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Brief Overview of Intent

As an energetic and respectful young man, I am looking for a part time job and other opportunities to earn career skills and income in the computer technical and or business professional world. Any opportunities to get closer or reach these goals will be received with the greatest amount of attention I can give with respect within my abilities.


Meeting new people

While I find and gain new opportunities I also want to meet and befriend new people who I will be working along side with so that I can enrich my personal views and experience.

Gaining Certifications

Working towards CCNA and other related certifications in the Networking Administration and Servicing career line.

Looking for first time Job

Looking for first time position in any available part time job related to technology or business management. Eager to learn new skills and gain valuable career experience to grow upon.


Sep 2012Jun 2014

Proof of Completion

Kootenai Technical Educational Campus

Certification for achieving two years of career orientated learning in the field of Computer Repair and Networking based off the official A+ and Net+ technical certifications.



Able to adapt to new ideas quickly and reorganize if plans change unexpectedly, as well as fixing personal agenda to correspond with working hours.
Fast Learning
Quick and eager to learn new skills and information. Open to constructive criticism when mistakes are made.
Strong Work Ethic
Dedicated to the task at hand, Motivated and determined to providing highest quality work possible, Clean and organized. Wanting to expand on my abilities.
Fluent with technology
Two years of technical training with computer repair and maintenance as well as a strong affinity for anything electronic.
Charismatic Personality
Informative to a fault, Un-impeachable, Self directed, and Genuine.

Quick Biography

Born and raised in Northern Idaho since 1995. Brought up by a morally strong willed mother and quick talking smart man of a cars salesman father, I value personal relations and honest conversations between individuals. Determined to move forward and not to be left behind the technology boom, I am an avid computer enthusiast and all around fascinated with most if not all technology. Quick witted and flexible, I take what life throws at me with a smile and courage to walk into the fray and let mistakes and accidents serve as learning examples for the future. Respectful when it counts but stern when needed, when I walk into the room people will know im there.