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Team-oriented individual specializing in managing and balancing tasks, responsibilities, and objectives in both academic and work settings. Possesses an unparalleled commitment to individual and organizational growth and success, stemming from years of development in competitive soccer and tennis. Enjoys embracing challenges and thrives on collaboration in high-stress environments. Highly value exceptional work ethic, reliability, and versatility. Developed into a world class customer service representative thanks to years of oral and written communication across a variety of positions.

Please feel free to browse my Github Profile, and view all web development projects I created while at Lighthouse Labs, as well as all my personal projects.


Web Development

Languages: HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap), Ruby, Javascript (jQuery)

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra

Databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite3


Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android OS

Software: Microsoft Office, VirtualBox, ScreenHero, Sublime Text, Exchange, DNS, SQL, Git


Customer Service: Problem solving, Oral communication, Written communication, Multitasking

Technical Service: 100-110 W.P.M (corrected), Troubleshooting, Installation

Development Projects

Rotten Mangoes

  • Built using Ruby on Rails, styled with bootstrap, and deployed with Heroku.
  • Created a web application that allows users to add movies to a database.
  • Features user comment functionality, admin capabilities, and allows ratings/ratings average.
  • Feel free to visit Github to view the repository.

Go For Gold!

  • Built using Sinatra as a framework, and Ruby, Javascript, and CSS as front-end.
  • Collaborated with a team to create a web application that allows users to create profiles, join groups of like-minded people, and add activities to the group for other users to join.
  • Implemented a badge count feature, as well as a ranking function based on badges earned.

Banzai Roulette

  • Ruby on Rails application built with Javascript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS.
  • Utilizes public APIs Facebook and Giphy, to post a gif on a loser's Facebook wall (Game can be determined by users, non-restrictive).
  • Collaborated as a 3 man team as our final project for demo day to be displayed in early 2016 at Lighthouse Labs.

Personal Website

  • Built using Ruby on Rails, styled with bootstrap, and materialize.
  • Creating website to display portfolio and resume, as well as a way to contact myself.
  • Constantly attempting various methods to expand understanding of libraries.


December 2015 - Web Development Bootcamp

   -Lighthouse Labs

   - 8 intense weeks of applied learning and problem solving

   - Learned various methods to approach a multitude of every day problems

Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Golf Services Associate/Supervisor

Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa

Golf Services Associate- Team Leader, February 2012 - October 2015
Executed a wide range of tasks simultaneously, managing guest requests and interactions while simultaneously performing essential daily support services for the golf team. As a team member, I collaborated with the entire Bear Mountain Golf team to deliver outstanding customer service and golf experience, culminating with the resort being named the Starwood Preferred Guests' number one golf experience in the world. As a team leader, I directed the production and daily tasks across myself and the rest of the team, ensuring quality customer service and team production was priority number one. Won employee of the month for Golf Team in June 2012.

Oct 2012May 2013

Electrician Apprentice, 1st Year

JV Driver Fabricators

Delivered high quality electrical panels including the installation of electrical heat tracing on external module piping contributing towards the production of the William's module site in northern Alberta. Performed daily yard maintenance, troubleshooting, and preparing malfunctioning electrical components to ensure continued operational efficiency. Operated heavy machinery including zoom boom lifts, whilst recognizing and complying with appropriate safety precautions and regulations.

Interests & Hobbies

Passionate about a multitude of sports, including tennis, soccer, golf, and hockey. Enjoy collaborating with friends, family, and peers about broad variety of topics, and a high attention to the finer details. Extremely proficient with all things technology, including computers and mobile technology. Tweaking my jailbroken iPhone is my favourite way to spend an hour to spare.