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The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) has positioned itself as a leader in developing the talents of successful entrepreneurs and helping them to establish their own full-service commercial finance companies. With more than 75 years of collective experience in the financial world, the company’s staff has a wealth of knowledge and resources to offer prospective brokers.Graduates of CCTG’s seven-day training program have been educated in the 42 financial services available from a network of lenders and private investors. In the current economic downturn, when most major banks are restricting their lending, this array of available products is appealing to many small or niche businesses that may struggle to find other means of financing. CCTG’s network of lenders often have better rates and terms than traditional banks do. CCTG brokers can offer large-project financing for amounts ranging from $5,000 to $500 million or more. Cash advances can be given to businesses that accept credit cards. These businesses can borrow up to $200,000 towards their future card purchases and receive as much as 30% more than their monthly credit card processing average. This helps the companies to access capital when they need it most. Similar advances are available for businesses that are awaiting payment on accounts receivable, and can be obtained by medical professionals who have yet to be paid for services rendered.Financing is available for churches and commercial real estate developers who might have difficulty obtaining loans from other lenders. Options also are available for commercial mortgage-backed securities loans that are starting to mature on properties now valued at less than the mortgage on the property. These and many more choices are what make a graduate of the program at Commercial Capital Training Group, LLC, the ideal one-stop solution for customers’ needs.

Prime Commercial Lending CEO, Kris Roglieri, is frequently asked for his opinion. Since founding Prime Commercial Lending, a highly successful commercial lending firm, he’s received a great deal of recognition. None of that bothers Roglieri. Rather, he loves leveraging his position at Prime Commercial Lending in order to share his knowledge with others. He was recently featured in an article for the Albany Business Review, which is titled, “A form of credit that’s attractive in a rough economy.”