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Language Summary



Bilingual: English and Afrikaans

Personal Summary

I view myself to be a person with many positive facets which can be used to great benefit for my future endeavours. I am a hardworking person and very ambitious. I love learning new things. I have a caring nature and socialise with my peers and anyone I get into contact with. I have the ability to work individually as well as in a team. I am a dedicated person and will complete a task to the best of my abilities. Currently, I am a Marketing Student at the Polytechnic of Namibia.



Delta Secondary School 2008-2012

Field of Study                                 Science Field

Subjects and Levels:

English Higher Level - 3

German Foreign Language Ordinary Level - C

Biology Ordinary Level - C

Mathematics Extended (Ordinary) - C

Business Studies Ordinary - D

Physical Science Ordinary - C

Institution                          : Polytechnic of Namibia

Enrolled                                           : 2013

Programme                                    : Bachelor of Marketing

Duration                                           : 3 Years

Qualification                                    : Degree Course (Final Year 2015)

Subjects Completed                         : 1st and 2nd Year


Personal information

Surname : Kloppers

Name : Courtney

ID Number : 94080400462

License : Code B

DOB: 04 August 1994

POB : Namibai,Windhoek

Gender : Female

Marital status : Single

Nationality : Namibian

Home Address : Hochland Park, Tauben Str. Erf 1597

Postal address : P.O.Box 10584 Khomasdal

E-Mail Address : [email protected]

Cell : 081-318 3959

Work experience

Career Experience

Knock Out

In terms of Marketing, the experience I possess is from tertiary education.

As for other work experience that I have acquired is from working at a company known as Knock Out Drawing and Printing. I have been assisting for more than 3years now.





Mr. H.A. Kloppers

Owner of Knockout Drawing and Printing

081 272 5735


Abilities and Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Socialising Skills
  • I can work under pressure
  • Adaptability
  • I learn fast
  • Dedicated
  • I am professional