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Research & Development chemist for over 20 yrs. with management experience, specialized knowledge on polymer product development/raw materials/processes/equipment, chemical toxicity and hazards rating, proficient in technical writing/reporting, outstanding knowledge on both wet and instrumental analyses/QC procedures and SOP’s, computer programs/softwares/powerpoint presentations, with a Bachelor and Masters degree major in Organic Chemistry (minor-Analytical Chemistry) 





·15+ years managing the R &D and QC/QA departments of at least 7 chemical companies

·20+ years in developing polymeric products: polyurethanes, polyureas, epoxies,

polyesters, vinyls, acrylics, organo-metallic catalysts

·12 years work in the aerospace industry developing products for the aircraft transparencies

·At least 10 years experience in formulating architectural coatings

·Developed manufacturing processes and specifications

·Developed Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures/measures to ensure product

quality and adherence to specifications

·Developed computer programs: Product Manufacturing Batch Tickets/Formulations,

QC Guide Sheets, Manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures

·Represented companies as a technical representative in sales and marketing, conventions,

·Wrote Product Technical Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets, Environmental

·Managed chemical toxic waste and hazards waste disposal

·Managed the training of chemists and technicians

·Managed chemical raw material purchasing, raw material and finished product inventory




·        Directed start-up companies’ product development and manufacturing from ground-zero to

all time high sales volume

·        Equipped start-up R&D and QC Laboratories with basic to high technological


·        Defined and specified manufacturing equipment for reactors and blenders in accordance to

local fire department location and function specifications and South Coast Air Quality

Management manufacturing requirements

·        Directed setting-up of companies computer software requirements/ equipment purchase for

automated product manufacturing, batch ticket generation/calculation

·        Qualified companies for ISO-9000, CUPA (Fire Department), SC-AQMD Coating

Regulations Certifications


·        Developed innovative products that have become the company’s signature product:

Acrivue BR---Bullet Resisting acrylic with interpenetrating networks of

controlled molecular weight polyurethane, certified UL-Class III

Laminate Adhesive----a room-temperature, low viscosity, clear, aliphatic, 2-

component polyurethane for acrylic laminate repair

Heat Resistant Polyurethane---clear, tough, heat resistant 2-component

polyurethane developed for Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF)

High Heat Resistant Polyurethane for filters for high performance cars

High Rebound, heat resistant aftermarket autofascia

Hard, high compression/tear strengths highway marker potting compound

Polyurethane waterproofing membranes

Reenterable Encapsulants for the electric and telecommunication industries

High Rebound Elastomers for casters and skateboard wheels

Coatings: Moisture Cured Polyurethane Coatings- Solvent Based

Single Component Polyurethane Waterbased Coating

2-Component aromatic, polyurethane coating/primer

2-component Epoxy coating

Single Component Polyurea Coating

Above coatings may be aliphatic for outdoor applications and for

General purpose

Protective coating may be pigmentable, roller coatable, brushable

for walls, floors, and other surfaces as a seemless coating.

·       Characterized fully the products developed, scaled them up for production, specified quality

control measures for both QC and manufacturing

·       Kept complete record of product development and product performance and outdoor

weather performance


·       Wrote/ published Technical/Engineering Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets,

Performance Criteria Specifications, Process Performance Specifications, Equipment


·       With Sales and Marketing, promoted products in their applications and edge over

competitive products in the market

·       Provided sales/marketing with product Raw Material Cost (RMC) and overall manufactured

        cost for the finished products

·       Wrote/ published Technical/Engineering Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets,

Performance Criteria Specifications, Process Performance Specifications, Equipment


·       Technical Liaison for conflicts with customers as per performance of the products

·       Managed the Return of Merchandise for products that may have had problems and/or

for those that the customers had application errors

Work experience

May 2004Mar 2009

Technical Director

Polymer and Coatings Company

Having joined Poly-Granite International and Marine Fenders International at their start-up, my work had been very challenging. Essentially, to this point, I had solely developed all the products that both companies have for sale and used in their applications. I had set-up the company for manufacture of the chemical products and for the use/storage and disposal of their hazardous chemical wastes.

I had performed the following jobs and responsibilities:

Directed & managed research and development programs and projects with 

full responsibity for the development and complete characterization of         

products for both Poly-Granite International Inc. and Marine Fenders Internal


Specified in collaboration with the engineer the requirements for the

manufacturing equipment (reactors/mixing tanks as to size, make,

capability and location) and raw material/product pipeline

Specified the manufacturing processes and quality control procedures and

test measures

Responsible for the scale-up of products from the laboratory to production

Responsible for overseeing manufacturing as to production schedule and

raw material availability

Managed raw material specification, procurement & inventory

Managed toxic and hazardous waste disposal

Managed the environmental reporting to local and federal regulatory


Wrote the Material Safety and Technical Data, Project (Status/Completion)


Collaborated work with Sales, Engineering, Office personnel in formatting

operating procedures/document controls for the expedient and efficient

operation of the business

Served as the Technical Support of the company

 Solely responsible for the development of the following products:

Sprayable 2-component polyurea and polyurethane coatings for the marine products fenders/buoys)

Single component tire-mark resistant aliphatic coatings for garage & industrial floor applications

Single component aromatic polyurethane coatings as primer

2-component waterbased epoxy primers, 2-component-100% solids epoxy sytems

2-component polyaspartics for floor and protective coatings

2-component sulfuric acid resistant hard polyurethane coating

2-component slow reacting polyurea as joint filler

General elastomeric polyurea and polyurethane elastomers for various applications

May 2004Mar 2009


A Marine Fendering Company

Developed 2 component slow polyurea sprayable coatings for the marine fenders

and buoys

Constantly monitored raw material cost and pricing of products and thereby

develop new products meeting cost requirements

Responsible for the raw material purchase/inventory

Responsible for the full characterization of products and raw materials

Nov 2003Apr 2004

Consultant then Technical Director

Urethane Products Corporation

  • Solved material/finish product problems the company was having
  • Developed batch formulation program for the company. They had hand-written batch tickets initially.
  • Developed sprayable 2-component polyurea/polyurethane coatings for the company.
Mar 2002Nov 2003

R&D Manager

Hydroseal Polymers
  • Managed QC Laboratory and directed development work of chemists
  • Developed solely a number of innovative products such as a very soft polyurethane with excellent tear strength and elongation for the marine applications and the formliner industry

Please refer to the work done at Burtin and Urethane Plastics for major work in the field of elastomers

Sep 2001Mar 2002

Chemist II

Watson Pharmaceuticals

  • Performed quality control (QC) on pharmaceutical products
  • Performed Process Validations and QC Test Validations
  • Characterized products and impurities with HPLC and other analytical instruments
  • Trained with FDA,cGMP,cGLP regulations and guidelines


M.S. Chemistry

University of Santo Tomas
Jul 1967Jun 1972

B.S. Chemistry

College of the Holy Spirit


We manage daily on different levels: home management, child management, financial management where we are accountable to no one but ourselves and our immediate family and on-the-job management. However, if these personal managements are carried efficiently and methods are applied well on the job scene, we become a "big time manager". I begin my good management exactly at my own realm of work at the confines of my small office starting with my everyday "TO DO" list. Then, my mangement gets extended as I need more people to complete the job. I am a very effective manager. Being a scientist, I have an eye for details and accuracy and therefore, I leave no room for errors. I deliver projects from conception to a successful product  as a result of being "focused" to start with and because of "excellent time management" and lastly but not least because of my skills in "managing people" with respect and trust.
Computer Literacy
In this age, almost none can function competitively without computer skills. I am well versed with the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint. My reports and simple communications are of course written using Microsoft Words and molst often for reporting scientific findings, it is done in combination with Excel and Powerpoint. Access is most useful in designing my progarams in handling database. I use Powerpoint to be effective in my "Presentations".
Communication Skill
The ability to communicate either verbally or in writing is necessary especially in an organization which aims to flourish and gain the benefits of well communicated ideas. I have very good communication skills for people who are open minded and who would really like to listen. With my thoughts being well organized  and focused, most of my communications if not all (verbal or written)  on my scientific findings or on just simple messages are efficiently conveyed.
Instrumental Analyses
Instrumental analyses is necessary in characterizing and identifying a product. The mechanism of polymerization or even just the blending of molecules is verified by the results from an instrumental analyses. I have the skill in interpreting and analyzing my results on the tests performed on a product. I have an in-depth knowledge on both wet and analytical chemical analyses. The instruments that I have real good experience and familiarity with are FT-IR, UV-Vis, HPLC, GC, AA and of course simple instruments as pH meter, titrator, colorimeters and physical testers such as Tensometers, Charpy and Izod Impact Testers, Falling Ball Impact Testers, Bird Impact Tester, etc. as are normally used in the aerospace industry for more rigorous testing. I have also rigged up my own testers to quickly qualify my products for the performance I so desire for them.
Product Development
The most challenging role of a chemist is in product development. Polymer product development ,  in particular, requires an in-depth knowledge of the raw materials to start with and their properties in relation to the polymerization process. An excellent background in polymer chemistry is very much needed. I have a God-given talent in that I can visualize the building up of molecules when I put together a formulation. Where most chemists will take months and even years to develop a product, I take a fraction of that time to develop a product completely characterized.





Management Certification

Kepner Tregoe

BatchMaster Consultant Certification

Business Manufacturing

HPLC/GC Analyst

Hewlett Packard

Nuclear Scientist

Philippine Atomic Energy Commission

Chemist Board Certification

Board of Examiners, Civil Service Commission, Philippines