Conrad Chin

  • Edinburgh United Kingdom
Conrad Chin

Professional History

Jan 2008 - Present

Technology Business Advisor (independent) Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Projects with various high-growth technology businesses at a range of different development stages and across a variety of technologies and domains - see references.

  Sep 2004 - Jun 2007

Senior Director - Technology (Barco NV)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Barco is a global technology business specialising in professional visualisation systems for various markets.

I was Senior Director of Technology for the Medical Visualisation group based in Edinburgh, working with other product groups in Belgium and the US, and sales teams worldwide. Key achievements:

  • Established strategic need for new generation of 'thin client' medical visualisation workstation and led definition and development through to successful product launch. The product remains an important part of the groups offerings today.
  • Maintained and developed key OEM relationships, including (working with others) new strategic relationship valued at over £7m
  • Oversaw successful introduction of 'agile' product development practices
  Aug 1997 - Aug 2004

Product & Technical Director (Voxar Ltd)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Voxar was a high-growth technology business focused on innovative medical visualisation software. Key achievements as part of 3-person executive team:

  • Secured several rounds of VC investment (totalling over £4m)
  • Revenue growth from c.£100k to c.£5m in 5 years                                                                        (Deloitte&Touche: Fastest Growing European Healthcare IT Company 2003)
  • Headcount growth from c.10 to c.90 with satellite offices in Boston and Toronto
  • Successful £27m exit
Specifically as Product & Technical Director:
  • Established OEM focus to product development direction thereby maintaining and strengthening OEM relationships, and enabling revenue growth
  • Established product management discipline and team structure which persists today
  • Led successful defence of major patent infringement suit
  • Oversaw delivery of >20 major software releases
  • Managed development team from 5 engineers to ISO9001-certified team of 40+
  • Grew patent portfolio from 0 to 20 granted/pending patents
  • Secured c.£1m in innovation grant funding (reducing engineering cost base by 10-20%)
  • Led design of industry's first PC-based software-only advanced medical visualisation workstation - variants of which are still used today in 100's of hospitals around the world
  Aug 1993 - Jul 1997

Technical Manager (An Teallach Ltd)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

An Teallach was a start-up technology business specialising in complex simulations of systems with many interacting agents, with a particular focus on developing simulations for healthcare resource management. Key achievements:

  • Grew development team to 8 engineers in start-up phase of business
  • Led development of healthcare resource simulation tool which formed basis of key consultancy projects


Sep 1985 - May 1989

BSc Computer Science (University of Edinburgh)

(1st class honours and class medal)

Other Training

  • People Management (Cipers, 5-day course, 2006)
  • Management for the Technical Person (Fred Prior, 2001)
  • Business Leaders Programme (Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, 2000)
  • Change Management (Mercuri International, 1998)
  • Marketing for SME's (LEEL/QMcD, 1998)

Non-professional Interests

Sport - Fencing

Fenced at international level for many years: British Olympic Team 1992; Scottish Commonwealth Team 1986, '90, '94, '98 and '02; holder of Commonwealth Championships bronze medal.

Sport has allowed me to work with many highly ambitious people in very competitive contexts, experience which regularly proves useful in business environments.

Member of Edinburgh Children's Panel (2008)

The Children's Panel is the Scottish system for making decisions about the welfare of vulnerable children in need of care or who have offended. Panel members are volunteers who receive training in panel procedures, and negotiation, leadership and communication skills.


Successful high-growth technology business executive with experience at all stages of company development. Held C-level technology and product roles through to, and beyond, successful exit. Combines ability to rapidly build deep technical understanding, with strong strategic vision, and global experience in direct and OEM sales.

I now provide practical support and advice to management teams facing the many challenges in growing a technology business. Experience has taught me many techniques and solutions which work well in these environments, where often:

  • Resources are very limited - everyone has to "wear multiple hats"
  • Staff are highly technically skilled, but still developing management skills
  • Strategy is evolving, and market data is incomplete
  • Time is critical; time-to-revenue even more so

I undertake projects ranging from simple "health-checks" to more complex problem-solving interventions. Typical areas include:

  • Development of meaningful market and technology strategy
  • Review and refinement of product offerings and associated value propositions
  • Review or evaluation of key software projects
  • Structuring of product development and product management organisations
  • Mentoring product/technology executives



Calum Cunningham

"We engaged Mr Chin to assist us with the evaluation of a complex strategic software project. He quickly identified a number of fundamental structural issues with the project and introduced a number of fresh perspectives that greatly assisted with the project management. As a result we have recovered a great deal of lost momentum and the project is now proceeding smoothly. We are confident that as a result of his intervention we will now be in a position to achieve a very important product release date. We would not hesitate to engage Mr Chin again should the need arise, and would wholeheartedly recommend his services to other software/technology businesses."

Dr Ben Panter

"Conrad joined our project at a critical time and helped us to really refine our product offering and value proposition. He was subsequently able to suggest value-enhancing next steps, and worked closely with the team to build confidence and knowledge to the point where we could operate independently. Conrad's time with the company turned our proposition from an excellent technology into a solid business proposition. I would strongly recommend his input to any technology company looking to grow"

Charlie Hussey

"We brought in Mr Chin as a mentor for the newly promoted Technical Director of our software service business. He quickly built a rapport with the new director and was key to transforming his operational perspective into a strategic and executive level one. This resulted in renewed direction within the engineering team, and even prompted a healthy review of some of the business's overall strategic objectives - just what we were looking for from a Technical Director. I would strongly recommend Mr Chin's services  to other software businesses."

Gareth Williams

"Conrad has made a great and perfectly timed contribution to Skyscanner through his insight and experience at a time when we have gone from 10 to 40 staff in the last 18 months. He helped us improve clarity and focus in our product roadmap in the short term and left us with processes that will encourage continued improvement in the medium/long term."