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Cory Whalen

Vice Principal EW Pratt High School


To obtain employment as a Vice Principal in Wild Rose School Division at Caroline school.  

Leadership Experience

- Vice Principal, E.W. Pratt High School (2014-2015) 

- Vice Principal in Training, Joussard School (2013-2014)

- C.A.P PD - Curriculum, Assessment and Pyramid of Intervention (2013-2015)

H.P.S.D. has had a focus on quality instruction for the past two years.  The vice principals have participated in half day PD sessions throughout each year to build our understanding of best best practices in this area.  We are building a foundation that we use in frequent classroom walk-throughs and coaching conversations with teachers.

- HPSD #48 Strategic Planning Retreats (2012,2013,2015)

I was immersed in a collaborative process of identifying issues based on school data, developing and researching strategies targeted specifically at improving our student success, and facilitating innovative change.

- HPSD #48 Spring Inclusion Conference session facilitator (2013)

I facilitated two sessions for HPSD #48 teachers on the topic of classroom webpages.

- NRLC Coaching Cohort book study organizer/facilitator (2013)

I initiated and facilitated the delivery of a Literacy based book study via Black Board Collaborate.

- NRLC Coaching Cohort session facilitator (2012)

I collaborated with a colleague to prepare and facilitate a half day session on coaching best practices as well as setting a direction for the coaching cohort.

- Best Instructional Practice Research Group (2012-2013)

We analysed current research and determined a strategy to improve HPSD #48 student achievement and developed an action plan for implementation of the strategies. 

- Professional Development creation and delivery  (2011-2013)

As Educational Technology Support Coach for HPSD #48 I was responsible for the creation and delivery of multiple professional development sessions for teachers which were delivered face to face, via Blackboard Collaborate or Video Conference.

- Bring Your Own Device Research Committee (2012-2013)

I researched current best practices and collaboratively developed an implementation framework for HPSD #48.

- HPSD #48 Divisional Website Support Team (2012-2013)

I collaboratively planned and implemented website deployment and training to all HPSD #48 professional staff.  

- HPSD #48 Divisional PD Committee Secretary (2011-2013)

I acted as secretary for the committee; recording and organizing minutes and posting them for public access.

- Community Planning Session Facilitator (2012)

I facilitated sessions with parents, students, and staff discussing means of improving their schools.

- Science Department Chair (2009&2011)

I managed the budget, ordered supplies, and chaired the professional learning community.

- Science Fair Organizer (2009-2011)

I planned and organized the local science fairs in collaboration with a colleague.  


Brenda Stafford

Assistant Superintendent Human Resources, H.P.S.D. #48                    


Jamie Babcock

Principal, E.W. Pratt School, H.P.S.D. #48


Heather Caudron

Principal, Joussard School, H.P.S.D. #48


Treva Emter

Supervisor of Instruction,           H.P.S.D. #48


Jocelyn Hyde

Vice Principal, Prairie River Jr. High, H.P.S.D. #48     


Work experience

Sep 2013Jun 2014

Vice Principal in Training and Grade One Teacher 

Joussard School, High Prairie School Division #48

My duties included conducting parent meetings, student discipline, EA evaluations, teacher support and coaching, leading of a 1:1 technology implementation, teacher supervision, facilitating PD, budgeting, and day to day operation of the school.

My teaching assignment was half time grade one.  The subjects I taught were math, science, social, health, fine arts and physical education.  Throughout all the subjects I maintained a focus on literacy. 

Supporting Document

Evaluation by Assistant Superintendent 2014

Aug 2011Jun 2013

Educational Technology Support Coach

High Prairie School Division #48

My role as a divisional coach was to work with teachers to build their capacity for implementing technology into their pedagogy.  I worked with teachers one on one, in small groups and in large groups to provide them with training and coaching to achieve this goal.  I attended professional development on a regular basis and read current literature on best practices in education. In this role I also worked collaboratively with four other divisional coaches to develop and deliver professional development based on educational best practices.  Listed below are other main areas of focus.

- Integration of ICT curriculum- Promote/Support use of innovative technologies  (Web 2.0 iPads, Google Docs, Diigo, Blogs)- Promote/Support best practices through technology (Routines using music, assessment with SMART   Response, use of video and interactives)         - Maintain sites for resource sharing (Moodle, Website, Diigo, Facebook, Twitter)- Support/Promote assistive technologies – Read and Write Gold, iPads)

Sep 2008Jun 2011

Jr. High Teacher with Science Focus

Prairie River Jr. High, High Prairie School Division #48

My teaching assignment at Prairie River included grades seven to nine science, physical education,  mathematics tutorial and a variety of option classes. I was extensively involved in organizing curricular based field trips, honours trips, and extra-curricular trips  throughout my three years at Prairie River.  Each year I also organized a local science fair and took students to a regional science fair in Fairview.   

Supporting Documents

Evaluation by Principal 2011

Evaluation by Principal 2009

Evaluation by Assistant Superintendent 2008

Official Observation Follow-Up Report 2008

Science Fair Letter of Commendation 

Sep 2007Jun 2008

Jr. High Teacher with P.E. and Science Focus

Roloand Michener Secondary School, High Prairie School Division #48
During my year at Roland Michener Secondary School, I taught grades eight and nine science, grades seven and eight P.E. and a grade nine health class.  I was also involved in organizing a local grade 8 science fair, taking  students to a regional science fair and supervising a grade nine ski trip to Jasper.

Supporting Documents

Evaluation by Principal at Large 2008

Official Observation Follow-Up 2007

May 2007Jun 2007

Jr./Sr. High Teacher

Holy Family Catholic School Division
I completed a two month temporary teaching term at St. Francis in which I taught grades seven to ten  mathematics, social and options.  This was a unique experience, in which I worked with between four and  eight students with very troubled backgrounds, who were all on individual program plans. 
Jun 2006Aug 2006

Roguing Supervisor

Pioneer Hybrid Production LTD
I was responsible for transporting and supervising a crew of fifteen employees, working in canola fields. 
May 2001Aug 2005

Field Operator


During this time period I worked as a field operator May to August each year.

Volunteer Experience


- Hunters Education Instructor (2013-2014) I taught the Hunters Education program to grades 5-6 at Joussard school.

- Science Fair Judge (2012 and 2013) I judged local science fairs in High Prairie and Donnelly 

- Community Breakfast in Slave Lake Volunteer (2012) 

- Arts and Science Day in Slave Lake Volunteer (2012) 

- Teachers Teaching Teachers (2009 and 2010):  I provided new teachers to High Prairie School Division with information and resources for starting a new teaching year. 

- Rocky Mountain House Search and Rescue (2001).


E.W. Pratt High School

  • Archery Coach                                                                                                          February-April 2015
  • JV boys basketball team                                                                                         2014-2015 Season

Joussard School

  • Grade 3-6 Archery Team                                                                September 2013- January 2014

Prairie River Jr. High:                                                                                                     

  • Grade 7-9 boys basketball team                                                                        2009-2011 Seasons

Roland Michener Secondary School, Slave Lake:

  • Grade 10-12 girls basketball                                                            November 2007 – March 2008
  • Grade 10-12 boys golf                                                                                                  September 2007

E.W. Pratt High School, High Prairie: November                                                  

  • Grade 10-12 girls basketball                                                                                  2006 – March 2007

 Prairie River Jr. High, High Prairie:                                                                    

  • Grade 8-9 Badminton                                                                                    March 2007 – April 2007

Father Leonard Van Tighem Catholic School, Lethbridge.  

  • Grade 7 girls Basketball                                                                                      November 2005 – February 2006
  • Grade 7 boys Volleyball                                                           September 2005 – November 2005
  • Grade 7 boys Badminton                                                                             March 2005 – April 2005

 Matthew Halton High School, Pincher Creek.                                                    

  • Grade 7-9 boys Basketball                                                       November 2004 – December 2006


Sep 2001Apr 2006

Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science

University of Lethbridge

I completed four teaching internships during my degree:                                                                                                    

Ed 2500:    Grade five, all subjects (60 hrs). 

Professional Semester 1: Grade seven, science, L.A., math, P.E. and art and grade ten P.E. (125 hrs).

Professional Semester 2: Grade five, all subjects (150 hrs).

Professional Semester 3: Grade seven science and health and grade eight science (16 weeks).

Feb 1999Jun 1999

Green Certificate

Olds College

Cow/Calf Production Techniques


May 2013Present

Cognitive Coaching

Center for Cognitive Coaching
Dec 2012Present

Coaching for Peak Performance

Hugh Phillips
Jul 2010Present

Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Certificate

Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association
Jul 2010Present

Alberta Fishing Education Instructors Certificate

Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association
Jun 2007Present

National Coaching Certification Theory Level 1

National Coaching Certification Program
Jun 2006Present

A.M.A. Collision Avoidance Coarse

Alberta Motors Association
May 2004Present

Collision Avoidance Training Level 1

Safety in Motion Inc.

Fundamentals of Search and Rescue

Rocky Mountain House Search and Rescue
Jul 2001Present

Service Best

Service Best

Personal Achievements

- Successful completion of Emperor's Challenge half marathon 2012

- Hiking of West Coast Trails 2005 


Thank you for your consideration.