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Cover Letter

Friends would describe me as outgoing, dedicated, hard working and a ski junkie. Skiing has been a passion of mine ever since moving to New Zealand at the age of 5, spending most of the winter months at Whakapapa ski field. For the past 4 years, I have been completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Wellington while also working for a New Zealand based sports timing company, where I have a hand in every aspect of the company.

While my job with Trident Results is challenging, I am looking for a lifestyle change that caters to my ski junkie side. Studying and working full time has forced me to deal with pressure, meet deadlines and multitask all giving me strong organizational skills. Being in a professional working environment that requires dealing with multiple customers and competitors has provided me with the platform to acquire excellent verbal and written communication skills.

While my ski instructing experience is limited to my training program for the NZSIA level 1 exam and Havelock Ski Club’s junior learn to ski weekends, as a senior timer at Trident Results I have also had the opportunity to develop my teaching skills. This is because I am responsible for providing support to customers and training less experienced timers. This has given me the skills to teach and train people, no matter how difficult the process being taught is.

As a keen skier, I am always looking to improve myself. I hope to complete my level 2 instructing exam either in October in New Zealand or at Mammoth Mountain during my employment.

Work experience


Ski Instructor

Mammoth Mountain LLC

Rookie Season as a Level 1 Certified Ski Instructor. Teaching toddlers, children, teenagers and adults of all ability levels.


Senior Event Timer and Manager

Times-7 Sport /Trident Results

Using Times-7 Sports and Trident RFID sports timing equipment I am responsible for providing sporting events with a complete timing and data management solution which involves controlling registration, timing the athletes and providing the event with results. Major events that I have timed included the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, IronMaori series and the Tour of New Zealand. I started timing events when I was 15.

In 2015 Times-7 Sports was merged with Time-It to create Trident Results. Due to the size of our operation, it is common for Trident Results to be timing multiple events in a single weekend. This requires a high level of preparation and logistics to which I am responsible for organizing.

As a senior timer, I supervise less experienced timers who are timing other events in different locations while I am also timing an event. This is achieved through the powers of cloud computing and applications such a Team Viewer. This requires a high level of preparation, communication, and technical know-how to achieve a seamless result in what is often a high-pressure environment.

Applying my love for accounting over the past 4 years I have slowly taken over the responsibilities of this area in Trident Results. I now completely manage Trident Results accounting and taxation.

In 2015 Trident Results set out to build an online event registration platform. Due to my information systems knowledge, event management and timing knowledge I was heavily involved in the development of the Trident Results online registration platform. Using the agile method two developers from Denmark and I built the now highly successful Trident Results registration platform.

I have managed Trident Results for the past 4 years while studying a commerce degree at Victoria University in Wellington, majoring in three different areas (Accounting, Commercial Law, and Information Systems). As events fall on weekends this requires total dedication and a high degree of discipline.


Accounting Assistant

Orchard Investments Ltd, Proline Products and Black Rock CMS 

From a young age I have been involved in the reconciliation of bank and general ledger accounts on a part-time basis. I assisted in preparing journal entries and maintaining the general ledger. Assisted in finalizing 2016 year-end financial reports and was solely responsible for transitioning all companies from Reckon to Xero accounting software. This has given me a strong knowledge of cloud based accounting systems and I would be confident in mastering any customized or off-the-shelf accounting software on offer.


Graphic Designer and Product Advisor

Trident RFID

Applying my love for Graphic Design straight out of high school I designed of all Trident RFID's Marketing Collateral, from the logo, the website to the equipment's graphic design and everything in-between. This has been a constant roll over the past 5 years. I have also designed and built 8 other websites.

Because of my detailed knowledge of event timing, I also advised in product development and testing for Trident RFID's flagship timing products.

Utilizing my technical understanding I have also acted as the companies IT administrator, maintaining the website, email system, google services and CRM.

Trident RFID's latest technology breakthrough is touted as the future of sports timing with its incredible new business model. I was tasked with understanding this technology and it's application then applying my graphic design and wordsmithing talents to create a graphical presentation. It was then presented to New Balance and Under Armour with great success.



Bachelor of Commerce 

Victoria University of Wellington

Quadruple major in Accounting, Information Systems, Taxation and Commercial Law.


National Certificate of Educational Achievement (Level 3) achieved with Excellence

Lindisfarne College 

Scholarship in Design and Visual Communication.

Top senior designer award, Top senior skier award, 1st XI football member for three years.


Ski Instructing

Ski Instructor Certificate (Level 1) from New Zealand Snowsports Instructors' Alliance

Accounting Skills

- Reconcile bank and general ledger accounts
- Prepare, documented and reviewed journal entries
- Maintain the general ledger and fixed asset system
- Prepare financial statements, analysis, and budgets for management and          external users
- Complete year-end financial accounts

Technical Skills

High understanding of all aspects of IT

- OSX, Windows and Linux operating systems
- Excel, Word, and Powerpoint
- Xero and Reckon accounting software
- Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom
- Google business apps
- Read and code HTML to a high level
- Read C+ and SQL at a high level, code at a novice level

Design Skills

- Awarded Scholarship Honours in Design and Visual Communication by the      New Zealand Qualifications Authority

- Inducted into the NZQA top art exhibition 

- Gained 100% in Design and Visual Communication


Employment Reference:

Trident Results  - Gavin Chaplow - [email protected]- +64 27 378 5386

Trident RFID - Philip Almond - [email protected] - +61 422 813 896

Proline Products - Terry Harker[email protected] - +64 21 345 735

Orchard Investments Limited - Rob Sykes - [email protected] - +64 27 273 0889

Character Reference :

Director at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise - Wayne Norrie - [email protected] - +64 21 437 259

Team leader at Assurity Consulting Ltd Grant Robinson - [email protected] - +64 21 936 835