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Work experience

Sep 2011May 2015

Volunteer Work

Kentwood Public Schools

Throughout my years at East Kentwood High School I have donated my time to work on volunteer projects offered. Such projects were working at Solo and Ensemble and Volunteering for grounds maintenance


Volunteer Work cont.

Fountian Street Church

For the past few years I have participated in numerous volenteer oppertunities through my church. I participated in two volunteer trips in my time there; a service trip to southern Louisiana to provide community work for those affected by hurricanes, and and service trip to Flagstaff Arizona to help local park rangers with conservation projects.


Marching Band Leadership

East Kentwood High School

Section leader for the east kentwood highschool marching band. This position involved teaching freshman the skills needed to march and perform at the required level. Other tasks included keeping the section on task and focused during rehearsals, providing assistance outside of class if help was needed and organizing information for the directors.


Sep 2014Present

Associates Degree( projected 2017 )

Grand Rapids Community Collage

Currently Seeking Associates degree in Recording technology at Grand Rapids Community Collage

Sep 2011May 2015

High School Diploma

East Kentwood High School

P.E.A.K.S. program for 3rd through 8th grade

            -The P.E.A.K.S. program was put together to take best English language arts students in the district and create an accelerated learning environment. In 2nd grade I was tired with normal school so I opted to go for this program. From 3rd through 8th grade I followed the program and was with the same core classmates and was truly allowed to grow as a student and person, even though most of it was English based we were pushed in each subject to do our best. In 6th grade I tested well enough and was able to begin Algebra in 7th and Geometry in 8th grade. Being in P.E.A.K.S. allowed me to have learning experiences and understanding that benefit me to this day.


East Kentwood High School 9-12

            After completing the P.E.A.K.S. I went to East Kentwood High School. Where I was able to continue my accelerated pace withing math, science and english. Starting in junior year I started taking college level classes offered at my school; AP Physics (AB) and AP Calculus (BC). I also independently studied for the Physics C AP test receiving high marks on all AP tests taken. Senior Year I chose to dual enroll at Grand Rapids Community Collage for Calculus 3 and to begin the recording technology program that they offer. Outside of my collage classes I took a Computer Programming and a Contemporary Literature class. I will be graduating in the spring of 2015

3.763 cumulative GPA

Accepted into an accelerated learning program (P.E.A.K.S.) from 3rd through 8th grade

4th Grade Lexile score of 1200

Started High school Mathematics in 7th grade

Completed High school Mathematics in 10th grade

Completed 3 years of accelerated science classes in 2 years (9-10)

Scored a 5 on the AP physics exam, 4 On Calculus BC (5 AB score), and 4 On Physics C-A.

Started Early Collage in 12th grade to Take Calculus 3 (MA255) and start the

     Recording technology program at GRCC

Honor Roll 9th-12th Grade

Extra CURRICULAR Activities



            -Around the same time I started to write music I also started along with some poetry to draw, just doodles and such and nothing that was at the forefront of what I was doing like songwriting was. I messed around through what medium I drew in, pen and ink to using AutoCAD when I had free time in class. Eventually though at the start of my senior year with the big 4148 project we needed art and I decided that I would give it a shot. That started my artwork, as it is now, currently I have completed 3 pieces with a 4th under way. All of my artwork has been based around the concept of 4148 and is currently being used for that project. I am looking to see what I all can do with drawing as it is fairly new to me but I feel passionate about pursuing it in the future recreationally or otherwise.


Instruments –

            Cello 2008-

            Baritone 2012-

            Guitar 2013-

            Baritone Uke 2013-

            Synth and sampler 2013-

            Trumpet 2014 –

            Percussion 2014-

            Piano 2014-


Songwriting and musical endeavors-

            -After quitting orchestra to join band my spark for music an art was struck, during sophomore year I started to write songs, what for I had no clue. I continued on songwriting for a year or so until a friend and I decided to collaborate and put out efforts together. We started out own unofficial label “Proxy Records” and under the name December Assembly we spent 8 months to writing and recording an ep, in august 2014 we were able to release it. Over the course of the past 2.5 years I have written a total of 7 hours of music, ranging from soundtracks to electronic rock, progressive metal, stoner/doom metal, orchestral, and ambient. Currently I have started a new musical endeavor with a friend entitled “Black Noise”. Under this name we are taking on a quartet of concept albums, based around a story that we wrote called “4148”, we are currently preparing to play a half hour portion of the first album with a few musicians from out school at the orchestra concert in the spring, the musical directors have allowed us to compose our own piece for the concert and play it using some of their equipment.

For the story of 4148 we are working on adapting the 16,000-word outline to a screenplay that will hopefully begin filming in the near future via Hyde Productions.

Extra Curricular Activities



Kentwood Baseball League 2003 – 2011

            -Started playing baseball when I was 5 and I played for 8 years though every level that was offered.


Oddesy Of the Mind Competition 2009

            -Competition focused on creativity and teamwork, each team had to present a skit with a unique set of requirements as well as spontaneously work with random conditions at the competition.


LEGO First Robotics 2010

            -Robotics competition for middle schools, I focused on programming and build design of the robot. Everyone had to use a LEGO first robotics kit to build the robot and compete with other teams to run a course with different tasks for the robot.


Solo and Ensemble 2010

            -Practiced and performed Cello in a quartet received a division 1 award at Festival.


Anything But Classical orchestra 2010-2011

            -Outside of normal orchestra class I played Cello in an Orchestra that focused on non-traditional music like folk, rock, and Jazz.


Orchestra 2008 -2011

            -Played cello in orchestra for 3 years in middle school and a trimester in high school. I decided to stop playing in orchestra due to the environment that surrounded the class and I was unable to find any motivation for playing in orchestra so I decided to stop playing and learn a ne instrument so I could join the band program that out school had


Baseball training 2012-2013

-After failing tryouts for the team freshman year I worked hard to make the team the next. I picked up running, lost 60 pounds and Trained for 6 hours a week at Starz baseball in order to make the team.


JV Baseball team 2013

            -I succeeded at tryouts and during the season I was the second string 1st basemen. And played in approximately 20 games.


Mavericks Baseball 2013

            -After my JV season I played in the summer league that was run by the same coach. I played on the second team our school had and the season lasted around 25 games.


Pinery Park Little League 2013

            -At the same time that I was playing for the Mavericks team I was also playing for Pinery park little league. I played every position except for SS and 2B. For the whole spring of 2013 I played approximately 55 games of baseball


Marching Band 2012-2014

            -After Learning to play the Baritone Horn I played in the East Kentwood Marching Band for 3 years. Including Band camp and playoff games each year.

My senior year I was put on the leadership group for the band and my section, I was in charge of my section (baritones) witch included pre marching band camp, helping incoming freshman learn to march, and helping my section in whatever way shape or form was needed.


Band 2012-2015

            -After stopping orchestra I decided that I did not want to stop playing music so I sat down with the band director (James Sawyer) and decided that I would learn a new instrument so I could join band. I decided on the baritone horn and spent the rest of the year learning the horn so I would be able to join band my sophomore year. Currently I have played 3 years in band as well as regularly volunteering for the band when help is needed (instrument inventory, solo and ensemble, etc.).