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certified in CPR

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Attentive Care worker

Horizons Mental Health Center
Aug 2007Present

Substitute Teacher

USD 331

·        Taught classes ranging from pre K through Senior High

·        Executed lesson plans designed by teacher

·        Interacting with children with special needs


Aug 2009Present

Bachlor of Liberal Arts

Wichita State University
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Jan 1998May 1999

Associate of Arts

Hesston College

Classes include religous philosophy,  Biblical studies; and youth ministry.


Joyce Krehbiel

August 7, 2011

To Kerry Nation - Area Offices Children’s Case Management Program Director:

I am happy to be a reference for Connie Roth, whom I have known for approximately 6 years, as she is my pastor’s wife. She has, and is fulfilling this role in every aspect expected of her and does so in a caring and loving manner.

Beyond the pastor’s wife role, it is clear she loves working with children as she has repeatedly volunteered to work as a leader with Children’s Church and Summer Bible School.Connie has often organized the Bible School program and ensures funds spent are within the allocated budget.She knows how to ask for volunteer help so that every area is well covered.The children feel welcomed, cared for and instructed under her guidance.

Connie takes on an assignment seriously.I have witnessed her teaching, caring for and showing respect for children, and adults alike.In the past, her teaching skills have been used as a substitute teacher, where my position as the Preschool Coordinator’s Assistant allowed me to witness her working with preschool children.The staff and children felt very secure under her guidance.

I can say from observing Connie in past experiences, she will put forth great efforts to work with your program.Children assigned to Connie will find her to be a happy, responsible and caring adult who is willing to put her mind, body and heart into the tasks you ask of her.


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I enjoy working with children and helping them develop thier skills.  I enjoy interacting with others and working as a team to accomplish a task. 



A social work position with an empasis on mental illness

License with State of KS


Aug 2010Jun 2012

Emergency Substitute

Kasnsas State Board of Education