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Corey Holmes

Entrepreneur / Full Stack Developer / eCommerce Strategist


1st place in the Canadian Provincials Skills Competition for Web Application Development. Winner of the People's Choice Award for best App presented by Lighthouse Labs.

Avid learner, reader, programmer, designer and entrepreneur. Throughout the years I have worked in Uganda, Canada and the US with people from all types of backgrounds.

Work History

Shopify Plus

April 2018Current

Regulated Industries

On-site technical lead for Shopify Plus working with the BC LDB and Canada's Licenced Producers. Successfully launched BC Cannabis Stores over an 8 month period.

  • Worked closely with the application, development, and support teams to define the best technical solutions and guiding principles. 
  • Guided regulated merchants in best practices and solutions under Canadian law. 

Shopify Plus

July 2017April 2018

Strategic Manager

As a Strategic Manager at Shopify Plus I solution and tracked eCommerce stores, builds, and integrations for some of our most and complex merchants. In addition to providing advice and recommendations around eCommerce best practices.

  • Used problem-solving abilities to create technical solutions for enterprise-level requirements.
  • Helped solution and automate business operations for enterprise merchants.  

Shopify Plus 

March 2017July 2017

Merchant Success Manager

I develop deep relationships with our enterprise merchants at Shopify Plus. Acting as their eCommerce consultant for all things Shopify and the greater commerce ecosystem. I help our merchants grow through advice and best practices around:

  • On-site conversion optimization and user experience. 
  • Digital marketing optimization
  • Content marketing and digital marketing optimization
  • Email marketing strategies.
  • Streamlining business processes surrounding eCommerce. 


April 2016March 2017

Software Engineer

Integrated Stripe, PayPal and other payment processors to deliver real-time analytics, customer intel, and fraud tools for SASS and eCommerce businesses.

  • Conducted agile development through 2-week sprints using Jira.
  •  Wrote DRY and effective code in a timely manner while adjusting quickly as needed.
  •  Continually learning new technologies as challenges arise and new features are scheduled for development.

Bomgi Nutraceutical Ltd.

Sep 2013Aug 2015


Founded a private nutraceuticals company in Uganda, East Africa. Oversaw and managed daily activities, product development, and marketing and innovation.

  • Ensured communications between product development and design were understood by our manufacturing companies, print and labeling companies, as well as our technical team in India.
  •  Remotely managed our tech division in India to ensure product deadlines were met.
  • Held sales recruiting seminars which grew the company to over 500 independent sales representatives.
  • Acquired by international business group The Aga Khan Development Network.

Sidney Auto Detailing

Jul 2012Aug 2013


Shortly following my volunteer work in the Silicon Valley I  launched a new detailing business on Vancouver Island.

  • Created a marketing campaign to attract local customer base that is reflective of mid to high income demographic.
  • Outperformed competitors through quality customer service and competitive pricing that led to commercial contracts from local businesses as well as the municipality.
  • Negotiated the sale of Sidney Auto Detailing in August 2013.

Times Colonist Front Page Business Article:

California San Jose Mission

May 2010May 2012

District Leader

Followed a vigorous daily schedule, which consisted of a two-hour study period from 7:30am – 9:30am. The day focused on community volunteer projects such as: teaching ESL, food bank meal preparation/serving, charitable organization events, elementary tutoring and other projects. Days ended at 9:00pm. This schedule was followed six days a week for two years.

  • District Leader: responsible for 14 individuals from multiple countries in leading volunteer projects in the San Jose region. Presented weekly training meetings while coaching individuals on: effective communication, teaching skills, and new mission material.
  • ESL Teacher: taught English as a second language to immigrants from Mexico, China, Philippines, Cambodia, Samoa and Thailand.
  • Trainer: coached and mentored new ambassadors for over 1000 hours.


Lighthouse Labs

Jan 2016Mar 2016

Web Development

Studied and implemented various technologies including, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Postgres, SQL, Relational Databases, HTML5, CSS, SASS/SCSS, Node.js, API's and more.

Team Treehouse

Oct 2015Dec 2015

Web Development

Completed over 200 hours of course materials. (Ruby, Javascript, jQuery, CSS)

One Month

Sep 2015Oct 2015

Web Development

Completed over 100 hours of course materials (Ruby on Rails, Active Record, Front-End Development)


Programming Languages

Ruby, CoffeeScript, Javascript, JSX, jQuery, SpaceBars.

UI/UX + Graphic Design

5 years experience in creating attractive designs with IllustratorPhotoshop, and Sketch for both the public and private sector with both Vector and Bitmap graphics including low and high fidelity wire framing.


SQL, mySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostGres.

CSS + Frameworks

CSS3, SCSS, SASS,  Styl, Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, Skeleton, Pure.

Project Management Software

Jira, Confluence, Trello, Favro, Github, GitLab, BitBucket, Slack.


Rails, Sinatra, Vue.js, Meteor, Backbone, Spine.


WordPress, NPM, Node.js, Gulp, Active Record, TDD, RSpec, API's, AJAX, Heroku, Mailers.


Mentor Search - An 8 hour Web App Competition built with Ruby in Sinatra. Connected to an API to retrieve school's teachers/mentors data and built a search app with an emphasis in UX/UI to view detailed information about various teachers and mentors, including their location through the Google Maps API.

Drop-in Pass - We've all been there, excitedly purchasing a class membership only to slowly fall off and forget about it. Drop-in pass allows users to try a variety of activities and choose one that truly fits them before fully committing to that activity. 

Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Javascript / jQuery, HTML / SASS, PostGres Database, Bootstrap, Carrier Wave Image Uploading, Stripe Payments API, Twilio SMS API, Google Geolocation API, Amazon Web Services S3, Heroku.

iPhone 6 Contact List - Built a functional iPhone 6 Emulator using Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, and SQLite3.

Netflix Movie Review SiteBuilt a movie review website based on the design of Netflix using Ruby on Rails, Active Record, Javascript, and CSS.

Alive Nutrition (Nutraceutical Website)Built a health foods/nutraceuticals website using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS.

WebCam Chat Site (Cam Me) - MVP webcam chat app using WebRTC, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript, Rails, Ruby, Active Record, and PostGres.

Viva - Simple Static page built with HTML, CSS and a touch of Javascript.