Courtney Perry

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Courtney  Perry

New Brunswick and Ontario Certified Teacher


Aug 2011 - Jun 2012

Bachelor of Secondary Education

St. Thomas University

New Brunswick and Ontario Certified Teacher.

Sep 2007 - Apr 2011

Bachelor of Arts 

St. Thomas University 

Bachelor of Arts: Major in English, Concentration in Drama and Fine Arts. 

Employment History  

Work experience
Dec 2012 - Present

Principal and Regional Coordinator Fredericton, NB

Kidsing Performance School 
  • Develop curriculum and lesson plans. 
  • Hire and supervise staff.
  • Organize and plan concerts and promotional events.
  • Organize school tours and community events.
  • Distribute marketing and promotional planning.
  • Plan, organize and teach musical theatre and acting classes for youth ages 5 and up with a focus on building creativity and confidence in a fun and safe learning environment.
Dec 2012 - Jul 2015


Anglophone West School District 
  • Completed long-term supply contracts teaching: English, Music, Journalism120, Child Studies, Family Dynamics, Co-op, Personal Development and Career Explorations at Cambridge Narrows Community School and Oromocto High School. 
  • Developed creative lesson plans based on provincial curriculum and learning objectives.
  • Supply taught in guidance and resource settings at high school level.
  • Prepared, administered and corrected tests and exams.
  • Evaluated students using formative and summative assessments.
  • Worked with students with autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, attention-deficit and disruptive behaviour disorders.
  • Delivered lesson plans using differentiated instruction strategies.   
  • Communicated and collaborated with teachers, administrators, parents, and community members to promote inclusion and build positive rapport in the school community. 
  •  Created a positive, inclusive and safe learning environment for all students while reinforcing positive classroom behaviour.
  • Integrated effective use of information technology into my daily classroom routine.
  •  Worked as a team member, attended and actively participated in professional development, staff meetings, school service team meetings, school improvement plan meetings, and parent meetings.
Sep 2015 - Mar 2015

After School Site Supervisor 

360 Kids
  • Encouraged active and healthy lifestyles among kids in both mind and body. 
  • Prepared lessons that teach healthy living and life-skills to students in grades six to eight. 
  • Facilitated various activities that promote physical activity, healthy eating, nutrition and positive personal development.
Jan 2015 - Mar 2015

Youth Outreach Worker 

360 Kids
  • Connected with street-involved youth ages 13-24 and referred them to support services in their community based on their individual needs.
  • Delivered educational presentations to community services to teach about our program.
  • Participated in service development and community development activities.
  • Completed report writing in the form of logs and database entry. 
Oct 2009 - Jul 2013

Youth Care Worker: Fredericton, NB. 

Fredericton Residential Youth Services 
  • Provided care, support and guidance to at-risk youth within a safe, nurturing, and protective environment.                                                                                      
  • Worked with youth experiencing social, behavioural and/or legal difficulties.                                       
  • Created behaviour incentive and safety plans. 
  • Worked and counselled youth  diagnosed with complex mental health issues.
Sep 2012 - Dec 2012

School Intervention Worker: Oromocto, NB.

Anglophone West School District 
  • Provided direct support to students and parents through various strategies and activities aimed at assisting  students who have specific behavioural, social or emotional concerns.                                                                                                        
  • Assessed, designed and implement behavioural supports and interventions. 
  • Facilitated workshops to teach students skills to integrate back into the classroom
  • Created community support plans for students with drug and alcohol addictions. 

Jun 2008 - Aug 2011

Community Outreach Programmer Summer Student: Fredericton, NB.

Fredericton Regional Family Resource Centre
  • Created summer programming  and organized educational workshops for at-risk youth.
  • Created sustainable programs for youth to attend in their community that focused on teaching: art, nutrition, music, sports, reading and writing.                        
  • Developed community partnerships and funding for programming. 

Volunteer and Community Work

  • Cambridge-Narrows Drama Program: Spring 2015                                                                                                                                  
  • Cambridge-Narrows School Glee Club: Spring 2015           
  • Raising the Roof Toque Campaign: Winter 2015            
  • Project Smile - School supplies for youth in the Philippines: Fall 2014- Fall 2015                                                                  
  • Oromocto High School Drama Program: Fall 2012-Spring 2014                                                                             
  • Oromocto High School Me To We Committee: Fall 2014- Spring 2015                                                                                   
  • Oromocto High School Student Impact Committee: Fall 2014-Spring 2015
  • United Way Community Food Smart: Winter 2014
  • Turn It Loose Assistant Event Co-ordinator: Spring 2013- Spring 2015                                                                                                                           

Professional Development

  • High Five Teacher Training.
  • Marcia L. Tate: Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites, Learning Strategies That Engage The Brain.                                                                                                                                             
  • Debbie Silver: The Art and Heart of Teaching - Engaging All Learners In The Classroom.                                              
  • Blair Abbass: Mindfulness in the Classroom.
  • Wild Education: Teacher Workshop: Helping New Brunswick’s children re-connect with nature by developing creative ways to integrate nature into the teaching of all subjects through the development of outdoor learning .                                           
  • NonViolent Crisis Intervention and Violent Risk Assessment Training.
  • Charlie Applestein: No Such Thing As a Bad Kid: The Power of a Strength-Based Approach in Reshaping the Lives of At-Risk Children and Youth and  No Such Thing As a Bad Kid: Key Strength-Based Principles and Techniques for Understanding and Responding to Children, Youth, and Families Struggling with Emotional and Behavioural Challenges.


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