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Work History
Jul 2008 - Present

Business Development Associate

International Consulting Group, Inc. (ICG)

Change agent relative to innovative market development services focused on best practices in business and economic development and wealth creation in emerging economies.

Superior: President / Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Developing ties and looking forward to working closely with Botswana government officials and mining sector consultants to build mutual beneficial relationships, progress their objectives and ICG's emerging markets penetration.
  • Provide ICG key advisement (Botswana business cultural insight and contacts) and facilitate and manage objectives and negotiations relative to initiatives pursued with Botswana government.
Feb 2005 - Apr 2008

Commercial Real Estate Loans Processor

Interbay Funding, LLC

International wholesale direct lender (US, Canada, United Kingdom and Spain) specializing in financing small commercial properties. Subsidiary of Bayview Financial Holdings, L.P., Miami, FL (US)

Reported: Vice President / Operations Manager

  • Business accounts management: correspondent mortgage retail lenders and brokerage industry.
  • Processed, underwrote and assisted in closing 300 +/- small commercial, residential multifamily and mixed-use property purchase and refinance mortgage loans; about $90mn credit volume.
  • Twice achieved #1 production status; promoted to managing major accounts.

Departure: Laid-off (in good standing; major reduction in workforce).  Due to credit industry downturn both company and parent downsized over 75% of global workforce during 2008 and closed production offices.

Mar 2003 - Aug 2004

Graduate School Admissions Assistant

The Alan Shawn Feinstein Graduate School

Reported: Director of Admissions

  • Administered operational process relative to domestic and international student applications.
  • Streamlined applications submissions, acceptance and admissions process.

Departure: Voluntary (in good standing; temporary employment while attending graduate school).