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Corey Wright


I'm 33 years old and I have spent the last 5 years doing various work in the oilfield until the gas industry got slow and starting making cut backs on work. I'm physically fit and have a strong work ethic. I have done jobs that have required me to make quick smart decisions and trouble shoot problems under stress and time restriction. Ive had experience using fork lifts, small cranes, pulling trailers, being a supervisor of crews, managing a shop,and rebuilding various oilfield equipment. Doing the work I have done Ive had to learn to adapt and do all this under very strict safety guidelines.   



Physical Education

Jan 2006 - Dec 2007
ASU Beebe Arkansas

I went to ASU Beebe to prepare myself for a 4 year school. I did not get my degree

Physical Education

Aug 2001 - May 2005
ASU Jonesboro

At ASU I studied how to teach and instruct children in a class room and gym setting. I was required to take multiple health and fitness classes as well as cpr and first aid and safety. I finished my junior year and needed 24 hours to finish my degree, but I left school to pursue a career in the oilfield.


Aug 1988 - May 2001
Riverview High School


Work experience

Work experience

Metal roof laborer

May 2015 - Present
C-n-C metal roofing

At C-n-C metal roofing my job duties are taking and getting measurements to make sure the roof is precise. I also use various tools to cut and bend the metal. I have worked on homes as well as industrial buildings for factories doing roofs, walls, and trim work. 

Shop Manager

Mar 2013 - Apr 2015

At fracmaster I was responsible for making sure all of equipment was properly serviced, repaired, painted, function tested and charted up to 15,000psi 

Servicing consisted of greasing 1502 2"x2" plug valves, greasing 4"x4" gate valves, and making sure trailer lights worked. Make sure all of Fracmasters tools were returned and accounted for. I was also responsible for making sure we had the materials needed to properly operate as a company to maintain our equipment. I was responsible for taking inventory of flow iron, and basically anything that went through our shop doors.

On a daily basis i would take apart and put back together our valves, plug catchers, and manifolds. Each time something was taken apart and put back together it had to be function tested with a hydro static test unit. At times the test unit would not work properly and I would have to repair it as well.

I also was required to go in the field to do repairs and service equipment that would fail during operations. If we were short on field hands I would also have to go on jobs and fill in and run jobs.

Metal Roof Laboer

Mar 2004 - Aug 2014
R and M Metal Roofing

At R&M we did basic home metal roofing with some new construction framing up shops and small buildings. It is a small business that mainly did metal roof installation on houses. I worked here off and on helping my best friend until he passed away last year.

Field Service Tech II

Jun 2011 - Jan 2013
Cameron Energy Service  

While at Cameron I was a field service tech level II. We did production flowback from the time they drilled the plugs in the well until the gas company was ready to sell the gas to the pipeline. I had to rig up and lay out jobs on location, know how to operate and repair 2 phase and 3 phase gas separators in the field, light and use flare stacks, regulate and control the flow of the well, call in and instruct water trucks to haul off water, be able to repair all equipment on site that we used, and also be able to put the well over to the pipeline when it was ready to be sold.

When on location this was a 24 hour a day job. The lead tech was on days and the helper worked nights. The lead tech was responsible for any and everything that happened on the well site. I would also go in the shop and help do repairs and function test on our equipment that I used on my jobs.

Rig Up Field Supervisor

Jan 2009 - Jun 2011
Select Energy Service

While at Select I had a wide range of responsibilities. I had to know how to rig up jobs on location without being in the way of other companies that would come in and work with us. At times i was over a crew of 8 guys and i was responsible for their safety and mine. I used sky tracs and skid-steers to set equipment. When a job was called out I had to make sure I had everything needed on my trailer before leaving the shop. It was unacceptable to show up on location unprepared seeing how a majority of the time we would be hours away from the shop. So at any given time without looking at my trailer I could give the inventory of it and what we had in the shop without having to look. While at Select Energy I also doubled as the shop mechanic. I worked long hours and worked months in a row without days off to keep everything serviced and repaired while also rigging up jobs.

Since I ran our shop to I was also on Selects safety board committee which had monthly meetings and walk a rounds. I had to make sure all msda sheets were properly in order and make sure that I had all my chemicals in the safe storage bin.

Select also had a water transfer department to and at one time the flowback side got slow so i would go and help them for extra hours. For water transfer I would set big 8" water pumps and operate them. I would also help their shop manager maintenance and service their water pumps and diesel trucks.

City Employee

Feb 2007 - Nov 2008
Jonesboro Parks and Recreation

While working for the city I was involved in their youth sports program which was a free program that offered basketball, soccer, and football through out the year. In the summer months I was required to go into Craighead Forrest Park and clear trails for triathlons and 5k races.

During soccer season I was in charge of laying out the soccer fields and keeping everything freshly painted and maintained. On game day I had to take money, run the concession stand, and help control unruly parents.

During basketball season we had two separate gyms on opposite ends of town. So i was in charge of the 4-8 year old gym and my boss had the 9-16 year olds.  During games I had to run the concession stand, make sure games were being played fair, i was in charge of all the money that came through the gate and money made in the concession stand.

During football season I had to do crowd control and make sure people paid the admission fee to get in. I had to prep and lay out fields and make sure they were properly painted. I had to dig holes and set goal posts and also put them together.

To work at this job I had to be cpr and first aid certified we also had to be certified on how to use a defibrillator. We had kids have seizures and break bones so proper care had to be given. We also did various clean up projects around the city during different times of the year where we planted trees, flowers, and picked up trash. 

Professional References

Mycal Stone  501-593-0050

Roy Thompson 501-368-8316

Samantha Reaper 501-230-6647

Shane Ghent 501-230-1710