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Canadian entrepreneur Doug Loyst founded the steel company Boss Corner Guards with his business partner Steve Walker in the early spring of 1991. However, that is only one of the successful personal achievements throughout Mr. Loyst's lifetime.

Years before his innovative mind turned him into a true businessperson, Doug was destined to elevate himself beyond the humble roots of his childhood. His first step toward greatness was graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University in the year 1976.

A little over ten years later, he married the love of his life, Mary-Ann. In time, the two became parents to their daughter, Amy. (Another moment for Doug and his wife to be proud of is when their dear Amy recently graduated college in 2014.)

Going back, Doug had been working as a general sales manager of a steel distributor located in Markham for about three and a half years at the time that he and Walker made the decision to establish their own steel company together. The idea of Boss Steel Limited became a reality, and ‘til this day, Doug Loyst continues to dedicate his sincere efforts in keeping customers satisfied by exceeding their expectations.

Nearly a quarter century later, the privately owned company has grown to have a reputation of excellence that surpasses the usual standards of the steel industry. Much of this can be attributed to Doug's hard work and expertise in both metalwork and general business management. The company has exceeded the expectations of its founders and now offers more than just plain steel but also an array of aluminum products as well.

On the rare occasion that Mr. Loyst is not keeping his mind focused on improving production, sales, and customer satisfaction, he can be found at spending time with his beloved family and friends, or relaxing somewhere sunny.

Boss Corner Guards
320 Newkirk Road
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3G7
Phone: (905) 508 8225