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Course Hero

Course Hero provides a suite of study resources to supplement college courses and help students learn more effectively. Whether a student wants to become an expert in macroeconomics or is interested in exploring more about Abstract Expressionism, Course Hero connects learners with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Unlike traditional study aids, Course Hero is available any time, anywhere to help students get where they want to be in their classes. Every month, millions of students turn to Course Hero, and 93% of our users report maintaining or improving their grades--all for less than the cost of a textbook.


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A leader in education technology, Course Hero has developed an extensive database of online resources to improve the learning process. Andrew Grauer, Course Hero co-founder and CEO, first developed the site with college students in mind. However, he envisions Course Hero as being a new modality in student learning and plans to eventually offer dynamic content enhanced with game mechanics and assessment tools. Grauer’s commitment to improving education at all levels has garnered recognition from Bloomberg Businessweek, where he was named a finalist for America’s Best Young Entrepreneur. Course Hero currently offers an array of learning resources to supplement college courses and help students to learn more effectively. Most recently, Course Hero released an online database of interactive flashcards that can be edited and augmented by users to meet their unique learning needs. Users who open a free account with the company can also take advantage of Optimal Learn, a program that allows students to create study sessions to learn material by a specific deadline. Appealing to high schoolers as well as graduate students, Flashcards also marks the company’s first foray outside of the college demographic. Many of the services offered by Course Hero are absolutely free to all users, while others are available to Premier members only. To that end, Premier members gain access to more than 7 million user-submitted study materials from more than 4,000 universities, allowing students to enhance their knowledge of virtually any subject. Premier members who need additional assistance can take advantage of Course Hero’s around-the-clock tutoring for free. To emphasize its commitment to philanthropy and international education, Course Hero founded the Knowledge Drive in partnership with the nonprofit Books for Africa in November 2010. The company pledges one book for every 10 documents uploaded to the site and an additional book for each Premier subscription. In 2012, Course Hero completed its first donation of more than 44,000 books to Africa through the Knowledge Drive.