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A long-running contests-by-mail provider, Contest America Publishers has awarded contestants around the world over $2 million in cash prizes since 1987. Based in North Kansas City, Missouri, Contest America Publishers has grown from a small, regional operation into one of the largest direct-mail marketers nationwide, with countless participants seeking large rewards for their puzzle-solving skills. In addition, Contest America Publishers operates numerous contests simultaneously, creating multiple opportunities for contestants to compete for large cash prizes.

Over the years, Contest America Publishers has accumulated a number of testimonials from prize winners and satisfied participants across the globe, from stay-at-home moms in Florida to retirees in the U.K. Among the benefits frequently noted in these testimonials, Contest America Publishers contestants remark on the consistent challenge, excitement, and fun of the company’s games of mental skill. Today, Contest America Publishers operates the highly popular Strike It Rich, Mr. Cashman, Triple Cash Series, API Series, Financial Security Awards, and Monetary Funding Awards, along with the various contests run by its sister companies, Opportunities Unlimited Publications and North American Award Center. Available to puzzle enthusiasts 18 and over, Contest America Publishers provides a series of unique brainteasers through each of its contests, ascending in difficulty as players progress through the various stages of competition. To read more about Contest America Publishers and its current offerings, please visit the official company website at

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Contest America Publishers

Contest America Publishers, affiliated with Opportunities Unlimited Publications, Inc. and the North American Award Center, offers contestants puzzle-based contests that provide an entertaining pathway toward large cash prizes. Contest America Publishers contests are games of skill that involve a number of rounds, with each round testing the player's ability more than the last. These contests are distinguished from lotteries and sweepstakes, as results are based on skill, rather than luck or chance.