Coney Marie R. Dacanay

  • CA: 8 John Street, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 2J7 Canada PH: 278 B Sta. Teresita Street, Sampaloc, Manila 1008 Philippines
  • PH Mobile No.: +639178045840 

Hedge Fund Accounting Specialist


Eight progressive years in compensation research and analysis

Strong Skills and Expertise



  • Skilled to provide strong analytical support on various topics related to executive compensation and corporate governance for the development, design, and implementation of non-equity and equity-based compensation plans.
  • Identification of potential compensation related issues for consideration and formulation of appropriate recommendations.
  • High familiarity on publicly disclosed reports including Compensation Disclosure and Analysis (CD&A).


  • Knowledgeable in different governance matters enhancing governance and reputational risk practices to reflect the commitment to shareholder value.


  • Designing of curriculum for end-to-end training and determination of effective teaching approaches of various subject matters.
  • Designing and assembling of training materials.


  • Experienced in developing teams, organizing work, and setting priorities to complete goals within a specified timeline.


Jun 1999 - Mar 2003

Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Economics

University of Santo Tomas

Cumulative GPA: 2.10 (87-88% = Good)

Work History

Work experience
Jul 2013 - Present

Hedge Fund Accounting Specialist

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA – Philippine Global Service Center
  • Performs, completes and/or reviews trade reconciliations, market value reconciliations and cash reconciliations on various funds through investigations of transactions using different back-up sources
  • Collates and references any profit and loss items that break the pre-defined thresholds, the team will then provide such data to the Oversight team
  • Responsible for the review and reconciliation of hedging, equalization, and leverage bookings in the fund accounting system
  • Performs review of monthly expense budget and booking of accruals in the fund accounting system prepared by team members/ team leaders
  • Responsible for the reviews of assets under management and KPI data to the Oversight team based in Dublin, on a monthly and weekly basis
  • Prepares daily and monthly task allocations for the team
  • Ensures the timely and accurate submission of daily sign-off to counterparts in Dublin
  • Performs regular update and monitoring of team’s daily and weekly metrics and capacity plan
  • Coordinates with Transfer Agency and Custody when necessary to complete daily deliverables
  • Prepares and/or updates all Compliance and Audit reports and requirements
  • Manages/approves exceptions in the attendance and time tracking tool for team members
  • Provides training to team members and/or new hires as necessary
  • Relationship management with Dublin on-shore counterparts and other stakeholders
  • Performs prompt management and resolution of any issues encountered by the team 

Temporarily oversaw the BAU (Business-As-Usual) team’s daily operations in the absence of immediate supervisors/Project Managers and Vice President, for two weeks.  

  • Prepared and verified the daily fund allocations or deliverables of the team.
  • Ensured that the daily tasks were covered equally assigned to preparers and reviewers.
  • Ensured the completion of daily tasks and reports and the timely submission of deliverables for the review of the Oversight Team in Dublin.
  • Attended conference calls to coordinate with Dublin counterparts, members of the Oversight team and/or management to discuss updates and resolve issues encountered during the week.
  • Disseminated important instructions to the team and collaborated with teammates on how to better prevent or resolve issues at hand.
  • Promptly answered queries from teammates and off-shore counterparts.
  • Placed a request for the whole team to have access to a specific application.
  • Prepared and submitted specific deliverable and attendance reports that were requested by management.
Feb 2012 - Jun 2013

Financial Advisor

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.
  • Regularly made a list of prospective individual and corporate clients and scheduled meetings with them
  • Interviewed clients to gather financial information and know their financial needs
  • Conducted financial needs analysis based on the gathered information from clients
  • Determined and advised clients the best appropriate strategies for insurance, savings, retirement, investments, estate planning, education, and other financial goals
  • Provided updates on investment account, mutual fund account and insurance policies to current clients
  • Conducted financial planning seminars/workshops for corporate offices/departments
Nov 2012 - May 2013

Team Leader – Service Support Center

Brunel Technical Services Philippines, Inc.
  • Managed the daily operations of the IT Support and Global Recruitment departments’ data migration project
  • Supervised a team of 14 encoders, including two quality assurance encoders
  • Facilitated the planning and prepared projections in the accomplishment of different multiple project-related tasks
  • Improved the workflow through structuring and implementation of new work processes and documentation tools
  • Conducted demonstrations and trainings within the team regarding the work process and proper use of tools;
  • Constantly coordinated with the project overseer and Global IT support
  • Prepared and submitted daily productivity and progress reports to the project overseer and other project stakeholders
  • Conducted performance evaluation of project-based encoders and prepared a performance scoring template for the team that were based on the pre-determined KPIs
  • Prepared expense reports and managed office supplies inventory of the team


 Special Assignments/Projects Handled and Implemented

  • Improvement of Processes and Workflow - November to December 2012
  • Gathered information about the process being observed by the team through conducting individual interview of each team member.
  • Identified the team’s good practices (i.e. facilitation of morning huddles, daily individual documentation of tasks, appointment of small group leaders or point of contacts (“POCs”)) and challenges (i.e. poor communication among team members, misinterpretation of guidelines and instructions, lack of procedure and tool in cross-checking the initial list of legacy data versus the final/migrated data resulting to missed information) that were experienced by the team in the past in following the former process in data migration.
  • Structured new processes for data migration (Receipt of instructions and tasks or Preparation > Planning and Forecasting > Data Migration > Quality Assurance > Reporting) and different administrative tasks such as detailed bulk formatting of applicants’ curriculum vitae, uploading of vacancies to appropriate websites, and other tasks requested by various on-shore Brunel offices.
  • Presented the new workflow and documentation tools to the XRM Analyst, POCs and Quality Assurance and sought feedback to better the structured workflow.
  • Introduced and explained the new workflow and tools to the whole group.
  • Implemented the new work processes, guidelines and tools for different tasks of the team to meet daily deliverables.
  • Created a new template in sending daily productivity reports to increase end-of-day reporting efficiency
Jul 2012 - Oct 2012

    Associate Research Analyst

Deltek Systems (Philippines), Inc. 
  • Read and analyzed information from published (online) requests for information (“RFIs”), proposals (“RFPs”), bids (“RFBs”), and quotation (“RFQs”) of different divisions in the United States of America (e.g. states, federal districts, counties, cities, towns) to maintain database content for government contractors in the federal and state & local markets.
  • Summarize, categorize and publish RFIs, RFPs, RFBs, and RFQs in Deltek’s own database, which is used by clients/contractors for better identification of business opportunities.
  • Extract essential information from RFIs, RFPs, RFBs, and RFQs and regularly updated database with information gathered for purposes of writing and editing support for a team of business analysts.
  • Capture and examine new information from internal and trusted (subscribed) external sources related to project-based businesses that are useful to clients in their government sales and business development activities, such as contract opportunities, news, contacts, etc.
  • Use different Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other internal collaboration tools to organize and synthesize gathered data for the purpose of increasing efficiency in publishing numerous bids daily.
  • Review and examine overall market trends in the federal and state & local markets and provided written and oral briefings to internal staff.
  • Participate in formal quality assurance reviews and/or coaching sessions of daily outputs (published RFIs, RFPs, RFBs, and RFQs) to ensure the quality of delivered of data.
  • Communicate with U.S. Government officials (i.e. Department of Defense) and industry executives via phone and/or e-mail to gather contact information, verify and maintain the credibility of information, and add value to Deltek information products.
  • Update the database of contact details of U.S. Government officials and maintained the confidentiality of such information.
  • Participate in discussions regarding product planning, product enhancements, and recommended improvements.
  • Attend trainings to keep updated on industry and public sector procurement and policy trends
  • Perform other tasks related to preparation of reports (e.g. performance report) and research-associated requests when needed or assigned to provide further support to business consulting or analytics groups.
  • Promptly report technical errors or infrastructure issues to the IT Helpdesk to prevent the interruption of daily operations.
Dec 2009 - Mar 2012

Associate - Team Leader

Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (ISS) | An MSCI Brand
  • Analyzed company filings (e.g., DEFs, 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, and press releases) and other company-related references in order to review quantitative and qualitative analyses of equity and non-equity executive compensation data to complete proxy analyses for shareholder meetings of publicly-traded companies in the U.S.
  • Reviewed and highlighted problematic pay issues (i.e, stock option repricing, hedging, pledging, potential golden parachute payments, modified single/single triggered equity) that may influence analyses and recommendations on private placements, mergers & acquisitions, consolidations, potential sales, and takeover bids
  • Trained and coached newly-hired data analysts and conducted refresher’s training for tenured analysts when necessary
  • Answered internal and external client queries regarding reviewed analyses and policy issues
  • Communicated with U.S. counterparts and supported different ad hoc analyses and projects of undertaken by the U.S. Governance Research Department
  • Monitored and managed the improvement of the focus group’s performance towards the accomplishment of the whole team’s KPIs
  • Led and mentored focus group members
  • Managed the daily work allocation of analysts and reviewers
  • Initiated the utilization of a formal company induction program and closely coordinated with the human resource department head
  • Actively participated in different company-wide projects such as the Employee Branding (Makati Office) and University Recruitment Program
  • Involved in decision-making about the team’s overall structure, budget, workflow, training & development, and recruitment

 Special Assignments/Projects Handled and Implemented

  • Annual Training – November 2011 to March 2012
  • Led a group of research analysts to review the new policies and to prepare the training materials specifically on the data analysis of capital structure agenda and executive compensation, which includes different pay practices of public companies’, both equity and non-equity based compensation that may also include different perquisites.
  • Organized the training schedule for new hires and assigned team members who will conduct the trainings.
  • Monitored the progress of the trainees during and after the training period.
  • Reviewed the topics covered for every area of the training and conducted coaching sessions with the trainors.
  • Ensured that all topics about the subject matter, executive compensation were covered
  • Managed the logistics of the training and coordinated with the Administration’s Senior Associate for office supplies and room and equipment reservation.


  • Accuracy Calculator – November 2011 to January 2012
  • Developed a Microsoft Excel-based tool to calculate the accuracy of a completed analysis based on agenda and number of data points.
  • Presented the calculator to colleagues and discussed its importance with individual and team efficiency as well as in meeting KPIs.
  • Explained how to properly use the calculator to the whole team.


  • Employer Branding Committee: member and presenter – January 2012 to March 2012
  • Actively participated in committee meetings to create a proposal on ways to improve the company’s image as an employer.
  • Conducted focus group discussion with several employees.
  • Presented the committee’s final report and proposal before the Manila Leadership Team.


Jul 2006 - Dec 2009

Senior Research Analyst

ISS Governance Services, RiskMetrics Group Inc. (RMG)
  • Reviewed and analyzed company filings (e.g., DEFs, 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, and press releases) and other company-related references to either prepare or review quantitative and qualitative analyses of equity and non-equity executive compensation data to complete proxy analyses for shareholder meetings of publicly-traded companies in the U.S.
  • Reviewed and highlighted problematic pay issues (i.e, stock option repricing, hedging, pledging, potential golden parachute payments, modified single/single triggered equity) that may influence analyses and recommendations for private placements, mergers & acquisitions, consolidation, potential sale, and takeover bids
  • Written vote recommendations for institutional clients based on the ISS Global Benchmark Policy Guidelines
  • Communicated with U.S. counterparts and prioritized the preparation and review of analyses for high profile clients such as those listed in S&P 500 and Russell 3000
  • Answered internal queries regarding audit, board of directors, capital structure, and executive compensation
  • Trained analysts and monitored the performance of focus group members
  • Participated in accomplishing special internal projects (e.g., Strategic Market Research, Insider Trading and Poor Pay Practices – Non-performance based dividends)

 Special Assignments/Projects Handled and Implemented

  • Poor Pay Practices: Insider Trading and Grant of Dividends for Non-performance-based Equity Awards2008
  • Reviewed proxy statements to determine different perquisites provided to company executives.
  • Gathered information from third-party vendor databases (FactSet and Bloomberg) to verify the participation of different companies in insider trading during the past year.
  • Participated in meetings where in policy updates and formulation were discussed.


  • Overseer of the Executive Compensation Team and Financial Services Sector Team – September 2008 to March 2009
  • Stood as the leader-in-charge over the Executive Compensation Team for a month and a half when all the managers and team leaders went to the ISS’s headquarters.
  • Ensured coverage of daily deliverables on a daily basis.
  • Initially led the Financial Services Sector (Group) on behalf of the team leader.
  • Managed the daily work assignment for analysts and reviewers and ensured the timely achievement of the team’s deliverables.
  • Answered internal and external queries regarding ISS’s policy issues particularly on the subject matter of executive compensation.
  • Coordinated with foreign counterparts to manage urgent requests and updates.


  • Annual Training Program – from November 2007 until February 2008
  • Arranged and conducted an onboarding program for the new hires’ first day of joining the company, which included a brief background of who ISS is (and its products and services), meet-and-greet with ISS Makati’s country manager and US Research Team’s managers, preview of ISS Makati’s annual activities, and a quick tour of the whole office
  • Reviewed and examined the new policies to be implemented for the then upcoming proxy season 2008. Also, attended conference calls and discussions that were headed by US counterparts to have an in-depth understanding of the new ISS policies or policy updates for proxy voting analysis and recommendations.
  • Prepared and designed training materials, audio-visual presentations, test sheets, and review materials for the new hires.
Jan 2004 - Jul 2006

Research Analyst

Institutional Shareholders Services, Inc.
  • Reviewed U.S. company filings (e.g., DEFs, 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, and press releases) and other company-related references
  • Written comprehensive proxy analyses and vote recommendations for institutional clients based on the ISS Global Benchmark Policy Guidelines on audit, board of directors and capital structure
  • Prepared and conducted the training course for new hires
  • Involved in the recruitment and selection of new research analysts

 Special Assignments/Projects Handled and Implemented

  • Australia Research Team’s Proxy Seasons 2005 and 2006 - From September until November 2005 and 2006
  • Participated as a research analyst (from the US Research Team) to support the Australia Research Team for two consecutive proxy seasons (approximately three months) in 2005 and 2006.
  • Attended and participated in trainings on Australian proxy voting guidelines and policies, corporate governance trends and issues in the Australian market as well as learned about Australian Research Team’s analysis-and-review processes.
  • Analyzed and extracted information from company filings of publicly traded companies in Australia and issue proxy voting recommendations based on ISS’ proxy voting guidelines for Australia.
  • Corresponded with Senior Analysts, including those who were based in the ISS Australia office in the duration of the proxy season, to discuss the completed proxy voting analyses and recommendations as part of quality assurance process.
  • Advanced or published the reviewed proxy voting analyses and recommendations.
  • Answered internal queries regarding advanced analyses and recommendations.


Applicant's Statement

I hereby certify that the information given in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. 

Coney Marie R. Dacanay