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Connor Deuby

Work experience



Hendrick's Volkswagen Frisco

Working for Hendricks VW Frisco, I was to meet and greet customers who came in to research and or purchase a vehicle, by showing the inventory and using my knowledge of the cars I was able to learn how to determine exactly what the customer needed in a vehicle and which may be more suited to what they need. Developing sales technique and interpersonal skills, I was able to become a competent sales person in a very short a mount of time.



Trader Joe's

I worked for Trader Joe's as a side job, loading and unloading pallets/trucks, stocking and organizing shelves throughout the store, cleaning the store after hours, and assisting customers with any needs they may have.


Personal Trainer

Team Deuby Fitness

I have been a personal trainer for nearly 4 years now. I am certified through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) with a Certified Personal Training certification, Exercise Rehabilitation, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification. I also obtained a Corrective Exercise certification through The Cooper Insitute in Plano TX. I specialize in strength and conditioning paired with corrective exercise to make the most functional athlete possible. 


Personal Training Sales

LA Fitness

I worked for LA Fitness as a Personal Training Sales Associate, meaning I would engage members of the gym and see what I could do to improve their fitness journey. My responsibilities included meeting and greeting current or potential customers, inform them of what we had to offer as a company service and initiate a close on any potential deal the customer was interested in. This involved sitting down with a potential lead, taking in their personal background, fitness history, medical history, goals, and personal stats. Then following I lead the client through a trail session to show the client the quality of training we provided as a gym. This also involved following up with potential leads, making sure each client is satisfied with their current training regiment. 


Front Desk Associate

Gold's Gym

I worked for golds gym as my introduction to the fitness industry.  This job entailed meeting and greeting members and any potential folks interested in joining the gym. This also meant following up with potential leads, handling any issue that may pop up with the gym members or the facility itself. I was also tasked with making sure all membership information (Address, Credit Card, Balance Inquires) were up to date and accurate. Answering phone calls, faxes, and passing information between locations was also an essential factor to a proper job done. 


Saute Cook

La Madeleine 

I worked as a cook for 5 years for La Madeleine. It started as a summer job bussing tables and eventually turned into a full time job working my way up the ladder of jobs. Bussing tables, washing dishes, prepping food, running cash registers, taking orders, and finally reaching Sauté  Cook. I would work 40+ hours a week cooking, cleaning, and prepping the store for success. This was a high pressure fast paced job requiring quick thinking and keeping a calm demeanor. By the time I left this job I had enough experience to run the restaurant knowing every position inside and out.