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Jun 2004Present

Helping hand on the farm

Ching Farms Inc., Castlewood, SD

Assisting my father on the farm with anything he needs done. I am basically his little chipmunk that does everything he asked. This helps me as I would work independently, and follow orders. Also, I know how to work, and not slack off on the job. I have always showed up on time, and not complained about any of my duties. Also, we don't have most holidays off. So if you need me on holidays, it would be nothing new.

Dec 2012Feb 2017

Castlewood HS Basketball Team; Castlewood, SD 

Castlewood Warriors

Play on both varsity and JV. Work my tail off in practice. I got pulled up as an 8th grader to play on JV. This also shows that I work very hard. I can also work with a team, and not get frustrated.

Aug 2013Nov 2016

Castlewood HS Football Team; Castlewood, SD

Castlewood Warriors

Play on both sides of the ball for the Castlewood Football Team. I also started varsity each year I have played. I earned DVC all conference as a Sophomore. This helps me on being a tough guy. I can work until I pass out. You can tell I am also respected by the coaches by my DVC all conference award. 


Aug 2013May 2017

High School Diploma (Anticipated 05/2017)

Castlewood High School

GPA: 3.5

Course Work: Geometry (1 credit), Biology (1 credit), Geography (1 credit), Algebra 1 (1 credit), Spanish 1 (1 credit), English Comp 1(1 credit).

Aug 2014May 2015

Animal & Plant Science

NTHS, Watertown, SD

In this class I learned all there is to know about Animals, and Plants. Knowing what weeds get killed with what chemicals would help me with this job.


Team work
I can work with other individuals, and not get over-heated when they have an idea. This helps when I have to work with another person on the job.
Time managment
I am on time most of the time. I usually am not tardy on the days I work on the farm. This helps because I wont be late to the job, and won't work to my least potential.
I can fix almost anything. Need a little more work, but I can give it a shot. This will help if anything breaks down on the job I can fix it. 
I know that if something is wrong I would know what to do, or just shut the item down. Also, I know how to treat the ground when I get assigned ground maintenance. 
Running machinery
I can run heavy machinery, to small hand tools. This will help me in fixing/ building tables/ chairs. Also, in running the lawn mower, or any other machinery you ask me to run.
I am very built because of the work I have put in in the weight room. I lift almost every other day. This will assist in moving heavy equipment or just raising heavy items. 


Barry Jacobsen

Castlewood Warrior Basketball Coach. History teacher.                                                                     310 East Harry St.                                                                                                                                         605-881-5027

Kyle Kooima

Science teacher at Castlewood High School. Assistant on Castlewood football team.         310 East Harry St.                                                                                                                                               605-884-6303

Doug Ruesink

Castlewood High School Head Football Coach.                                                                                   310 East Harry St.                                                                                                                                                605-881-7800