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Career-long, results-oriented, senior business development executive in Fortune 200 corporations ... now doing business development in order to assist in bringing prosperity to the people of Middle Tennessee. Possesses three-plus decades of marketing experience with a proven track record of success in marketing and strategic thinking / leadership. Superior business skills at doing things right, but more importantly, doing the right things, thus creating new levels of growth for the organization (or the area).

A politically-savvy, diplomatic, senior marketing executive with outstanding interpersonal and communication skills who knows how the entire system works and is able to navigate the complex boundaries, working with multi-layered networks, achieving high-end results. Provides a non-compromising demeanor when doing deals, always putting personal and organizational integrity above any deal, trying to make certain that God gets the glory instead of Tom getting the glory.


To utilize my business development and networking skills in a project consultant role or board of director member of an organization whereby I may be able to lead and contribute to the overall mission and assist in bringing new levels of growth.


Demonstrating my faith through helping people;  Reading;  Travel;  Mid-Year Sting Rays, Aviation


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Mercedes Jones

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Cindy Hazen

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Work experience

Apr 2013Present

Project Consultant

Tom Tucker Resources, LLC

Performs independent project consulting for the ECD / development / construction sectors of the Middle Tennessee economy.

Jul 2006Apr 2013

Director, Development Svcs Department (Retired)

City of Goodlettsville, Tennessee
  • Use network contacts to foster economic growth and investment ("connect dots") by helping businesses and entrepreneurs connect with markets
  • Recruitment of new businesses
  • Expansion and retention of existing businesses
  • Promote entrepreneurship
  • Identify investors, angels, incubators
  • Analyze strengths / weaknesses of offerings for high-growth ventures, benchmark against rival states, identify opportunities for greater support
  • Create a variety of marketing campaign material for promoting the strengths and successes of our ECD program
  • Work with colleges and universities to identify strengths / weaknesses in the region's current and future workforce needs
  • Work with leaders in Middle Tennessee to establish a College Graduate Retention Program -- curtail the brain drain which is hindering our workforce
  • Work major trade shows / travel on recruiting trips out of state, out of country
  • Participate with numerous ECD, real estate, educational, and industrial councils to strengthen the impact that we have on our respective communities, each focusing on resources on both short-and-long-term priority issues for achieving higher prosperity
  • Work with a variety of organizations in order to connect small businesses with various advocacy groups, which educates them on how to be heard on key economic issues affecting their businesses
  • Serve on several committees for fundraising activities which promote economic development and job retention within Middle Tennessee
  • Speaking engagements at many breakfasts, luncheons, dinners to organizations, schools, etc., all in the name of promoting what we have and making it better
  • Departmental Director over all personnel and functions which includes economic development, building construction codes, planning and zoning.
Dec 1995Jun 2005

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Schlumberger RPS/Tokheim SAS

Led worldwide business development based on emerging technologies for major clients including the world's largest oil companies. Managed 76 personnel throughout 43 countries. Defined budgets, objectives, and implementation strategies for each global product group; set strategic planning in place for all EurAfrica.

  • Worked with the European POS developer, Sataam, resulting in dominance of POS
  • Worked with all European/North African new development into one central unit (France).
  • Expanded additional worldwide sales through creation of online marketing and e-commerce.
  • Negotiated pilot project with Repsol (Spain) for putting pump configurator on line.
  • Orchestrated agreement between Ingenico smart-card group and Schlumberger
  • Negotiated joint venture deal with IBM Corp. to put a web browser on the pump (
  • Negotiated terms with ENRON to run "last mile" connectivity for broadband at C-Stores in USA.

Retired Fortune 200 Executive Still Active

Adept at leadership and problem-solving, his skills are still in demand

Tom's World of Development


Mar 1975Sep 2011

Licensed Pilot

Federal Aviation Administration



Leader of People
Deal Maker
Have worked in deals and development my entire career.  Have done deals all over the world ... from monsterous, multi-million dollar deals to small deals and every size in between.
Newspaper Columnist
Have been a columnist for business and political topics for several newspapers over the past 20 years.

Odds 'n Ends

Top Secret

FBI / Department of Defense