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Apr 2009Present

hit man

Hit Man 4 cheap

Well, first of all i could elaborate for hours on the many great feats that i accomplished in such a short period of time. However, i will keep this brief. In my skateboard video i had to create angles and shots that i wasn't sure if they were going to work out, and if they did, how would the general audience respond to such an unorthodox compilation of shots. That was hard for me. In Tiny Tim, it was difficult to get an angle where it appeared that i was dancing on a giants hand. In the end, it all came together and the end product was a superb video.


Feb 2004Jun 2008


Aaronz kollege

Trustworthiness is a trait that defines me. I have displayed numerous examples throughout my videos of trustworthiness. During the production, my group had faith in me and i knew the responsibilites that i had. Because of my responsibilites i gave them my word that i would show up ready to perform and do my best to create a video that would be grand.

Best Work

Aaron's Skateboard Video

In this video there were many great strengths, one of which was the shots. I used many different camera angles and created a sense of endless depth because of the positioning. Also the music really captured the overall mood i was wanting to project, and it flowed smoothly.

Tiny Tim

This was an especially fun movie and provided limitless giigles because of the size and depth that was used in the video. For those of you that are confused because you are small minided imbeciles, size and depth creates a sense that someone is really small because they are far away from the camera, while someone else is a giant  but they are actually just close to the camera.

Door Video

This was an interesting little project because of one thing. Matching Action! This is the process by which you take one action like opening and closing a door and you provide a shot from both sides of the door. Then you show the completed action and connect them smoothly.



I have become so much better at working with video editing it's not even funny, eventhough, i have never worked at editing a video so anything is improvement. Before this class i was completely oblivious as to how you go about importing a video and adding effects and even music. Once i learned, i was astounded at how easy it was to do. The hardest part is getting enough shots and making them look good. The rest is just a glass of tea.


My Highlight

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Goals for next year

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