pre-Cal, Student Government 

10th Grade:

World History, English, Algebra II, Chemistry, Spanish 3/4, Environmental Design 

9th Grade:

Pre-AP World History, Honors English, Geometry, Biology, Spanish 1/2, P.E

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Lifeguard Certification