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While developing the Colonials Weekend Entertainment proposal, we researched, analyzed, and discovered the wealth of information available on entertainers and the event industry.Our findings were pulled from many different forms of media and information sources.Video clips, audio files, magazines, websites, among others, played a role in developing our entertainment plan.This process inspired us to create a presentation that would reflect the interaction we experienced with our research.

Please explore this website and enjoy the multi-media options we have provided.In addition to reading our analysis and reviewing charts and graphs, you’ll also be able to see videos, photos, and websites of the performer we are proposing.You will be able to study the financial reasoning behind our choice as well as experience the fun the performer would bring to the event.

Read as you would a research paper, top to bottom, or click around and discover.We invite you to share our experience of discovering the audience and our performer through this interactive site.

Audience Background

To have a more complete understanding of the attendees at the event, we must address the groups of attendees separately. For the purpose of this proposal they will be broken up into the category of students and parents.


While in college, a student’s attitude toward learning, life, and the college community will change. As the statistics state, most college students at George Washington University are from out of state and live in college owned-housing. The students are a mix of nationalities, age, and interest. It is important that these differences are identified so that we are able to provide entertainment that works with their attitudes. This generation, Generation Y, can be described by the following characteristics:

  • Value diversity, equality, and tolerance in both professional and personal areas of life
  • Enjoy music, movies, television, friends, and dining out
  • Have money to spend but are fickle consumers
  • Fashion, trend, and brand conscious, but change brand loyalties quickly
  • Individualistic and demands autonomy in their opinions and behavior
  • Emphasize personal activities above social and labor considerations

The Job Characteristics Model has been used to understand the process of engagement as it relates to the workplace (Steele 2009). According to this model there are five characteristics that influence workers’ attitudes and behaviors: skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback (Steele, 2009). This model can be adjusted and used as a framework for understanding student participation in a school event. There needs to be a variety of activities so that each student is involved and motivated (Steele 2009). Each student needs to feel that the event has significance. Those that are just starting their college career tend to want to experience new things, they are testing their boundaries. Students entering college tend to have developmental issues in regards to establishing identity and achieving competence regardless of academic talent (Noldon, 1998). A major focus for students becomes defining who they are as individuals, however, despite this, they tend to look to their parents when making big decisions.


Parents with children in college, tend to have high expectations for the weekend visit. They not only want to see where their child lives and attends classes but parents also want to be reassured that they made the right choice by sending the student there. Their values of loyalty, discipline, and respect have lead to high expectations for their children.

In order to keep the parents involved in the college life of their children the college needs to welcome the parents and make them feel valued. This value is vital to an affective family involvement in the university (Tonn, 2005). The college parent is influenced by three variables in motivation for involvement: the school, the teachers, and their own children. The perception of how effective these variables will be is based on personal beliefs and how they are asked to be involved (Tonn, 2005). Parents often feel overwhelmed when arriving on college campuses. Small touches done by the school really make a parent feel welcome. The article, 'Keeping in Touch’ from the journal Education Week, states that schools often don’t realize how unfriendly they may look to parents. It is often small things, like posting online driving directions, which can makes a difference to a parent. There is also a misconception that once a student reaches college, parents are no longer involved with the students’ scholastic career. However, it is not that parents aren’t concerned anymore; it is simply that their job has changed from manager to coach.

Kevin James Photo Collection

Why We Chose Kevin James

About Kevin James

Kevin James has made great strides with becoming known in the industry and becoming a well-rounded performer.He has had great success with his syndicated television show, King of Queens and his recent movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Rich, TCM). Not only has James been performing in movies and television shows, but he has also been performing stand up comedy for over 11 years. James was ranked number 89 in Turner Classic Movies’ list of the top 100 comedians.This success is due to his ability to entertain many generations and relate to the common man (TCM, Mirage).

James will be performing in the city of Las Vegas throughout 2009. He will be performing at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in the Terry Fator Theatre.This theatre can accommodate 1,265 attendees, which is comparable to the SmithCenter.He has scheduled multiple shows between the month of March and November.During the month of October he is only performing on the 23rd and 24th so should be available for Colonial Week. Ticket prices range from $79 to $99.He will also be performing in Atlantic City in May at the BorgateEventCenter a venue with capacity for 3,700 attendees, again comparable to the SmithCenter.His shows are appropriate for attendees age 16 and up.

James’ current work is focusing on the economy.He has a great way of portraying dismal events in so that people can laugh and smile at the situation.In today’s rough economic times, it is important that people are able to escape from the struggles of life and have fun. (Mirage, KJ).

Financially, James would be less expensive to book than some of the more established performer options that were considered.In turn, the money saved by hiring Kevin James, could be used for other aspects of the weekend if needed, or used to offer a reduced ticket price.This is not ‘cutting corners,’ but rather providing quality entertainment in a cost-conscious way (BKS).

Reasons Kevin James would make a good fit for Colonial Weekend:

  • Performs “regular guy” comedy that can appeal to all audiences (Mirage)
  • Emmy Award nominee (KJ)
  • Has performance experience in multiple mediums: television, movies, onstage (Rich, Mirage).
  • Being a less established performer, performance costs may be lower (KJ, Analysis)
  • Various film and television background and appearances has the benefit of appealing to many audiences (Rich, Mirage, TCM)
  • James is a family man and plays that role in the majority of his performances, this will help George Washington University families relate to the comedian (TCM, Mirage).
  • Has an undeniable charismatic quality even at his most inept, shambling and awkward moments (Rich, PCT)
  • Cost savings from this less expensive performer could allow planners to use entertainment money elsewhere (Analysis)

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