Since its founding in 2008, Corvus Watch Company has established itself as the premier maker of authentic military wristwatches. The people at Corvus Watch Company have closely studied the designs of hundreds upon hundreds of watches, singling out the very best. But Corvus Watch Company doesn’t create exact reproductions of these watches. Instead, Corvus marries classic design with modern technology, resulting in a watch that captures the best of both. This innovative concept allows watch wearers to show off vintage style while taking advantage of the latest advances in cutting-edge watchmaking.The Bradley Dive Watch is a perfect example of how Corvus Watch Company resurrects a classic design and infuses it with the newest developments in optics and metallurgy. The Bradley Dive Watch is adapted from two mid-20th-century U.S. Navy diving watches, the Bulova UDT prototype and the Tornek-Rayville TR-900. While honoring those legendary designs, the watch also makes use of the latest in aerospace technology. The Kolsterizing treatment quintuples the hardness of the watch’s stainless steel casing, and Corvus Watch Company’s exclusive Satellite Black coating (formulated for use on satellites) is the toughest coating commercially available.Corvus Watch Company puts just as much care into the making of its watchstraps as it does its watches. Corvus Watch Company offers smooth, soft Shell Cordovan Bond watchstraps and Shell Cordovan NATO watchstraps (in both “Luftwaffe style” and “RAF style”), manufactured in the traditional style by the Horween Leather Company of Chicago. Corvus Watch Company’s Real Bond NATO watchstraps, based on the distinctive strap worn by James Bond in Thunderball and Goldfinger, are manufactured by the same U.K. company that supplies straps to British troops. For the ’60s retro Corvus Mako rubber diving watchstrap, Corvus Watch Company employs the company that originally manufactured the design, Italy’s Bonetto Cinturini.Corvus Watch Company wristwatches are all Swiss made, guaranteeing impressive functionality in addition to durability.

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