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I am a transformational, enabling leader with 15+ years of experience in helping companies to gain a competitive edge, improving organizational effectiveness, building strategic partnerships, and creating successful business models and sales communication. I am an effective leader of international and virtual teams as well as a sought-after communication expert.

You can download my resume below. You will also find references and a reference contact list at the bottom of this page. 


Business Transformation  |  Leadership Coaching  |  Sales & Marketing Strategy | Business & Pricing Models | Product Management | Business Development | Program Management | Management Consulting  | Innovation Partnering | Managing Virtual Teams | Change Management 

Company Portfolio

BMW   |    Huawei   |    GEMA   |    Sparkassen IT   |    Microsoft   |    Deutsche Telekom   |   T-Mobile   |   Telefonica O2   |    Mobily   |    Huawei   |    ALDI   |    T-Mobile   |    DHS   |    Mobile Iron   |    Jive   |    Extensive List Of US Startups

Work experience

Director, Transformation Deployment Excellence


Leading corporate transformation initiative program office, facilitating operational reviews, orchestrating AOP submissions and creating and steering change management communication. Directing and prioritizing resources to meet objectives and deliverables. Coaching and directing key company-wide continuous improvement initiatives.

Transformation Coach


Guiding SMEs to break through growth barriers. Coaching leaders in career transition to achieve their goals.

International Sales Enablement Manager

Feb 2018May 2018

Equip Sales teams across 12 business units to confidently represent T-Systems and proactively create opportunities while moving faster from lead to win.

Guided the implementation of "storyfied" marketing via digital channels in pilot business units in a collaborative approach by uniting teams from Sales and Marketing.

Head of Sales Enablement & Portfolio PMO, Americas & APAC

Jun 2011May 2018

Equipped sales teams to confidently and proactively create opportunities while moving faster from lead to win. Coached sales leaders to excel and achieve their targets without spinning their wheels.

  • Aligned with Sales Executives to boost revenue and shorten lead-to-win times by 2-6 months. Created training programs, collateral, tools, and onboarding.  
  • Coached teams to create effective sales messages that boost lead conversion rates.
  • Drove Sales transformation through business development workshops to boost confidence and skills.
  • Trained Sales Executives to develop effective sales and marketing messages that boost conversion rates.
  • Built the liaison between Marketing and Sales by guiding the implementation of "storyfied" content via digital channels.

  • Steered the rollout of two IoT offerings with implementation teams, building the liaison with external partners and ensuring proper training of local Sales staff and quality of GTM packages.
  • Spearheaded the product portfolio transformation program for the Americas & APAC regions, aligning market demands with strategic objectives. Managed a PMO for the rollout of 14 products.
  • Developed an international growth strategy generating over $166MN in new business and led the implementation which entailed managing teams in 12 countries.
  • Managed a Portfolio Performance team of five employees and developed initiatives to boost sales in 12 countries.

Senior Consultant, Strategy & Innovation

Detecon, Inc.
Jan 2007Jun 2011

Strengthened market share through market analysis and development of market strategies for key accounts. Advanced international strategic projects and managed multinational teams. Developed new business and pricing models and go-to-market strategies for B2B and B2C companies in the IT and Telecommunications industry.

Business Analyst

Detecon International GmbH
Apr 2005Dec 2006

Created a business development strategy for vertical markets and developed sales presentations. Led market intelligence projects to support business decisions.

Freelance Consultant

Messtechnik Eheim GmbH
Dec 2004Apr 2005

Positioned firm for growth with a market entry strategy for international target markets in execution of my final thesis at the University of Heilbronn (Market Entry Strategies for SMEs).

Trainee Program: International Wholesale

Engelkemper GmbH & Co. KG
Aug 1997Aug 2000

Completed 3-year trainee program in international wholesale for a German wholesale firm specialized in jewelry, watches and repair equipment.


Master's Degree

University of Heilbronn, Germany
Sep 2000Feb 2005

Masters in International Business

Major: Management

Minors: Human Resources Management and Finance & Controlling


Coaching Skills Development


Coaching practicum focused on refining and mastering coaching skills along the ICF (International Coach Federation) coaching core competencies. Students coach in class and outside of class receiving feedback from their instructors. The class finishes with an oral exam required for the credentials for the Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPLC).

Ethics & Risk Management in Coaching


This class provides an understanding of ethics as defined by a variety of codes applicable to coaches, with primary emphasis on the ICF Code of Ethics.

This course is required for the credential, the Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPLC).

Career Coaching


Specific models and exercises are taught to help clients assess their interests, strengths, and aptitudes, develop a job search/career transition plan, reposition themselves and their resume for their targeted market(s), network, interview, negotiate and land a position.

Essentials of Life Coaching

Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI)

The course is aligned with the standards of both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Christian Coaches Network International (CCNI).

In this class students are taught to: 

Learn the Core Competencies of Coaching as established by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Study the latest research behind remarkable personal growth and lasting change.

Practice coaching skills live in telephone lab sessions. Help clients operationalize their visions, setting measurable goals & timelines.

Learn empowerment skills to place clients more in-touch with their abilities & resources for dramatic life change. Foster accountability that really works – through you, not to you. Marshal pain & passion – the two great human motivators for change.

Understand the stages of personal & spiritual growth, and meet your clients in their own unique stages. Learn what to do with resistance to change, and how to help a client get ‘unstuck.’

Identify and work with core values, vision, purpose, & mission.

Sales Enablement

Hubspot Academy

The Sales Enablement certification teaches how to develop a marketing-driven sales enablement strategy.

Inbound Marketing

Hubspot Academy

This certification covered lessons that span the four stages of the inbound methodology, from attracting to converting to closing and delighting customers. 

Content Marketing

Hubspot Academy

The Content Marketing certification explains  how to build scalable, repeatable processes for creating and promoting content that converts into leads and new customers. The  course teaches expert tactics for efficiently building content library, and extracting more value from every content asset.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)
Aug 2009

Project Management Certification. PMP Number: 1292163


The Open Group

Certification in the de facto standard for Enterprise Architecture based on TOGAF 8.

History of Project Experience by Industry

Financial Services:

  • Trend Radar: Conducted trend scouting for a financial IT service provider. Qualifying and structuring technology, social and economic trends, outlining implications and providing strategic recommendations for business and IT. 


  • Project Management: Provided project management to a global retailer for a network proof-of-concept rollout in the US with nearly 1000 store locations and Interim Program Management for rollouts in Europe. The successful pilot rollout with a team of 45 employees led to a global contract agreement. 

HR Consulting:

  • New hire development program: Started a program for consultants to assure fast, seamless on-boarding and provide career coaching.
  • Organization Development: Improved the adoption of new guiding principles within a corporate change program for a Telecommunications provider to foster change in response to negative press.
  • Career Networking Event: Planned a networking event of about 120 business and technology consultants to foster international collaboration.
  • Global mentoring and training program: Developed a career development program in collaboration with the Human Resources department and the executive team of a consulting firm.  

IT & Telecommunications:

  • Innovation Partnering: Developed organizational and process requirements for successful, accelerated partnering between a global enterprise and start-ups. 
  • Corporate Social Network Communities: Headed a global collaboration initiative by setting up an online community on the corporate social network (>47k users) that connected 18 global business units and increased active participation by over 80% within 6 months. 
  • Portfolio Performance: Managed five employees to measure performance of the ICT portfolio in 18 business units as well as effectiveness of the corporate social media.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy Development: Led the introduction of a global systems integrator’s product portfolio to 18 countries.
  • Networked R&D Strategy: Definition of requirements for a "Networked R&D" organization to foster collaboration, accelerate innovation, and improve knowledge management. Analysis of business and technology trends that support objectives. Market analysis and vendor profiling for selected trends. 
  • Smartphone Portfolio Planning Developed a portfolio planning tool that projects the optimal, winning portfolio two years into the future, capturing 70% of the market.
  • Mobile Data Pricing: Developed a pricing strategy for mobile data services for Microsoft.
  • Sales Strategy: Developed a sales strategy for Huawei Technologies to partner with T-Systems on the German market to compete with a global manufacturer of IP-based networking products in communications and IT.
  • IPTV Market Analysis:  Conducted analysis of market trends that covered security aspects, and provided technical requirements for Deutsche Telekom AG.
  • NGOSS Vendor Market Report: Provided competitive intelligence for procurement decisions at Deutsche Telekom AG.
  • Market Sizing: Provided market analysis and developed use and business cases for Augmented Reality & Smart Glasses to enable a customer’s R&D budget decision.
  • Mobile Peer-to-Peer SIP Market Analysis: Designed use cases for consumer and business services for a European Tier 1 operator.
  • LTE Business Case Development: Provided analysis on the demand for LTE for T-Mobile to enable a spectrum purchase decision.
  • Vendor Market Scans (for multiple customers): Conducted trend scouting and market analysis of emergent technologies, services or business models to assess build-or-buy positioning for R&D departments of large enterprises.
  • IP Business Models & Data Pricing Strategy: Derived new revenue opportunities for T-Mobile from innovative mobile applications; shifting away from declining voice ARPU.
  • Community Pricing Strategy for T-Mobile: Created community-based voice services pricing models to encourage usage and drive voice revenue.
  • Strategic US Benchmark Analysis: Provided comprehensive market analysis of leading US Tier 1 carriers for a leading German network operator.


  • NGN Market Analysis: Explored NGN implementation strategies of global carriers and their technology developments to enable decision-making for a US government organization.


  • Web-based CRM application: Led the implementation of Siebel On Demand and employee training for BMW Alphabet.


  • Strategic repositioning: Developed a repositioning concept for GEMA (a German collecting society) to cope with challenges caused by content digitization (DRM).
  • Digital transformation strategy: Developed a transformation strategy for VLB, a German publishing house.



Non-directive, ICF-aligned coaching that helps clients to set their own agenda, explore their options, values, gain clarity, recognize obstacles, create plans and define actions to accomplish their own goals. 

Coaching clients are consistently providing outstanding feedback and are making progress toward their goals. 

The served coaching niche is career transition with focus on job change and starting a first-time business on their own. Adjacent services include business planning, career document preparation, interview preparation, and exercises aiding discovery, preparation, and execution.

Design Thinking

The approach embraced by innovative minds and firms is a useful paradigm I believe should be applied at every organizational level. While the business world is on a race, no one has time to waste, especially not on solutions that do not serve the user they are designed for. Understanding the challenges and needs first has shown results that are satisfying both the customer and the provider (both internal and external). 

Storytelling / Storyfied Marketing

Create marketing content and sales messages based on the key pillars of storytelling. Classic advertising and product and service-centered messaging are becoming the dinosaurs of business communication. "Storyfied" content and company-wide storytelling approaches lead companies to reach customers who have grown deaf and blind to self-centered interruption-marketing.

Marketing Content

Creative and effective creation of product messages tailored to specific industries. Content includes whiteboard videos, collateral, Sales presentations, websites, articles, logos, taglines and GTM content.

Enterprise Cloud Services (SharePoint, Jive, etc.)

Highly adaptive and experienced in working in cloud services and gaining proficiency quickly. Tools include Jive, Hubspot, Sharepoint, Squarespace, Slack, Trello, and countless others.

Project Management
Projects I manage consistently exceed goals and earn kudos from clients. I have rescued faltering projects from the brink of failure and have built new projects from the ground up, leading solutions by creating consensus and adapting to changes. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc.),
Proficient in the most common applications and continuously striving on improving my skill-set. I learn quickly and have been acknowledged as a "Team Player" fostering discussions and advice sharing forums. 



I had the opportunity to work with Corinna at T-Systems N.A. in her Sales Enablement role. She was very professional and dedicated. Corinna focused on various sales training and sales enhancement techniques with the sales teams. She coached and trained our staff, across multiple roles and units, to understood unified story-telling techniques. Her attention to detail ensured that she was always prepared for sessions and meetings, as well as managing follow-up topics. 

Corinna is able to both train and provide guidance to specific topics as they arise. I very much appreciated her professional attitude and ability to both teach and coach. I can highly recommend Corinna for organizational training/development and strategic leadership roles.” (via LinkedIn)

"I have worked with Corinna in her local and global roles and she is a great ambassador of company, culture, and people. She is constantly increasing her knowledge base and makes a point to share and educate her fellow employees. Corinna takes the initiative to perform and grow. Her approach to life and work is refreshing, with her attitude to take on the world and be the best possible person while doing it." (via Ziprecruiter)


Corinna is a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly loyal and dedicated, and persistently looks for a better way to accomplish what needs to be done - a way that is more efficient and produces a better outcome for both the team and the business. I believe she does this because she is both naturally results orientated, and a kind, bright person. Her work is always very detailed and thorough. She can be trusted to deliver.
Corinna is an asset and would be welcome in any team of mine.” (via Ziprecruiter)


“It was a great pleasure to have worked with Corinna at Detecon. She not only managed her projects to the highest level of quality, but was always looking to find new ways to deliver excellence beyond the scope of her day to day tasks. Her creative approach to problem solving together with her enthusiasm and motivation make her an outstanding asset for any organization.” (via LinkedIn)


"To me Corinna is a highly-committed program manager who is goal-oriented and a great team player at the same time. I have the pleasure of working with Corinna in our regional portfolio readiness program since the beginning 2014, where she took the role as our Regional Program Manager. Her ability to juggle multiple projects within the program and drive the progress step by step in the given international corporate environments highly impressed me. She made a dramatic improvement in collaboration and productivity of the involved project teams. Of course, Corinna is a true asset for our company and comes with my sincere recommendation!" (via LinkedIn)


“Corinna has very strong communication and analytic skills. She has always managed to get her team to deliver projects to the right level of quality at the right time. Moreover, she knows how to create an excellent working environment, where efficiency meets a good sense of humor. It's a real pleasure working with her!” (via LinkedIn)


"It is a pleasure working with Corinna. She brings significant intellect and consulting experience to her role which has allowed her to deliver tangible results and value to our business. Corinna is extremely detail-oriented and savvy about business in general, but in particular IT services industry. She has a passion for winning and helping teams succeed. I highly recommend Corinna."


"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Corinna in a variety of capacities and roles over many years. Corinna has never met an obstacle that couldn't be hurdled and doesn't have the word “quit” in her vocabulary. Her skills span from strategic to technical to business and she is one of the few people that truly covers an end-to-end spectrum of capabilities. Add to this her global experience and intercultural skills, and she is the complete package. Whether creating sales strategies, defining new technologies for business success or delivering customer solutions, she is a go to person and you will only benefit from her skills and contributions. She won’t hesitate to be forthcoming with her thoughts and ideas, but the outcomes will be better for that exact reason. I would highly recommend Corinna for almost any role, but especially strategic leadership roles related to business and/or organizational development." (via LinkedIN)

Downloadable Resume & References