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Corinna Photos

Wetland Ecologist

Qualifications in Brief

  • Researched wetlands, botany and soils in AK, CO, NY, MA, OR, RI, CT, VT. 
  • Completed wetland delineations and botanical surveys for state, federal and private clients in 11 states throughout the U.S.
  • Researched and published a USACE Technical Report on the correlation  between vegetation and channel morphology in the Arid West.
  • Contributed research to the Arid West Delineation Supplement. 
  • Conducted wetland delineations/stream characterizations for BLM, DOD, DOT, USACE and energy clients across the West.

  • Experienced in CWA documentation and permit writing for Nationwide and Independent permits.

  • Experienced in MBTA protocol and compliance reporting, able to identify common species by nest.
  • Extensive experience in securing wetland and waters of the U.S. clearance for over 160 miles of transmission line crossing state lines, private land, BLM land and USFS land.
  • Experienced permit compliance review and enforcement for Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments, and wetland mitigation monitoring.
  • Adept at reviewing/directing  project design to avoid and minimize environmental impact. 
  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction certified.
  • Fluent in ESRI® GIS (ArcMap©), GPS (ArcPad©, Terrasync©).

Work experience

Nov 2014Jan 2015

Wetland Ecologist

Sagebrush Advisors

Specialize in assessing project areas for National Environmental Policy Act  compliance.  Project areas are field verified for wetlands, waters, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and Threatened and Endangered Species.

●Compliance determined for the following areas:  Clean Water Section 404/401 (Nationwide and Individual permits), Threatened and Endangered Species Act, Migratory Species Act, Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act process, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

●Utilize delineation Corps manuals, 1987 Corps Wetland Delineation Manual and the Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual:  Great Plains Region (Version 2.0), ArcMap and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) software, ArcPad and Terrasync applications.

Oct 2011Apr 2014

Environmental Scientist/Biologist


Specialized in wetland ecology and environmental compliance.

●Completed delineations and supporting reports: wetland mitigation monitoring reports, technical wetland delineation reports,  and CWA Section 404/401 permitting.

●Coordinated with clients and agencies: USFWS, USACE, CPW, CDPHE, RTD, CFL, CDOT.

●Completed botanical surveys and supporting reports.

●Primary environmental construction compliance coordinator for Denver Regional Transportation District. Delineated wetlands, monitored wetlands for CWA 404 compliance, amended and wrote USACE Nationwide and Individual permits for impacted wetlands. Reviewed engineering designs for NEPA compliance. 

●Conducted noxious weed surveys, threatened and endangered species surveys, migratory bird/raptor surveys, Burrowing owl surveys, prairie dog surveys, Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments.

●Utilized ArcMap GIS and ArcPad and Terrsync GPS applications. 

Apr 2008Oct 2009

Wetland Ecologist

Frontier Corporation USA

●Specialized in wetland delineations and supporting reports.

●Completed wetland mitigation monitoring reports, CWA Section 404 Permitting.

●Conducted botanical surveys, noxious weed surveys, threatened and endangered species surveys, migratory bird surveys.

●Utilized GIS and GPS applications.

●Reevaluated an old wetland delineation for a small municipality and designed and instituted a  wetland mitigation plan and nature park.

●Delineating wetlands/other waters of the U.S. and Threatened and Endangered species assessments for the installation of over 160 miles of new high voltage transmission lines in southern Idaho and northern Utah.

Feb 2006Feb 2008

Wetland Scientist

Science and Technology Corporation (STC)

Exclusive contractor for CRREL ERDC Army Corps of Engineers, Hanover, NH

● Organized and assisted with wetlands research. Included design of methods, literature review, site selection, and data collection. Field research conducted in AK, OR, CO, NY, VT, NH, MA, RI and CT.

● Combined field analysis and GIS mapping efforts for several military projects.

● Oversaw and implemented a study design to map vegetative response to flood events in the Arid West using ArcMap, results published.

Aug 2005Dec 2005

Wetland Ecologist/Contractor

Independent Contractor for Hillsborough and Hanover, NH

● Hired by two towns in New Hampshire to complete Natural Resource Inventories (NRI) of jurisdictional wetlands within town limits.

● Utilized GIS and wetland delineation analysis.

● Provided a plan for future wetland assessments and analysis to the town for wetland regulation.

Jan 2004Jul 2004

Water Quality Inspector

Maryland Environmental Services

● Inspected water quality discharge of dredge material on a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetland restoration island in compliance with the clean water act.

● Conducted tours of the island for interest groups, from birding clubs to state employees.

Oct 2001Jul 2003

Wetland Educator/Planning of Wetlands Coordinator

Environmental Concern Inc.

● Taught wetland course focused on wetland creation. Instructed on wetland basics, wetland delineation, wetland flora, and wetland hydrology.

● Coordinated with regulating agencies and universities.

● Presented at multiple conferences utilizing different presentation and instructional techniques,created a case study and was instrumental in the initiation of the online Wetlands 101 course prerequisite.

● Taught additional courses: Wetlands Ecology, Wetland Creatures and WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands.

● Provided marketing, wrote grants, created and managed a budget, and established course locations throughout the U. S.


Jan 2004Jan 2008

Master of Science (MS)

Antioch University New England

● Concentration in Wetlands Ecology. Courses included: Wetland Delineation, Wetland Ecology, Wetland Flora, Soils-Mapping & Interpretation, GIS for Conservation Biologists, Watershed Science, Freshwater Ecology, Natural Resource Inventory (Vegetation), Ecological Research Design, Lichens and Bryophytes, Conservation Biology, Human Dimensions of Conservation Biology, and Community Ecology of the New England Landscape

Jan 1997Jan 1999

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Colorado State University-Pueblo

Major: Biology         Minor: Chemistry


● Lichvar, R., D. Cate, C. Photos, L. Dixon, B. Allen, and J Byersdorfer. 2009. Vegetation and Channel Morphology Responses to Ordinary High Water Discharge Events in Arid West Stream Channels. ERDC/CRREL TR-09-5 Hanover,NH: U. S. Army Research and Development.

● Ericsson, M., L. Dixon, D. Martel, C., Photos, and J. Klein. 2008. Delineation of Aquatic Resources Using Vegetation Communities and Fluvial Surfaces within Salt River, Selected Tributaries and Potential Channel Re-Alignment Areas, Humboldt County, California. Prepared by the US Army Corps of Engineers, ERDC/CRREL, Hanover, NH and the San Francisco District of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

● Photos, C. 2003. POW!: The Planning of Wetlands: A Case Study. Environmental Concern Inc., St. Michaels, MD.