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Training and Consulting
Training and consulting is a transferable skill that has many characteristics: teach, advise, coach, empower, conduct needs assessments, use a variety of media for presentation, develop educational curriculum and materials, create and administer evaluations plan, facilitate a group, explain difficult ideas, complex topics, and assess learning styles
Counseling and Serving
Counseling and serving is a transferable skill that has many characteristics: counsel , advise , consult , guide others, care for and serve people, demonstrate empathy, sensitivity , patience , help people make their own decisions, help others improve health and welfare, coach, guide , encourage individual to achieve goals, mediate peace between conflicting parties, knowledge of self-help theories , and facilitate self-awareness in others.
Planning and organizing
Planning and organizing is a transferable skill that has many characteristics: identify and organize information, coordinate people, activities and details, developed a plan and set objectives, set up and keep time schedules, anticipate problems and respond with solutions, develop realistic goals and attain them, arrange correct sequence of information and actions, create guidelines for implementing an action, create efficient systems, follow through and ensure completion of a task.
Verbal communication
Verbal communication is a transferable skill that has many characteristics: involves participating in group discussions, debating ideas with others, persuading others to a certain point of view, handle complaints, interview people to obtain information, express opinions without offending and speaking well in public appearances. Verbal communication is something that is very important when working with other people especially if you are trying to educate or counsel people when it comes to nutrition.

Work experience

Sales Associate

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Apr 2012Present

Check out coach

Martins Grocery Store
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Jun 2011Mar 2012

Dietary Aid

Epworth Manor
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Aug 2010Present

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

Indiana University of Pennsylvania