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Community of Faith church in Cypress, Texas, welcomes visitors and members to a fun, faith-filled community of believers. At Community of Faith, Christians come together to worship, to learn about their Lord, and to join in fellowship. They take the strength that they gain from God and from each other and use it to transform themselves, their families, their communities, and the entire world.Pastor Mark Shook founded Community of Faith when he returned to Cypress after a decade working in foreign missions. He and his wife Laura believe that family and children are extremely important. Community of Faith welcomes people of all ages to its Cypress campus and offers special programs to help children grow in the love of God. The preschool program helps children learn that God loves them and wants to have a relationship with them. As children grow, they participate more fully in the community’s worship and develop a deeper knowledge of God’s word in the Bible. During middle school and high school, teens attend regular meetings for fun, fellowship, and faith-sharing.Pastor Mark teaches his church members a faith strongly rooted in Christian Scripture. Members of Community of Faith believe that Jesus, the Son of God, died on the cross to save everyone, but that a person must make Him the boss of their life to be a true believer. After a person is saved, he cannot lose his salvation, but if he sins, he may experience God’s just and loving correction.Community of Faith gives its members the support they need to change the world for the better. Each month, the church holds a Serve Saturday event, in which members come together to make a difference in the community. Recent Serve Saturday beneficiaries include the Houston Food Bank and Cypress Assistance Ministries. The church also supports missionaries throughout Africa and Central America and maintains a campus in Cancun, Mexico.