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Mr. Corey Molinelli has over 15 years as an emergency responder. He served in the US Army as an explosives specialist. Then starting in a combination fire department Mr. Molinelli rose to the rank of Assistant Fire Chief of Special Operations and Training, and was responsible for the creation and training of a county wide hazmat team. Mr. Molinelli also served as a federal firefighter and Hazmat/WMD Specialist at Ft. Leonard Wood, where he was responsible for the hazmat/WMD training of department personnel, and for coordinating responses to the Live Chemical Agent Training Facility. He has also served in roles with the County Sheriffs office and as the County Emergency Manager. For seven years Mr. Molinelli was an adjunct instructor for the University of Missouri Fire Rescue Training Institute working in the WMD and Special Operations courses and development programs. Mr. Molinelli then worked with Seminole County Fire in Central Florida, where he now resides, as the Training Lieutenant of Special Operations. Currently Mr. Molinelli Serves on several state committees that focus on Hazmat and WMD response. He is a Hazmat Specialist with Florida Task Force # 4, an Urban Search and Rescue Team. He is also a member of the American Rescue Team, where he serves as Group Manager of the Counter-Terrorism and WMD section of the Emergency Planning Group and as a Team Leader of the internationally deployable “Rapid Deployment Team.” Mr. Molinelli is also involved as a consultant for the UASI in Florida. Corey teaches for Louisiana State University Academy of Counter Terrorist Education as an Adjunct instructor. LSU's program is part of the domestic preparedness consortium of training partners. He mainly teaches for the bio weapons program traveling the country training responders to better mitigate an incident involving a WMD. He also does work for the University of South Florida Center for Biomedical research, and has his own training and consulting business. He also conducts OSHA Hazmat and Confined Space Training. Corey has also been named as HAZMAT coordinator for the city HAZMAT team where he lives. Corey is also the author of several articles relating to WMD and hazardous materials response, which have been published in several nationally recognized journals and periodicals.

Work experience

Combat Engineer - Squad Leader

United States Army

Duties and Responsibilities

Trained and led twelve men in different situations.

Small team counter terror tactics.

Small team special operations.

Demolitions specialist training.

Counter terrorism intelligence gathering.

Assisted the US Army in the Development of its Environmental Crimes Investigation Course.

Medical unit

Honorable discharge, 2000.

Assistant Fire Chief

Saint Robert Fire Department

Duties and Responsibilities

Commanded Fire Suppression crews during emergency incidents.

Commanded special operations team members during incidents.

Participated in the budget process.

Medical Officer

Training Officer

Special Operations Chief


Developed training program for new members as well as current members of the department, to include multi-agency drills.

Developed and commanded a Special Operations program. Recruiting, training, and equipping team for a regional response.

Develop medical and special operations SOP’s.

Deliver all Hazmat/ WMD Training

Deliver all technical rescue training


Pulaski County Ambulance

Duties and Responsibilities

Provision of Basic Life Support Services

Maintain, Clean, and restock ambulance.


Hazardous Materials / WMD coordinator for district Mass Casualty committee.

Published articles relating to WMD agents and Emergency Management Issues in the Pulaski County, Mo. Newspaper.

Special Operations

Pulaksi County Sheriff Department

Duties and Responsibilities

Road officer duties.

Fire investigator

Hazmat specialist for the drug interdiction team (CLAN LAB response).

Counter terrorism intelligence unit member.

Lead diver (SCUBA), Rescue and recovery.


Develop Hazmat training for deputies specific to clandestine drug labs.

Deliver and maintain diver training.

Work as assigned projects with the CTI Unit (Counter Terrorism Intel).


University of Missouri Fire Rescue Training

Duties and Responsibilities

Deliver training to fire departments across the state.

Teach firefighting, EMS, and rescue skills.

Deliver Incident Command Training.

Serve as a member of the Hazardous Materials and WMD/Terrorism Training and Development team.

Serve as a member of the Technical Rescue Training and Development Team. 


Conduct WMD/Terrorism training

Conduct Hazardous materials training

Develop updated hazardous materials training curriculum.

Develop EMS Hazmat response level 1 & 2 course.

Develop WMD curriculum.

Conduct Structural Collapse Specialist training

Conduct Trench Rescue training

Conduct Confined Space Rescue training

Conduct Rope Rescue training


Pulaski County Emergency Management

Duties and Responsibilities

Direct emergency operations during a county disaster.

Supervise and direct the county EOC during operations.

Develop and conduct assessments and exercises of the county all-hazard plan.

Participate in all-hazard exercises.

Serve as liaison between state and local officials during disasters.

Provide a weekly briefing to the county commissioners.

Serve as the county homeland security officer, and as liaison with the state homeland security office.

Oversee city emergency management directors and plans.


Create and maintain the county all-hazards disaster plan.

Conduct countywide vulnerability assessments.

Make corrective actions to the assessments.

Develop, equip, train and maintain over sight of county /regional HAZMAT team.

Develop, equip, train, and maintain over sight of county / regional Special Rescue Team.

Conduct Threat and Vulnerability assessments on critical infrastructure, and public buildings, such as schools.

Fire & Rescue Instructor

Rolla Technical Center

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop the program for first time delivery.

Serve as the fire and rescue training coordinator for the school.

Trained thirty students for a career in firefighting.

Coordinate with State Fire Marshals Office for certification process.


Create budget for purchase of equipment and training supplies.

Develop and modify lesson plans

Plan and create classroom and skills activities.

Create a long-term delivery and sustainment plan.

Sit on and develop school/community mass casualty plan committee.


All - Hands Consulting

Miami Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) - Project Consultant

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide subject matter expertise to local officials on issues involving emergency response training, specializing in HAZMAT, WMD, and Terrorism response.

Provide subject matter expertise to local officials on preparedness, planning issues involving HAZMAT, WMD, and Terrorism response.

Develop and evaluate exercises to test the response system and plans. 

Sit on the Regional Domestic Security Task-Force and as a UASI representative to the Fire and Hazmat committees.


Develop a training matrix listing all disciplines, cross-referencing the state and federal WMD training objectives.

Develop a plan to implement the training matrix.

Develop specialty Standard Operating Procedures for the regional HAZMAT team on the use of WMD equipment.

Assist on the development of the regions Terrorism Annex to the emergency response plan.

Participate in the development of the State Critical Incident Response Plan

Coordinate with the Regional MMRS to develop a strategy on integration, use and demobilization of the team, and equipment.

Develop a plan to deploy the CHEMPACK, and SNS.

Deliver Incident Command, and NIMS training.

Evaluate Planned exercises dealing with WMD and Hazmat response.


Molinelli Consulting Services

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop and deliver client specific Hazmat and WMD training, and Technical Rescue Training.

Provide consulting to local governments on issues involving emergency preparedness, planning, and response.

Deliver OSHA compliant training and FIT testing. Including Hazwoper, Confined Space, plus others.

Provide subject matter expertise to local officials on issues involving emergency response training, specializing in HAZMAT, WMD, Terrorism response, And Specialized Technical Rescue, such as collapse, confined space, and rope rescue emergencies. 

Provide subject matter expertise to local officials on preparedness, planning issues involving HAZMAT, WMD, Terrorism response, and Specialized Technical Rescue Issues.

Develop and evaluate exercises to test the response system and plans. 

Develop plans for local government agencies such as emergency response, COOP, respiratory protection and standard operating procedures.


Deliver WMD specific training to local Sheriff Department on agents and equipment

Conduct OSHA training to environmental and response agencies

Conduct Threat and Vulnerability assessments on critical infrastructure, public buildings, and industrial facilities on both federal and non-federal property. Deliver a written report and assessment to the facility manager in a short time frame.

Develop HAZMAT technician training for the Iraqi Fire department.

Train team of instructors to go into Iraqi and deliver HAZMAT technician course.

Develop advanced analytical monitoring courses for clients around the country.

Develop Law Enforcement specific HAZMAT training courses.

Provide NFPA, and OSHA compliant Confined Space Training courses to clients, Both Emergency and industrial.

Develop and deliver custom technical rescue training courses Meeting all applicable laws and regulations. 

Dec 2003Present

Lead Instructor


Duties and Responsibilities

Provide training to emergency responders, State and Local Government officials, and secondary responders to better respond to an incident involving terrorism or a WMD.

Travel around the country providing training, guidance, and experience to state and local governments regarding terrorism or WMD agents.

Field delivery of direct and indirect training coordinated through the Office of Domestic Preparedness.

As a lead I coordinate all of the instructors and site-specific course logistics and actions. 


Public Safety Sampling Techniques and Guidelines

Prepare HAZMAT teams to effectively conduct public safety operations, including incident characterizations in a manner consistent with FBI recommended guidelines for sampling. 

Law Enforcement Response to WMD – Performance Level A

To prepare Law Enforcement personnel to perform safely and effectively at a WMD incident.

Law Enforcement – Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts.

Provide Law Enforcement personnel with the necessary knowledge to prevent and / or deter Terrorist events involving a WMD.

Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents

To prepare representatives of State and Local emergency response organizations to perform safely and effectively during an incident involving a biological agent.

Standardized Awareness Train the Trainer

To provide emergency responders with a base line awareness level of WMD agents

Preparedness and Response to Agricultural Terrorism

Participants develop knowledge base necessary to effectively prepare for and respond to an act of agro terrorism

Feb 2003Feb 2004

Special Operations Team Training Officer

Seminole County Fire

Duties and Responsibilities

Perform administrative, technical, and fieldwork in the development, implementation, and delivery of training for special operations team members, and support programs, to include hazardous materials, technical rescue, and WMD/Terrorism response.

Provide direct training to team members, and department personnel in areas of HAZMAT, WMD, and technical rescue.

Develop and implement training programs for team members and department.

Deliver Training to Team Members in Structural Collapse, Trench rescue, Rope Rescue, Water and Dive Rescue, Confined Space, and Search and Rescue.

Develop a testing and evaluation program to measure the success of training curriculums. 

Provide input regarding department budget, and recommend items to purchase. 

Provide on-scene guidance and assistance to the incident commander during hazardous materials incidents, and technical rescue incidents.

Command activities pertaining to special operations team during training evolutions, and on emergency incidents.

Sit on Local Emergency Planning Committee as alternate, also in the EOC for ESF 9/10.


Develop a 200-hour hazardous materials technician course.

Develop a NFPA/OSHA Compliant Technical Rescue Specialist Training Course.

Develop special operations training strategy.

Develop procedures for use and implementation of equipment.

Develop a training database for team members.

Develop and deliver nerve agent antidote training for department.

Serve on State Working Group for hazmat/WMD standard Operating Procedure development.

Coordinate response and equipment issues with the regional MMRS

Develop strategy to work with the MMRS

Conduct Threat and Vulnerability assessments on critical infrastructure, public buildings, and industrial facilities

Hazmat Specialist on Florida Task Force – 4 (Urban Search and Rescue Team)

Jul 2000Feb 2003

Firefighter HazMat Specialist

Ft. Leonard Wood Fire Dept

Duties and Responsibilities

Member of a heavy rescue or engine company assigned to special operations on the Army base.

Branch officer regional HAZMAT team.

WMD specialist for regional HAZMAT team.

Response Coordinator in the event of a live CWA release from the Army Chemical School.

Conduct building and fire inspections to installation facilities including vulnerability and threat assessments.


Train entire department to HAZMAT technician level.

Train entire department to Technical Rescue Specialist.

DOD Hazmat Trainer

DOD Technical Rescue Trainer.

Train installation responders for a live chemical warfare agent release.

Develop and deliver WMD training and operational guidelines for fire department.

Maintain Hazmat team suit QA program

Develop and deliver technical rescue and medical training to department.



American Military University


Delmar Books

Emergency Response Reviewer

Published Articles

Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal

Certifications & Affiliations